Downhill On My Bum

This time last year I was in Slovakia for a friend’s wedding.  The wedding party stayed in a hotel opposite in a resort that was used for skiing in the winter months. 

The wedding was going to take place in the afternoon and she encouraged us to go foraging for mushrooms in the ski slopes during the morning. So off 4 of us went up a ski slope 

When I eventually got to the top and looked down. thoughts were,  ” that looks very steep and slippery, best to slide down on my but! ” So I  did! !!

Very quickly I arrived at the bottom of the hill, over brambles, over nettles, over stones I slid. ..down and down and down I went.  The other lady in the group foolishly followed me

Let’s just say my leggings were in shreds and as for my bum. …….


Pimp Up My Car

I recently bought a “new ” it’s a lovely solid car that has been loved and we’ll maintained but is a bland off white colour. 

Not that I don’t like,  bland off white the lack of colour lends itself to imagination so I, “pimped it up” with stick on large flowers on every side but not too excess.

I now feel the car has been,” happified”and is truly mine

Album Cover Photographer..What Me!

I take photos, lots of photos. Always using my mobile and mostly of small things,  bugs rain drops etc. 

Today I spent a most pleasant afternoon in a field, in the middle of nowhere with 5 people, my dog, a young boy and a baby. . Oh yes along with a clothes line , along with other sonewhat strange props. 

Most surprisingly I was asked to take photos for an album cover for a recording artist I knew…  And therefore  I did

Music on the Roof 

“Where are you right now? ” I hear you ask 

It’s a sunny late afternoon in August and I am in a strangers garden with loads of other people in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.  Many people I know and many people I have never met before. 

“What are we all doing here ” you reply.  We are eating, drinking lots of alcohol and looking upwards at the owners roof!

“Why on earth are you doing that?” The answer isn’t that obvious  I guess.  We are all watching live bands, one after another.  Birmingham has some wonderful hidden surprises, if you do a little digging 

Giant leaves 

Let me tell you about a very special garden in Birmingham that has huge prehistoric like vegetation. 

It’s the lesser known garden of Birmingham called Winterbourne Gardens, part of the university complex, and it’s a hidden little wonder. 

Wonderful colours, stepping stones over little lakes for people to fall in , as my friend did today  and giant sizes leafs 

Bye bye

Today a van came and took my beloved car away…and I organised it!

My green yaris had had its day, it was 18 years old and would never get through an mot and so it went were all old cars end up. the scrap yard.

Even the thought of it being towed away makes me sad and I am not given to emotions easily, I do not go aaaarh at babies or young children or look at cute dogs or puppies and smile with joy but an old car being towed away is another story 

A guided tour at 2am 

Did I go on a guided tour at 2am? Well not exactly but I was offered a “3 minute tour to save my life!” Or a “one hour full tour ” 

 This happened twice,  once at 2am and then again at 3am.  I guess when the first tours had finished.  When was I offered these tours?  Well surprisingly when I was in bed! Yes, in bed.  It was my partner talking in his sleep again 

Listen Out

Listen out and you may hear me! No I haven’t got an incredible loud voice, mind you as a child one of my nick names was “fog horn” 😉 no, its because occasionally I am on the radio 

It must be added, it’s only occasionally but it is happening more often and again it must be added it’s only BBC Radio WM

Today I was on talking about self esteem on the afternoon programme and the more I do these little chat the more comfortable I am doing them. Who know. I have my one programme 😉😉

Tank Safari 

5 years ago, I went on a tank safari in Leicester. …Yes you heard right, a tank safari! 

We arrived, were given appropriate Amy clothes to wear, applied greece paint to our faces and then jumped into a tank 

The safari consisted of driving up and down through crates of earth, mud and generally very bumpy ground. ..ok maybe not very dangerous conditions but it was fun