Day One China 

  1. There is a large lake near where we are staying called  Houhai  lake, it’s alive with people, cafes, eating places and shops. We stopped at a delightful bar /cafe overlooking the Lake and made our oder. I ordered a drink, nuts and seeds. The seeds were huge,  we eagerly began to eat them.My oh my these seeds are stringy I thought,  they won’t break down at all.  I began to wonder if I could swallow the mush in my mouth whole,  my friend then commented on how stringy the seeds where,  my other friend took the shredded mush from her mouth.  At least it’s not just me I thought.  A short while later , whilst chatting and fiddling with the now discarded remaining seeds the husk of the seed opened to reveal a wonderful edible sunflower seed inside.  Yes, we had been eating the inedible husks. ..the outer bits of the seeds! 


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