Yes , it’s Halloween but the warmest one I think I have ever known in this country . 

The sky was a beautiful blue in colour and in my car it knocked up an impressive 18 ° not bad at all for 31st October 



The other  day I was wondering around town , it was a grey day weather wise but I also noted how grey everyones  clothes were . Well, other colours were worn such as 

browns , blacks and generally clothes devoid of any vibrance . 

We need more colourful clothes in this country. Earlier this year in the hight of summer myself and my daughter Mia both wore colourful dresses , people on our camp site we were staying on actually took photos of us because of the colorful clothes we were wearing .  That speaks volumes about the need for colours in clothes at this current moment in time . 


Yes I have been known to take on too much from time to time .  For my 50th year I have set myself challenges and some of these are life long  ( including this blog)  . At the current moment on top of work and life each day I am now doing  facial Yoga , the 5 Tibetan Rites and watch a movie a day !  Albeit the movie watching is just for a month . 

Story Telling 

I don’t sing at events or do poetry or anything else that the talented people do at my events but very occasionally I will tell a true life story with ghost stories being my speciality .

Tonight was one such occasion .  But I may have gone a step too far with my explaining in ernest that the tale I  was about to tell was totally true!

The main part was very true,  yes a man who lived down the road who I knew did rot to death in front of my eyes .  Here is the but . …. I did not smell of a rotting corpe for weeks after until I adopted his dog

The feedback I received was great but a to my own horror I now believe . . ….. that a reasonable portion of the audience at Waterstones this evening may now wrongly believe that I have at some stage in my past been possessed my a rotting corpse!!


This evening after my mindfulness group I got  ” Sparkled ” . Whats that, one wonders? Well until this evening I never new either . 

On leaving the group a sparkling sparkler, party poppers and certificate were given to me for for my endeavours in encouraging spoken word artists.


New Beginnings 

Today my youngest daughter Elle got engaged to Michael her partner and our lodger of 2 years to the day.  It is new beginnings for both of us ,  she is starting her journey in life and I now have a child that is engaged to be married , wow how time flies . 

My youngest son Logan bought a new car today , a small new beginning for him.

And I turned purple, that’s never happened to me before .  Well ok ,  it was just a “lush” bath product but great fun.


Guess what I was given ?  

Yes it’s still October , wait for it…. A Christmas present !  Zuzana one of my friends has  passed on to me my earliest Christmas present ever . 

No ,  I haven’t opened it, it is wrapped up in Christmas paper and will stay that way for the next two months .

PJ Day

Horror of all horrors , today I had a pj day .  I didn’t go out at all . .. That’s right 😉

A small part of me feels a little guilty ,  this is normally a Christmas day only treat .  The main part of me thinks . …. so what.

Everyone should have a pj day every now and then 

Phone Box

The other day I saw a telephone box on a street corner .  I haven’t seen one for years , it is one of many things that are becoming religated to the past . 

I asked my youngest daughter Elle , if she knew what a phone box was and she readily replied, ” Yes, I saw one in Lichfield and got a book from it . ” 

She explained further that it was a pop up free bookshop type of service . I guess,

 to help incourage people to read books .  Another thing being encouraged to take its place in history .