20 Extra Years of life

I am going to live and extra 20 years on top of my normal life expectancy. .good isn’t it? 

How do I know that?  Many expects have agreed, apparently 😉 Anyone can have these extra years too

There is a downside. .umm , well it’s quite a big downside too. .wait for this. ..

You just don’t eat for two days a week. ..forever.  I have chosen Tuesdays and Thursdays , I will give up food. Look at the money I will save and another plus no hassle of thinking what to eat today 

Well, I will sign off now,  rather hungry but optimistic over all these extra years of life…..and hunger 


Allowing people to bruise me!

Today I travelled to a ladies house to allow her and another lady to bruise my back and cause me to have many big circular bruises on it.

I took off my top layed down willingly  allowed them both to use fire and glass cups to make these bruises.  They spent 90 mins doing this to me, taking it in turns.  They then tried fire, water and glass cups and finally through in a bit of sage. .just for good measures 

Many people allow this to happen including celebrities and sports people. ..they all pay lots of money to be briused and often allow their buisesd backs to be shown 

Have we all gone mad?  

This strange practice does have a name, it’s called fire cupping and is a holistic therapy that works rather like a massage. .

Why did I have it? I will try most things once and a holistic therapist who is a friend needed a guinepig  to practice on…and I am a jolly good guinepig 

Ooops almost forgotten . .

..what have I almost forgot?  It may not be obvious straight away. 

…it’s not a  thing or a person or an experience or a task. 

So what else is there? 
A clue. ..last night I went to a dire straits tribute act and it was brilliant.  
Yes, I forgot how much I love dire straits but more importantly I had forgotten how much I love their song, “romeo and Julie ” in fact I love it that much it’s in my top three songs of all time 

How could I forgot that? 

That’s a shock! 

I read an article recently about grandparents not liking the names of their grandchildren. 

The article was amusing, all of these old-fashioned but now popular names like Stanley and  Roger are now beginning to fill nursery up

I smiled as I read the article, “I am easy going regarding names” I thought. 

I have just had a call from my daughter,  my first grandchild is being called, “Monica “! I had a vision of cradling my grandchildren and saying aaaarh my little Monica. …….no not Monica. That’s not a baby name!!

Cats, cats and cats 

I am currently one of the lovely little villages called ,”The Rodings ” in Essex visiting my cousin and her daughter 

Since my last visit she has left her partner and gained 4 cats.  House cats. …

Four cats generally aren’t a problem when they have access to the outside but house cats get everywhere.  One in particular has taken a real liking to me and seams to want to spend every moment of my time here sitting on my neck. .I had forgotten how affectionate cats can actually be

Rock House

I want to live in a rock house, they are so homely and warm. 

At the weekend, my family and I visited kinver edge, where there are rock houses People lived in these homes right up to the 1960s.  

And wait for this …..because of the clean air and the fact in the winter the homes are warm and in the summer they are cool the people that lived in these homes lived healthily  into their 80s thats 15 or more years above the average of the time. 

So beautiful views,  cute houses, good air. ..who’s joining me in a rock home? 🙂

A wee in the Hymalias 

4 years ago, I started my trek up the Hymalias in India. Training had taken place, I was all geared up and ready to go.

Only one thing worried me..going to the toilet! 

It didn’t take long before I had to overcome that obstacle. .after a very long overnight trip on the train and then transport via car we were off and I needed a wee. 

Now there are no toilets obviously but also no grass flat area either.  Just a narrow path a big mountain next to you and a very long way down the other side. .umm just how much did I need to go? 

Enough that I choose to sit over the very long way down and go. .much to my horror after relieving myself I saw a local family with children in their small plot of land outside their house looking at a western lady weeing down a mountain! 

Making a man blush 

I have just made a grown man blush 

I didn’t think it would. .it was quite inecent, honest!

“Well , what on earth did you say to him?” I hear you ask 

I will tell you right now but be prepared it’s rather boring.  I was getting some petrol at a local shell station.  This one is the most friendly petrol station, I have ever know,  for the last year when ever I go in , whoever is serving,  greets each customer with a polite smile, enquires how their day is going etc.  

I have been quietly watching this for months, and today there was a middle aged tall man serving and I told him how impressed I am with the staff at this station. .and that’s right he turned bright red in front of my eyes. ..whoops 

Yes, I have sisters. .

A brother too! 

Many people I know are unaware of the fact that I have 2 sisters and a brother because we rarely see each other.  

They are very nice and we always get on well when we do meet. .so what keeps us apart. ..one word really. …


Also distance doesn’t help,  they live around Watford my home town and I live in Birmingham.  Each time we meet,  we talk about how we should make an effort to visit more. .and then part.  A shocker. .is now coming up. ..wait. .Whilst talking to my sister, it transpires I haven’t seen my mum for possibly 3 years.  Umm, no excuse