Commonsense left the country. .Malta 

It started at breakfast, my partner and I heard what sounded like bombs and gunfire. . A little unnerved because of the recent terrorist attacks I  London. 

I had an ah hah moment. .It’s the Maltese elections, this was confirmed by the news 

Off we went to a small bay by Valletta, Spinola Bay. .a huge huge huge mistake. 

All common sense left the town.  Yes, it was election day and people were pleased that labour had once again gained power.  Not may I add unusual because they have been in power since 1987  (apart from 94-96, I wonder what happened then) Spinola was now party town. 

I am not a party pooper. . But the continuous beeeeeeeeeeeeepingggggggggg of  mostly car horns at top volume began to annoy me after an hour,then two hours….6 hours 7 hours………. )

It seems the done thing in Malta after elections is to get in a car,  van , skip,  truck or any mode of transport. ..fill it to over flowing proportions of people. If no more people can fit in,  stick them on the roof or windscreen, apparently two grown men fit nicely on a windscreen ! Then get as many noise making devices and ride in a traffic jam of everyone else around Spinola Bay using the horns as loud and continuously as possible!!! All day long 

Oh I forgot to add on this day it seems drinking cans of lager, using mobiles whilst driving is fine,  putting flags on the windscreen is fine, smashing up your car  by thumping it also seems fine, stopping the vehicle wherever you please is fine, causing the biggest traffic jam in the world is fine  (buses. ..what bus,  we were stranded!)

With ears worn out we eventually found a taxi,  one small amazing high point of the day was a load of crabs in a some kind of crater/whole  on
 the beach though. .it’s the little things 


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