Key Hunt

It was a beautiful day today.  I wandered into the park, took photos of spring flowers and pebbles etc 

I wandered down on the large. ..remember this word large pebble and stone bank by the side of the lake.  I sat enjoying the sunshine, watching the ducks. 

Time to walk the rest of the way around the park, I  put my hand in my jacket pocket, driftwood, pebbles. ..something was missing. MY KEYS, car key,  house keys (2 houses ) and friends house keys 

Logic told me they would be somewhere in this large park or amongst the millions of pebbles on this large embankment. So I searched and searched,  wandered back to the car numerous times and searched and searched 

An hour later the pebbles and rocks were still in my vision with my eyes closed.  I decided to phone a key cutting service, whilst still searching and searching. 

 Guess what?  By the edge of the lake is found them 😆


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