Indian Street Food in Birmingham

What a good idea, let’s take all the niceties out of an Indian restaurant, give people benches to sit on, plain wood tables, brick walls, metal trays instead of plates , small overly priced food, expensive micro sized cocktails and serve them in kiddies cups with straws , fill each and every space up with a person speaking so loud, conversation was virtually impossible ,sprinkle masala over everything including chips and prosecco and call it an Indian Street Food Restaurant!

Yes, I went to the highly rated Zindiya indian Street food restaurant last night in Moseley for a friends birthday. Real Indian Street Food it most certainly is not, in October I paid 80p for a dosa in India, last night nearly Ā£7, but despite all of the above it was great fun, and Moseley is the perfect spot that makes Zindiya a huge success


Metal Zoo

Yes, we have a metal Zoo within walking distance of where we live.

Guess what? It has a new animal, i am not sure what it is though?

It also has an African heritage ctr, a bird walk, a sandy beach, a waterfall, a garden ctr and an amazing African style cafe with huge drums

It’s my …not so secret hiding place in the warm summer months where I can be found sunbathing and reading a book whilst watching the guinea fowl and peacock strut their stuff

This magical little place is called, “Akamba. ” if you are anywhere near the West Midlands, check it out

Adult Disney Karaoke ..noooooooooh

I endulged my little girl when she was a child, she had all the latest Disney Princess costumes

She watched Disney on demand whenever she wanted, had every Disney character she wished for, dolls, teddy bears, houses. …

She went to Disney world in Florida, Disney land in Paris,many many times.

For her 16th birthday she even had a Disney breakfast with all the Disney characters

So she had many years to get it out of her system. ..why oh why am I now at my 26th daughter Disney Karaoke night at our local favourite cafe! !!@@@@

This feels like winter

At the moment I am using public transport until my car is fixed.

I generally enjoy using buses and trains. .yesterday, I wasn’t so keen

The trains were fine, on time and warm. But the hour of walking that accompanied this , was a good reminder of what winter weather is all about …

I ended up looking like a frozen dead rat , due to walking in freezing sleet with a harsh wind accompanying it.

Not a good look

It comes in threes

I would like to now publicly declare my car is going to be a good, reliable , accident free car for years and years and years!

I know this for certain because over the last few months, it has used it’s “bad luck “up with the law of three šŸ˜‰

Yes, a car went into the pasenger side door in the snow, yes someone damaged the drivers door by trying to get break into my car and yes, yesterday I had a little accident meaning lots of money needs to be spent making my lovely, flower covered, very old car road worthy again

So whoop whoop to the next few years of trouble free motoring

Reflections of a Happy Dead Person

4 years ago I started a book called “Reflections of a Happy Dead Person.” It was semi autobiographical, obviously the title of me being dead not being true!

The book was wrote from a pretend perspective of an idea about the afterlife and reflecting back over my life

The problem was although a good idea, it was laborious writing it as the story was quite boring. Most people’s lives are quite boring, they have highs and lows but not enough to fill a book . I want to state “boring ” is good, if your life was a never ending roller coater it would make a great book but a challenge to live with

Today I restarted by book but this time it is exciting me because although it has the same title and very roughly the same story everything is fantastical, outrageous and not true at all, much more fun to write

A whole in our lives

Binge watching TV series is one of the new phenomenon that occurs in many people lives nowadays

The younger generation will be shocked that people used to have to wait a whole week before they could watch another episode of a TV programme they enjoy , they will be even more shocked that you couldn’t pause live TV programmes

My partner and I have been binge watching the big bang theory for 10 sessions. That’s a serious amount of our lives and we are now coming to the end of the 10th series. What are we going to do? I watch my sci fi programmes on my own and he watches his historical dramas but finding something we both like is difficult and the big bang was one of those rare species.

So a whole is about to loom in our lives if we can’t find a replacement. is needed urgently?

1970s Sundays

Today is Sunday, I remember when I thought Sunday was the most boring day of the week, I was about 7 yrs old

My typical Sunday when I was 7… Sunday breakfast a fry up , it was a big deal back then with bacon , eggs, tomatoes, fried bread, daddy’s sauce etc. Oh how things have changed i have been a vegetarian for the last 20 years and an on and off vegan for 4 years

We also shared the Sunday Paper, we carefully divided it up and read a few pages each then swapped them..oh things have changed. I still like reading the paper on a Sunday morning via an app on my phone!

Here’s the shocker, later in the day I had my once weekly bath..back in the 70s that’s how often we had a bath, I don’t think we were the only family to do that. .. well, I hope not! …

In the afternoon, the entertainment was a film on the TV, a nice family friendly musical .

There were no shops open, nothing to do in the winter months when I couldn’t go out and play… .oh how things have changed, everything is open now, there is loads to do. It’s pretty much a normal day

So, fast forward 44 years. What am I doing today? Well, reading my paper on an app, having vegan mock bacon for breakfast and then going to work. ..šŸ˜Æ

Rather awkward holes

Some women collect bags and some women have hundreds of pairs of shoes. I only have a small amount of each but what I do have an embarrassing amount of is leggings

They are so comfortable and versatile, I have long pairs, short pairs, colourful pairs and three quarters length pairs. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

This morning, I put a pair on added a t-shirt and went to the gym

This pair of leggings had holes. I vaguely remember last summer a moth and I vaguely remember noticing a pair of leggings with lots of holes, I also vaguely remember thinking that I needed to throw them away. I hadn’t!

I sat on the exercise bike and noticed hole after hole, I tried to cover them up by scrunching the leggings so the other members of the gym didn’t see my embarrassment, this just drew attention to me and my holes and it also didn’t work.

Nobody said anything, people are polite or maybe they thought I was starting a new trend or maybe they were embarrassed for me, I will never know.

I left the gym quickly and guess what? I then remembered that I had to pop to a supermarket, “in for a penny in for a pound “, I thought and entered Tescos wearing my hole ridden leggings with pride šŸ˜‰

Rain at night

Right now it’s raining.

It’s the evening and the TV is off

There is no better sound than listening to the rain fall especially when you are inside

I have always loved the rain and yes in the past I have danced in puddles with an umbrella just like Gene Kelley, if you haven’t done it you must. I jumped on and off of the kerb, rolling my umbrella and jumping enthusiastically in puddles

Maybe it’s time to do it again. where is my umbrella