Malta has never been on my list of places to visit.  But today i Realised I was wrong, it’s delightful. 

It has a relaxed Mediterranean vibe, wandering around the coast on its rocky coast is wonderful, there are few things I enjoy more than exploring coastlines

Here’s a surprise.’s one of the cheapest Mediterranean places I have visited in recent years too…



Dogs make a home.  Yesterday was a busy day, work, sorting out things before a week away. 

Part of that included dropping my dog Buddha off at my kids home. 

As soon as I left her, the car became quiet.  I arrived home and there was now wagging tail to greet me…she had only been gone an hour ….yet the home seemed lifeless. 

It’s incredible the impact one little four legged dog can have

A Diverse Life 

I started the month in Beijing China and ended the month at Birmingham Pride,  two very different cultural experiences.  

China appears to the average tourists controlled, in order,  palaces are vibrant and colourful.  The average Chinese person tends not to wear colourful clothes. The city is full of life though and extremely busy with people living 

Birmingham Pride it’s the people that are wearing vibrant, colourful clothes. You could wear anything and still he accepted. ..people do . The backdrop for this, buildings are unremarkable and bland. The same as Beijing on thus weekend in Birmingham, the city is full of life and extremely busy with people living 

I am so glad that I had the pleasure of visiting both in one month 

Glitter Everywhere 

A wonderful thing about living in Birmingham is its diversity. 

Today was day two of Birmingham Pride a celebration of all things LGBT, and glitter in bucket loads. 

Myself and my partner attended this year, helping distribute leaflets for a local charity. Hours later, danced out covered in glitter and with one too many drinks we left happy 


When my children were little we had many pets, at one time we had rabbits like many families. 

I like rabbits but didn’t like putting them in cages so I used to let them use the bottom of the garden as a large run.

One day a few of them escaped. .. you have heard the phrase breed like rabbits, it’s true.  It wasn’t long before the whole of the green hill behind our home was a hot spot for lots and lots and lots and lots of rabbits! 

Wonderful Eccentrics

I  love love eccentric people and my world is delightfully full of them.

I am currently sitting at the Ort, it’s a community cafe where I have been going for 4-5 years and I have been running spoken word and music events there ever since I found the wonderful little cafe. ( The vegan group I attend introduced me to it.)

Tonight it’s my partners event, a music  night..
..looking around there are colourfully dressed people from a plethora of countries  (Balsall Heath is where the world meets ) standing,  sitting and dancing.  My wonderful eccentric friends or yet to be friends dance whenever they want, and live their lives in harmony with the world but unrestricted by everyday conventions


It feels like summer is here, long warm days.  Temperature in the mid twenties. 

In the UK, we don’t have many days like this, so on days like this when walking my dog, 50 years worth of  warm summer days memories come flooding back.

The summer of 76 when I was 10 years  old. .it was our heatwave, day after day of hot sun. 

When my children were little fun summer holidays, exploring unknown places 

Summer memories are precious 

A Social Loner 

I am very social,  I run loads of events. ..pretty much every night of the week. Yes, I love my work, I love being busy and helping people become the best they can be. 

But people who really know me know how much I also love being by my own.  I was raised as an only child and my imagination was my best friend.  I wasn’t lonely and had friends to play with when I wanted to but there was nothing I liked better than playing in the garden with my be friend. forward to now   . I haven’t changed