An Epic Day

Today is the the most notable day of my adult life so far. I have left home, well to put it in perspective, I have left my children in my home and moved in with my partner.  To give more clarity my children aren’t children any more, they are all adults with jobs and it is easier for me to move out and leave them the home.  But I must emphasis this is huge for me and probably, I need it more than they do.


Perfect Winter Weather

The weather is perfect for a winters day.  Cold and cripsy at night with the stars out but not too cold -2 ish

During the day, the sun came out and you could even begin to feel it’s warmth.  It would be lovely to see more days like this rather than the typical cloud and ocassional drizzle the UK is prone to.  


There are many places that delight me, one of my favourites is Akamba.  I have been going there for about 5 years now, it’s hard to describe exactly what it is but here are a few things. ..a cafe, venue for events, garden centre, African heritage centre, metal zoo, African art gallery, shop, beach, aviary and restaurant.  

Mostly I just enjoy being there, in the summer spending all afternoon in the sun listening to drums and watching the wildlife. In the winter sitting in their warm African themed restaurant looking outside at life.

Return of my eldest 

It must be the festive Christmas season because my eldest son Taron has come home to visit ,  bearing Christmas gifts for all. 

No , hold that last bit . …corrected .  Empty handed ,  he is back in education again , doing his masters and therefore once again strapped for cash .  But at least he hasn’t forgotten to visit 😉


At this time of the year family rituals soon evolve into time honoured traditions . 

Some of my families traditions that occur are the Christmas family photo under the tree ,  the bacon and mock bacon sandwiches before the present opening .  With myself distributing the presents  and the 25 year old tradition of the presents being named from a huge and diverse collection of fictional characters like ,  the Weoley Castle Witches ,  the devil , Peter Pan  and many more 

Too busy 

For some reason I thought it was a good idea to arrange to meet with a bunch of friends for lunch . 

Add that to last minute shopping , food shopping , wrapping presents and a complete tidy of the house in preparation for a mini party in the evening . ..result =A very busy day


The shops have all been very quiet this year , in fact you would hardly know it was almost Christmas . 

But it was the calm before the storm and I found the missing shoppers or they all found me in the Bull Ring. All bustling for last minute bargains , queue and so long the reached the shop doors . Christmas has arrived at last


A long time ago

My daughter has gone rummaging for old photos of me to add to her scap book .  What a blast from the past ,  much to people’s amusement photos of a 16 year old me have been appearing on Facebook . 

Actually , people have been very complimentary about them .  Age is strange , although I l remember the photos well and the clothes I wore etc, it feels like another life .  I suppose it was really ,  my life before children arrived 


Well guess what I did today for the first time ever . …yup the title has given it away , I went into and had a little gamble in a real casino .  

It may not have been the largest sun ever made in a bet . ..I used ten pounds only ,  but I came out with  £15 !  Logan and his friend Connor accompanied me, slightly worryingly my 22 year old son explained the ins and outs of how to gamble at a casino .  But I must say it was rather fun.