Eve of the Dead @The Ruin

Birmingham now has its own little Budapest Style Pub in Digbeth called “The Ruin ”

It’s got bare walls, basic miss matched furniture and it’s brilliant.  

Although its only been open a couple of weeks it has already also has hosted it’s first Halloween “Eve of the Dead ” Spoken word and music event………oh ok, I organised that for them and it was really good 

Classic acts like phantom of the Opera to the Raven to spooky poems. ..to comedy horror films to……..umm blues music , travis covers, bohemian based poems ….. 

 Ummmm, halloween acts are thin on the ground on 31st October so one has to …ummm
m, pad it out …ummm just a little 😯


Micro into big

Yes, that’s right, I am talking about the ever growing amount of “micro ” brewery’s 😉

They seem to be a growing phenomenon. .tiny micro brewery’s are popping up everywhere.  At least in the Midlands. 

I am not complaining mind you, they are fun.  Locally produced ale, not that I drink it but my friends and family do and the atmosphere is great 

Last night we went to one of these brewery’s, The Ale House in Stratford upon Avon, my partner was part of a folk band there.  He performed on a micro stage, we sat on stools around micro tables, the venue is micro small but the atmosphere huge 

Splat! Face in a Cake

“What did you do today? ”

Go on ask…

Ok, let me tell you.  I pushed a ladies face into a cake. ..Yes really.  I think I did it too enthusiastically though! 

Today, I took part in a film, only a small background part. .as  part of the slapstick scene a lady fell into a cake

After the shot she asked me to help her film a little extra piece and push her into the cake.  I think I overplayed the piece and a gentle push. ..was more of a hefty shove. .ooops

Lost in another world 

Ok…it may not be quite another world but when I enter,  I loose this world and step into what feels like another world 

My reality shifts, the people I know change. The air becomes heavy with anticipation for what will happen next. 

Real world time stops, the familiar comfort of this other world takes over 

Yes. …I am reading the next Dan Brown book(Origin) …everyone leave me alone. .I need to know what happens next!

A Little Photo

I have had Deezer for years, its an app to stream music. 

You pay a monthly sum and consequently can download unlimited albums ..and yes, I make the most of it. I have over 350 albums stored on the app. .and now guess what? 

I have an album with a photo on the album cover that I took…get me 😉 Yes, it’s a friends album but hey ho. .it’s a start… here is the band and……cover to check out, 
Public Art by The Light Programme 

Scary stuff 

What is it about us humans that like to be totally scared?

I am no different,  I  love horrors, haunted houses, paranormal events, horror stories etc 

When I was a little girl my favourite programme ever was “Rent a ghost “…ok,  I know that program wasn’t scary, but I didn’t sleep for days after watching a doctor who episode about huge slimey slug like creatures invading London.

Time hasn’t changed me at all. My current scary fix is the new, “American Horror Raoake ” Wow, is this little series scary! 

Ulterism. .

Is there really such a thing as ulterism?  What ever you do , no matter what has a gain. 

The gain may not be obvious but it’s still there.  It may even be a subtle as a subconscious feeling of,  “I made a difference ”

Someone  i know was a receprient of a ,”ulterism ” a few years ago whilst on the kidney donor waiting list. 

A man who wished to remain anonymous walked into a hospital somewhere in the UK and donated one of his  kidneys. .it was a match.  The person I know has never been able to thank him because of the wish to remain anonymous. 

Despite being one of the most, “ulteristic” deeds I am aware of,  that person must have felt amazingly proud of himself for this deed. This is a payback, this feeling of pride,  saving someone’s life is huge compensation for a huge deed. 

You always get payback for doing good in one form or another 

A must if you haven’t been 

Today I visited one of my favourite small towns, Bridgnorth. 

It’s one of the few places I wouldn’t mind living in. 

There are so many pluses to the town, it’s pretty,  quaint, cobbled roads, a lovely garden surrounded by the castle walls, has nice cafes, loads of pubs, a cliff railway to transport you between higher and lowers Bridgnorth, it’s on the river Severn and …wait for it. ..the charity shops are cheap

Wow, what more could you want from a small town 

My not so secret obsession 

People may have noticed I travel a lot. ..comments on social media may give you a clue,  “Where are you now?”

Yes, my not so secret obsession is travel. .anywhere. ..everywhere.  I want to see EVERYTHING.  The big,  the small,  the ugly, the wonderful 

I feel it’s my duty by being part of this wonderful planet to experience and see life everywhere on it.

I read travel books, my favourite are Paul Theroux and Bill Bryson, I watch travel programme( my saved BBC programme is the travel show),  I email myself lists of places to go to, the most used apps on my phone are booking. com and trip advisor,   I make list of places to visit on a monthly basis !

Yes, confession time.  .. .. my secret obsession is….. cricket. .

No only joking its travelling