Driving Test 

I just passed a learner drivers stalling at a roundabout. ..I sympathise. 

Nearly 30 years ago I passed my test and despite all my qualifications and challenges I have had in my life, it was one of the most difficult I have ever had to do.

My first test set the scene for my nerves regarding driving tests. Back then, my family expected me to pass everything with flying colours, so at the end of my first test when I arrived home, flowers and champagne was ready for me…”I failed! ” I announced shamefully. 

I never ever wanted to drive again!

 A few years later as a sales rep travelling around on public transport, my manager declared I would have to learn  to drive to optimise my abilities. .he booked me on a week crash course in driving.

The test arrived too quickly, I became nervous and I am rarely nervous. “We are now going to do a reverse around the corner “my instructor announced.  “Stop”, he then said. Even more surprising was his next demands. ..1)open the window,2) take of my jacket and 3)undo the top buttons of my blouse!

“I thought you were going to pass out ” He kindly explained,  he spoke to me, to reduce my nerves  for the rest of the test and most importantly passed my driving test.  What a nice man.


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