Wow , everything looks so beautiful .  Cold weather and frost has arrived in the Midlands  . 

On my journey to Stourbridge in the late afternoon the sky was blood red. A blue hazy frost was rising from the hills to meet it…I am not an artist and can’t draw for toffee but for a short while even I wanted to stop and paint a picture of the stunning scenery . 


2 thoughts on “Ice

  1. Debbie, we’re half way up the hill towards the swallows’ nest, and as I write I’m looking out over the field and the hill towards Stourbridge, and its going that way again today – but no mist or frost, though part of our lawn which doesn’t get sun in winter is still white since yesterday morning. We get some wonderful sunsets here, especially I summer, and like you, I cant draw or paint or anything, but I so wish I could. Even when I take a photo, the detail that makes the scene so wonderful never seems to come out in the picture!
    I’m enjoying this blog and your piccies!! Keep going, Angela


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