Sheep , fish and bees

Sometimes I have had some strange experiences , this evening was one of them.

After a pleasant day exploring Exeter Mia and I 

found ourselves by the Quay watching people dressed as sheep morphing into fish battling bees .  To accompany this was a lady dressed as a fish on top of a huge darlek structure  shouting out to the crowds about the horrors of wearing polyester and a plethora of people dressed as fish playing music.

The finale was a straw sturgeon being burnt and fireworks 


One thought on “Sheep , fish and bees

  1. Hi Debs, I’m assuming mummers of some sort, presumably an ancient local tale with a dire warning – but where on earth does wearing polyester come into it??!!. How is Exeter doing after the fire, imagine there’s a deep sense of sadness there – but they will rebuild!!


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