Key Hunt

It was a beautiful day today.  I wandered into the park, took photos of spring flowers and pebbles etc 

I wandered down on the large. ..remember this word large pebble and stone bank by the side of the lake.  I sat enjoying the sunshine, watching the ducks. 

Time to walk the rest of the way around the park, I  put my hand in my jacket pocket, driftwood, pebbles. ..something was missing. MY KEYS, car key,  house keys (2 houses ) and friends house keys 

Logic told me they would be somewhere in this large park or amongst the millions of pebbles on this large embankment. So I searched and searched,  wandered back to the car numerous times and searched and searched 

An hour later the pebbles and rocks were still in my vision with my eyes closed.  I decided to phone a key cutting service, whilst still searching and searching. 

 Guess what?  By the edge of the lake is found them 😆


Silver Lining 

I recently applied to take part in flucamp. You are given a cold and are a test subject for a couple of weeks and then financially rewarded.  After a lengthy call,  they confirmed that even though my asthma was very mild they still wanted me to take part.

Off I went to Manchester the two hour journey was over 3 hours because of road works to arrive and be informed straight away. ..I wasn’t eligible because my asthma wasn’t bad enough! !

But I had a delightful journey up,  listened to some great radio 4 programmes and was a lot closer to Wolverhampton where I spent the rest of my days 


A couple of big events that will impact everyone in the country for many years are happening right now. First our new 12 sided coin…I am looking forward to seeing them.I already like our new £5 , they seem similar to the currency in Chile where we travelled just over a year ago.

And Brexit, the country split with whether it’s a good thing or bad. ..only time will tell.


I am an avid follower of weather. A lot of people in the UK are,  we listen to the forecast each day with hope for a sunny day. 

And yesterday was predicted to be just that a beautiful spring day, the sun shining and expected highs of nearly 20

Guess what?  It never happened, well not in Birmingham, there was a band of cloud that wouldn’t shift..the weather struggled to reach…wait for it 6′!

Mother’s Day

I am blessed to have four children, which means fun mothers day  They are now at an age that I don’t have to give them money to buy me presents too…whoop whoop. 

I also have the yearly problem of what to my my mother for the day , what do you buy a 70vyr old who has everything she wants 😯

The Choir With No Name 

This is a choir mainly made up of homeless people and it’s brilliant.  It’s been ages since I last saw them perform and since then they have tripled in number.  

I have done one or two things in the past to help support /raise awareness of the homeless.  Namely slept out in December in a cardboard box with many others as a fundraising. Also performed at a homeless shelter as a rat as some homeless people told their stories. ..but I know in the future I will be doing much more 


It was chucking it down with rain so walking my dog with my youngest daughter at Moseley Bog was off. A new destination of the Kingfisher shopping ctr in Redditch that’s inside was decided. 

I haven’t been there for years and it wasn’t great when I remember going but it has improved.  There are a few unusual quirky shops and a hub with street food style outlets.  I will be going back ☺

Moral Panic

A Muslim  man drives through London Knocking over and killing a couple of people, stabs to death a policeman at Westminster. 

Yes, this is terrible and horrendous for the families involved, but the media coverage is causing Moral Panic , blanket coverage of the “terrorist attack” …I don’t believe this is helping the UK at all