A couple of eagles and a paneer masala 

This was this evenings meal. ..well not quite. 

I am a vegetarian working towards a vegan again, my partner and I found a wonderful little restaurant in Kochi 

We ate in the garden,  opposite me wasn’t  other guests but two eagles on some wood. The female eagle they rescued from the beach with injured wings a while back, the male is there for the free food and the female I guess 😉

 I ordered the paneer and had the pleasure of the eagles company all evening, along with a cheeky little “special tea” vodka and pineapple this evening.  The strict no alcohol policy in Kochi is delightfully non strict. 


Monster Bats in the Trees

“Wow , look up …there’s a huge bat in the tree. ” I looked up and there was a huge fruit bat flying around.  The more we looked the more we found

The wild life in Kochi is great, I looked down and a guant snail was crawling past, 
Add this to wandering cows, goats and cats that seem to be in every street and alley
Everywhere you look is teeming with life, eagles sore above you crows look at you from branches, window ledges and walls.  Even hotel rooms have a friendly coackroach or two and overly friendly mosquitoes who just want to give you a little bite or two or three. …

Cows in the road and banana leaves 

Today is my birthday. .no way,  never, too soon.  Yup it’s my birthday yet again but what a wonderful way to spend it.

My partner and I went took a river trip on the amazing back waters of ,Kuttanad (Near Alappuzha / Alleppey) the driver battled through torrential rain to arrive at the destination.  I took cover under my rain poncho on part of the journey ….yes we were in a car but the window needed to be open to clear the windscreen  (it was an old car!)we narrowly avoided cows in the road and many cars and trucks that seemed to be heading straight for us.

Somehow we arrived safely and then took a leisurely boat ride through the back waters. . It’s a glimpse into the lives of local people living on and about the rivers.  A fascinating insight into their daily lives as they wash,  do laundry and clean their plates in the abundant river .

We stopped at a riverside cafe and ate a traditional meal using banana leaves as plates and our hands as cutlery , when the rain came again the rivers became even more beautiful 

What a noisy place 

I am currently sitting on the balcony of my home stay in Kochi. .peaceful and serene you may image. 

Well, right now I can hear crickets. .how sweet, but also, music, people talking, beeping from cars, cars driving by,  a loud hammer banging something,  a helicopter, tuk tuk ……..

And as for the middle of the night, that’s when the real fun and games start,  huge thunder storms, dogs howling, doors flapping sole bizarre noise like a didgeridoo on top of the noises I mentioned above. …you have got to love Kochi 😉

A first

This year has been full of firsts and today was another one..I ran my first holistic and wellbeing fair.  And it went well. .whoop whoop 

I run it a bit different to other types of fairs and had a room for food and buskers, then the main room with stalls offering services and products and finally in the large room half hourly free activities to join in with,  things like belly dancing, laughter Yoga etc

I liked running it that’s much I am going to do it again in January 😉

A rather unusual trip 

Day one of Kochi was going to be relaxing until a man in a tuk tuk persuaded us to jump on board for a free trip. ..how could we resist 

Of we road to many many many shops to try to lure us into parting with our recently acquired currency …but on route we also were shown /entered a synagogue , a Jain temple, a couple of Hindu temples, a bollywood film set, a spice emporium (amazing ) and a launderette.  Rather surpringly totally fascinating 

Very very very special mineral water 

Today my partner and I arrived in the wonderful Kochi India 

It had been a long and tiring 36hrs with only a couple of hours sleep to get to the hotel 

Late afternoon we ventured out for food.  I know that Kochi has a no alcohol policy in most places except for high rating hotels and a few other places and I had researched and found out about ” special tea” 

I found out about another product to add to the list when went for food and were asked if we would like, very special mineral water ”

Thecmerinersl water was incredibly special in fact, so special it tasted like the bestever mojito cocktail we have ever had!

Look out. .there’s a dragon 

Last year, I went with my youngest daughter to a night markets in Derby. 

I like Derby and they are good at embracing the  the arts scene in an exciting way. 

Set the scene. …

…Myself and my daughter were having a drink.  It was a cool evening, a large crowd were watching music on the stage. Screams were heard from the far corner of the crowd.  We looked up and it the distance, smoke bellowed up . …then fire. ..then the the dragon 

It’s a Grimm time

Ok,  maybe not quite  ..

My favourite box set is over…Yes totally over. 

I have invested many many hours of my life. ..six seasons of ” Grimm ” to be exact and done the unheard of. …

…I couldn’t get series 6 on any source in this country. ..so, wait for it. .. I had to buy it on Amazon Prime in 
order to stream the last series online. 

It was worth it though, but my favourite binge box set of recent years is now over…I shed a tear 😢