Little Bums in Beijing 

The Chinese in Beijing find Westeners fascinating, when you travel there expect to have your photo taken over and over again. Sometimes they will ask for your permission and sometimes they will aim their phone /camera at you and take a photo regardless 

Ocassionally they like to place family members with you for the photo. Early on in my trip this happened, a young toddler was positioned between us for a photo.  I happened to notice his bum was showing.  It’s a accident, I thought,  his trousers have ripped.  As the day progressed I noticed more toddlers with bums showing. ..Guess what?  It’s the way they are,  little children don’t wear nappies, they have slits so they can squat whenever they want to. . Wow that is a strange concept to the western mind. Much more environmentally friendly it must be said though 


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