Ten Years On 

Ten years ago I decided to end my marriage to my husband, the reason being is for another blog.  But what is for this blog is the list I wrote.  Yes, I am a big list writer.

This list included things to do in my new life, one of the items was learn salsa.  … so ten years ago, off I toddled with three of my four children to the local salsa classes.  The lovely people running it were surprised,  actually very surprised.  It’s not normally considered a family event, but from then on we were called the family, I was even given a family discount! 

 We continued going for years.

 Ten years on, 

I am at a salsa weekend in Daresbury with my eldest daughter.  She never stopped going and at 26 yrs now has 10 years salsa experience. 

It’s one of the things that defines our . ..we love to dance 


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