The Missing 

I remember a time ,  not so many years ago when families sat around the TV and watched programme’s together .  In excitement they anticipated what they were about to watched ,  discussed the programme after and shared opinions .

Cable , sky and more recently box sets on apps like Netflix changed our viewing forever . Well almost ,  occasionally an anomaly occurs and a BBC drama called ,  “The missing ” was one such programme . My family are gripped ,  admittly we watched the programme at different times and on different devises but we still discussed ,  anticipated and shared opinions on what was going to 

happen next.

I am now off to watch the final episode . ..much anticipated . 



Wow , everything looks so beautiful .  Cold weather and frost has arrived in the Midlands  . 

On my journey to Stourbridge in the late afternoon the sky was blood red. A blue hazy frost was rising from the hills to meet it…I am not an artist and can’t draw for toffee but for a short while even I wanted to stop and paint a picture of the stunning scenery . 

Autumn walks 

Sometimes, my days consist of walks in countryside . ..well bits of land with a stream and trees .  I am in Birmingham the second city . 

And there is a reason for the walks , to capture nature for youtube footage .  You what ?  

I am embarking amongst many, many things to produce a youtube channel that will have relaxation , meditations and coping strategies on the video blogs 

 with the sounds and sites of natureas be  back drop to these clips . 

So if you see a random person one day filming a tree swaying in the breeze or a stream trickling by  they may be a youtuber in the making 


Living in Birmingham has shown me some wonderful multi cultural events . 

The latest spectacular is going to be a 30th anniversary of Birmingham opera company which is being prepared for March 2018. Being an inclusive event it’s available for anyone to take part , and

 yes you are correct , I am thinking about it. The event at the millennium point has tempted me.

Will to Live 

If someones determination to live is strong it can believe it or not beat death.  I know such a wonderful man and I am currently helping him with his poetry book. He was supposed to have died back in February , but he had unfinished business consisting of poetry books to publish and music CDs to record and release and so he is not going anywhere .  

Back in February this remarkable person was encouraged to go into a hospice for his last few days but instead he went home and is having daily treatment there . ..far from dying he is watching his daughter grow and living his life . 

Victorian market 

You know when Christmas is coming  when the Worcester Victorian Christmas market rolls into the Midlands .  To celebrate it I even played Christmas music this morning , which is only ever normally played when December arrives.

 Even though there were fewer stalls than previous years , the market didn’t disappoint me.

Lost in Drama

I don’t watch TV much especially current programmes. I am partial to box sets on netflix and films though . 

What’s bucking the trend at the moment is a BBC drama called the missing and yes I am in catch up or box setting it .  A few people have been raving on about how good it is and so I took the plunge and have been lost in its brilliance since ,  see you there other side 😉

Coffee Machine

A sad day is coming and it’s coming soon. My coffee filter machine is on its last legs .  Yes , it’s ability to filter coffee is still going strong but the little button that keeps the hot plate hot is struggling to come on.

It looks like I will taking a little walk to the emporium of new machines very soon , and I will start writing a rest in peace speak for my old one . 


My daughter asked for a cape as a stocking filler for Christmas  and so being a good mum began to hunt one down .  First on eBay shops, placed bids on 4 , nobody wins all there bids I reasoned , then did a small hunt in shops . 

I am now the proud owner of 6 capes !  Friends , family  beware you may be getting a cape for Christmas