Moseley Bog Dog!!

It was a lovely sunny day today and so I took my daughter and dog to the wonderful Moseley bog.  

No long after we started wandering along the wooden path a larger golden retriever joined us. .The next thing I heard was my daughter yelping, the dog had a tight hold of her and was mounting her. I found it very funny until the dog turned it attention to me! And what a powerful dog it was.

Rather alarmed we removed the dog from us and carried on hoping that the dog would go back to its owner.  Worse was to come,  the beautiful golden retriever jumped into the black murky depth of the  bog. The dog was covered in black thick mud and then came rushing full pelt towards.  Oh yes. ..he mounted first Elle and then me, held us tightly in his black Moseley bog ridden paws and covered us in black mud! !!

 I was rather miffed at the owner when we eventually  managed to find him. ..and in turn the owner looked mortified as two mud covered females handed him back his now black dog 


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