A moment that will last a life time 

Whilst around the camp fire a couple of nights ago and young boy of about 7 had a moment that he will remember forever. 

The evening was drawning to a close,  we had all danced, chanted and sang. As people where getting ready to leave for their tents, a man spoke out and said did we mind if his young son could sing just one song.  

The young lad then took centre stage and quietly began to sing the opening lines from yellow submarine.  His face was one of wonder and joy when everyone            around
 the fire joined in to the chorus, “we all live in a. ..” 


I am a Red Cosmic Dragon 

Well who would have thought that! 

I have learnt many things today at conscious camp.  I started the day on a journey to find my animal guides, I travelled through a tree and into the centre of the earth. .. where I found my crocodile and lion on a river bank waiting for me.

I then had a bath with gongs, and tried but failed to read mine and other people’s auras.

All was redeemed at the end of the day
 when I found out according to mayan calenders I am a red cosmic dragon 

Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption 

I am at the conscious global gathering in Wales, a wonderful vegan festival that celebrates all things vegan. ..oh and all things, “truth juice “ish too. Ufos, CE5, lucid dreams and lots more.  Basically you need to have an open mind , enjoy vegan food and like camping to come here. 

Well, I have just listened to one of my favourite live bands ever Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption , they promote veganism and hemp products for health. Check out the snip bit of them I am attaching 

Rain, Wind, Gongs and Dog

My afternoon was spent in a tent laying down listening to the rain, with a breeze swiftly blowing through a small opening,  my dog close by taking part in a gong sound bath!

And yes, it was really good.  I am currently at the consciousness tribal global gathering, I am delivering a couple of the workshops but having great fun taking part in the other diverse stuff going on too. 

Rain. ….Making British Festivals Special 

A conversation 30 Years From Now

I am 80 years old and I am talking to my great grandson, ” yes my dear boy, mobile phone battery life really didn’t last all day.  We had to charge our laptops, ipads and mobiles on daily basis. ..sometimes twice a day. 

I remember one year when I went camping in had to take a battery charging unit with me, it was like a small black heavy brick, just to give me 3 days worth of charge to use my mobile phone. ”

Grandson, “what’s a mobile phone?!”

I am a bean grinder! 

I love coffee, the smell of it, look of it and taste of it. 

Recently I have been buying by accident the beans instead of filtered coffee. ..annoying.  Whilst contemplating who to give the beans to or what to do with them my partner came up with a suggestion that totally shocked me, what don’t you buy a coffee grinder? ”  

Why on earth had that simple little thought entered my mind before!  So I did, that very day via Amazon same day delivery. ..Yes, the thought of it required immediate action 😉

So now I can proudly announce I am a coffee beans grinder 😄

A gift for a stranger 

Today I went out and bought a small bag and a necklace and posted it to a lady who I have never met and probably never will meet   I don’t even know her surname. 

A young lady who performs at my spoken word event put a request out on social media regarding her sister who is currently agropobic.  The lady goes nowhere and sees hardly anyone,  her sister had the lovely idea of asking friends to send small parcels or cards in the post to brighten her day up

You Will Never Guess What They Did To Me…Mum

These were the words out of my 15 year old sons mouth 7 years ago when he met me after a visit to Lourdes. 

Let me explain,  as a family we drove from the UK to Spain and on route visited Lourdes in France. 

We are not a religious family and entered Lourdes as a curious tourist,  so we did the tourist things including collecting holy water. 

It looked like there were two queues, one for women that myself and my daughters joined and one for men that my partner and son joined. 

The women’s queue was huge, my daughter was uncomfortable at the crying and singing women around us so we left and sat waiting for the the male members of our family. 

I bided my time by reading the guide book that I had purchased. .oh no that’s not the queue to collect holy water in the containers we had bought from the gift shop

, it’s the queue to be blessed naked in a holy bath! 

It was too late to tell them,  within minutes my horrified son came out, “you will never guess what they did to me, mum!”

Zumba in the Rain 

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely garden festival yesterday.  Music, poetry, cakes, etc

….oh and Zumba 

The started warm and sunny but as the afternoon moved on it became quite chilly and then the zumba started.  Should I sit and stay cold or join in to the communal zumba class , “join in and warm up” my thought told me , so I did. 

Then the rain started,  zumba in the rain  at a garden festival …How very British 

Please Don’t Come Back

A few years ago on this very day, my children, my friends and I went to lovely Turkey.  One of my favourite countries. 

We settled into our hotel and my friend and I decided to explore our local area. We wondered down a road and saw a delightful cafe, so we acquired ourselves seats and was promptly attended my a lovely older Turkish lady that asked what we wanted.  We smiled and asked for coffee,  to our surprised we were given along with the coffee melon and other fruits. 

How delightful we thought as we enjoyed the offering. 

Our shock came when we asked for the bill. ..”no charge , no charge ” the lady exclaimed, “but please don’t come back,  this is our home!”