Please Don’t Come Back

A few years ago on this very day, my children, my friends and I went to lovely Turkey.  One of my favourite countries. 

We settled into our hotel and my friend and I decided to explore our local area. We wondered down a road and saw a delightful cafe, so we acquired ourselves seats and was promptly attended my a lovely older Turkish lady that asked what we wanted.  We smiled and asked for coffee,  to our surprised we were given along with the coffee melon and other fruits. 

How delightful we thought as we enjoyed the offering. 

Our shock came when we asked for the bill. ..”no charge , no charge ” the lady exclaimed, “but please don’t come back,  this is our home!”

Crying With Laughter 

When I laugh, sometimes I can’t stop. I literally cry with laughter. Last night was one of those occasions. 

I run weekly mindfulness workshops, these may not appear to be places where one cries with laughter often but in my sessions this does seem to happen quite frequently.  

It’s a lovely group who have bonded over the last couple of years and one of last night’s activities was to draw stick person of yourself and then pass it around the group so other members can add to it qualities / things about you that have been missed.  

Saying that the resulting image of oneself that was returned to the person who originally drew it was 

funny is an understatement, hilarious is still being reserved,  tears were running down my face from laughter for possibly the next twenty minutes. 

The Lambeth Walk

8 years ago, my son turned 15 and we went to London for the day to visit the imperial war museum. 

It was a lovely day and the weather was  perfect. To my delight to get to the museum we entered Lambeth. ….
.to my sons horror I obviously started to do the ,”Lambeth Walk” singing and dancing.  No matter how hard I tried he wouldn’t join me.

15 year boys really can be stick in the muds 😉😉

Sleeping in a tree house 

7 years ago roughly now I was sleeping in a tree house somewhere in France.’s wonderful, you can sit outside your little tree house bedroom amongst the branches and leaves and watch bats fly around you.

I went with my child and partner on a driving holiday through France into Spain and we stayed in a variety of accommodations..the tree house is my favourite by far. 

It’s very easy and reasonably priced to travel across Europe and stay in quirky accommodation, I thoroughly recommend it.  So …What’s stopping you? 😉

I am a tree watching a sqirrel 

Well almost ! 

A little inside into my morning. .I have started to do a 30 min Yoga routine each morning via YouTube as many people now do.

It’s the summer and the weather is lovely so I take my ipad outside and do the routine there. 

The routine includes the tree pose, standing on one leg. ..i believe a squirrel is spying on me because as soon as I attempt this pose it runs across the fence in front of me in a mocking fashion 😄


Today I was working in Derby, I like Derby a lot. In fact, I could live in Derby. 

I came to know Derby when my son was attending uni there,  consequently I visited frequently. 

Derby is just the right size,  not too big or small.  Most importantly it has lots of coffee shops inc a wonderful book cafe and cultural events happening regularly. 

Today when I visited there was a carribean carnival and when wondering down by the river a waterfall of ceramic poppies artistically falling out of the silk centre 

Now where did I put my…

Yes, my mind was elsewhere Deep in thought about what gym I was going to join.  Should I try a few out first?  Just plump for the best deal available?  The closest? 

 So with all this on my mind I did my shopping, checked a gym out, dismissed it rapidly. ….too smelly and decided to drive to another gym to use there facilities. 

Drive to. …where my car?  The car park suddenly became vast,  and I didn’t have the faintest clue where I had put my car north, south,  east or west.  Well, in car park terms, parking areas  A, B,C……..

I normally at have a general direction  to hunt in 

but not this time. ..many miles later I found it lurking in a corner.  Note to self,  keep brain in check when parking my  car 

A Local Beach. .Really? 

I read an article in the local paper of a beach, quite close to where I live in Birmingham. 

I needed to check this out,” How did this escape me? “I wondered . So I picked up my daughter yesterday and drove to the Beach, in Market Bosworth. 

Yes, it was close,  yes it was a beach, yes people were paddling, inflatables in abundance, yes it was also very very very busy with children on school trips!  

A beach, close to major Midlands cities. .it was bound to be,  only this important little fact has slipped my mind