2016 -Deaths

I have just heard that Andrew Sacks has passed away .  The reason I mention this is 2016 , amongst other things has gone down in history for the amount of celebrity deaths . 

Many of the deaths are people who in some small way defined the background of my younger life . To name a few David Bowie , when I was just 14 I just missed out on seeing him in concert with a boy I liked. Leonard Cohen , I remember people saying how depressing his music was which was not my feelings , I always enjoyed his drawn out words. Peter Burns I loved , “you spin me right round baby” memories of dancing in discos comes flooding back,  takes me right back to my moves on the dance floor . 

Mohammed Ali , a huge likeable sporting  figure of my youth .  Hilder Ogden  (Jean  Alexander ) my English teacher moved me to the front of the class because he declared  that I 

 was like her because I wouldn’t stop talking !   Gene Wilder ,  what person of my age didn’t love Charlie and the chocolate factory . 

These are only a few names , when I looked at the list of celebrity deaths even I was shocked how many have died this year , each one leaving a lasting memory on me.


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