My little adventures with laughter Yoga seem to be taking off. I have just been messaged on Facebook from a friend that my radio wm piece on laughter Yoga and stress relief is being used as a trailer on Radio WM. .OMG 



I am a morning person, I love the peace each dawn brings,  oh and the call of the wood pigeon. 

I have always been a lark, when I was 12 I used to help deliver milk with a friend of the family on his milk round.  The electric milk float used to collect me about 5am and off we went  watching the world wake up

I think that’s when my love of mornings was woken.


I do not have a large family.  One uncle and 2 cousins. …apart from my children, half siblings and mum thats it. 

Despite this we are not great in communicating with other.  An example of this is today I received a text from one of my cousin we agreed we needed to catch up,  it’s been 30 years since we last spoke! 

Burns Night 

Today was Burns Night, and I went to my first ever Burns Night event. 

Due to having to work in arrived two hours late and arrived after they did some sort of celebration with a haggis  (note to self. ..must arrive on time at next Burns Night to see what they do to the haggis! ) bur for the two hours I did stay for,  it was a marvellous event. There is a little about Scotland I need to discover 


This winter has been incredibly mild so far. Hardly a frost to be seen,  but there was the most polite frost this morning.  A delight in terms of frost. 

The sky was bright blue, all items glistening, and the frost was light, easy to clear from my windscreen 


I met my son for a meal and we wandered to my favourite chain eatier at the moment.  Boston Tea Party,  it does everything that similar venues do,  just a little bit better.  I had one of my favourite dishes goat cheese and beetroot salad, another favourite for the morning, their vegetarian breakfast is unbeatable 

How to keep me quiet 

People who know me see only one side of me, happy, chatty and a social person. 

Yes I am always happy but I am actually a rather quiet being and one sure fire way to keep me quiet is to give me something to colour in, a documentary to listen to preferably about an ancient society or a science related subjects and just as a bonus a glass of oak aged red wine.  All of which I process right now 😉


Occasionally I run a dating club to introduce people to each other in fun ways.  As of yet these sessions have been fun but no long lasting successes.

But in my life I have been responsible for introducing couples together who have gone on to marry and or have children, to date I believe 4 children have been born because of introduction I have suggested and another baby is on the way.