Run Around 

My partner came home from work yesterday to find me frantically running around the living room.  Yes, I am preparing for a 10k run and it was cold outside! 

Why am I doing this madness I am asking myself?  Because when I was 10 years old, my step dad said to me I would never ever be able to run a marathon.  Ok, running around the living room is a long way off a marathon, but then again it was only a couple of years ago I started practising for my Himalayian  trek my walking up and down stairs over and over again 


Autumn in June 

Today on the 28th June, autumn has returned to the UK. It’s cold, damp, windy and grey.

As I was walking around the park, rustic coloured leaves were lying amongst the grass.  Coats, hats and boots were back on the passers by.

I entered the car and without realising replaced the current chart music chanel I was listening to with classic fm, which I normally play only in the autumn and winter months.

It seems my music taste is dictated by the weather not the season I pondered as I drove 

Travel and Exploration 

I have always loved travelling and exploring new places.  Evan as a child,  I would encourage my friends to come with me to explore abandoned houses and slip through holes into fields /woods where we were not suppose to enter.

Life is an adventure and I plan to spend as much as it as I can exploring the world both near and far, beautiful and ugly. I want to see all of life not just the 
places well trodden my tourisms

Even when I am walking, I often listen to travel books , full of stories from places one day I hope to go to. I am currently listing to the wonderful Paul Thereoux and his book, “Last train to Zona Zerde”

Home Alone 

Last night I had a night in alone. This is a rare for me.  Most nights, I work and if I am not working, there are music nights and events myself and my partner attended.  It’s rare the two of us have a night in alone, so you can imagine how rare a night alone is.

So what did I do on my night alone?  

Wine, crisps and a delightful comedy.  That’s all,  and I really enjoyed it☺


This time three years ago, I was in Krakow in Poland with my, then 19 year old son as a birthday present to him.

I like to give gifts of travel because travel broadens your outlook on life and helps you connect with the world, so now my children are grown up it tends to be holidays I give them as gifts. 

We had never been to Poland before and we both enjoyed every minute exploring the city of Krakow, it’s a wonderful place. .the trams, culture, food, pigeons. …


Birmingham is full of surprises, this evening I have found a wonderful bohemian pub  (if there is such a thing )

It’s called the “Old Moseley Arms ” and seems to be a pub version of my favourite bohemian cafe, only a mile or so away from it too. How could this little gem have been hidden from me? 

It’s just what I love shabby, well used,  fairy lights, sofas brick walls and wait for it…full of the people who go to my bohemian cafe!  Is it only me who doesn’t know about this place? 

Welcome to the World 

My friend has just had a baby, a beautiful  little girl called Isabella. 

I went to visit her yesterday, you really forget how tiny babies are but it doesn’t take you long to remember how chaotic life become with little ones though.  

My friend has another little one too, only 18mths old.  

I thought I would never get into my friends home yesterday, even though I was invited. ..she just couldn’t hear me knocking the front door! 

 The toddler was screaming his little head off?  Bamboozled mother, father and nan were


trying regain calmness to the noisy, chaotic house hold.  I have 4 children and remember the screaming and disorder well.

I am so so glad my four are now adults ☺



Yesterday was the hottest June day for 40 years and social media has been alive with people moaning about how hot the recent weather has been. 

The weather has taken me back to the heat wave of 1976, I was a little girl then living in Watford.  

Hot humid day after day, I remember it looked like the earth was cracking up with deep lines.  Ladybirds seemed in abundance, covering people wearing yellow or bright coloured clothes. 

I wonder if we will ever get a summer like that again in the UK? 

One of those days 

I had one of those days yesterday, many things went wrong, some things my fault and some not.  One of the things that went wrong was when getting something from my car I must have knocked the lights on. Yup,  hours later my battery was dead…I was stuck in Wolverhampton. 

I still carried on with the day as I had things to do,  eventually about 9.45 pm I had to sort the problem out,  a small bunch of homeless people were on the edge of the car park. One man foolishly said, “hello ” I grabbed him smiled and to his horror asked him to help me jump start my car, his friend was more keen and egged them both on, despite the fact that the second man seemed so  drunk  he couldn’t stand up straight . 

So it started,  the three of us,  trying to push my car around the car park trying to jump start my car, none of us knew how though. ..I thought you just push the car and then turn it on. turns out that isn’t how it’s done.  The homeless men were becoming tired after 20 mins of this. .but a random stranger on his way to catch a bus saw this strange carry on and came to our rescue. 

“You need to put the car in second gear” , he declared in an amused fashion.   So with the three of them now pushing. .. and the car in second gear, it started straight away.  After thanking everyone and giving the homeless men a few quid I left smiling a how lovely people are 

Driving Test 

I just passed a learner drivers stalling at a roundabout. ..I sympathise. 

Nearly 30 years ago I passed my test and despite all my qualifications and challenges I have had in my life, it was one of the most difficult I have ever had to do.

My first test set the scene for my nerves regarding driving tests. Back then, my family expected me to pass everything with flying colours, so at the end of my first test when I arrived home, flowers and champagne was ready for me…”I failed! ” I announced shamefully. 

I never ever wanted to drive again!

 A few years later as a sales rep travelling around on public transport, my manager declared I would have to learn  to drive to optimise my abilities. .he booked me on a week crash course in driving.

The test arrived too quickly, I became nervous and I am rarely nervous. “We are now going to do a reverse around the corner “my instructor announced.  “Stop”, he then said. Even more surprising was his next demands. ..1)open the window,2) take of my jacket and 3)undo the top buttons of my blouse!

“I thought you were going to pass out ” He kindly explained,  he spoke to me, to reduce my nerves  for the rest of the test and most importantly passed my driving test.  What a nice man.