More Difficult Than I Thought

My recent challenge which I wrote about recently was to avoid using Facebook for 100 days whilst raising money for charity. .not 100 all in one go but over 250 days. No problem at all, I thought with confidence

Today was going to be day one. .I failed!

The first slip came early, within 1 minute of waking as my hand slipped to open the app on my phone by my bed. ..”no ” I mentally reminded myself and checked my emails instead.

10 minutes later, I noticed myself looking at my new friend requests on Facebook, I had failed. My brain and fingers were operating Facebook on autopilot.

I really should know better as I run mindfulness workshops. I shocked myself that I hadn’t noticed that I had even opened the app

Oh well, it looks like this tiny challenge might be tougher than I thought. .try again with day one tomorrow


One thought on “More Difficult Than I Thought

  1. I deleted the app from my phone for several months,and that helped massively! I didn’t miss out, I could still access it on my iPad at home, or my laptop, it not having it on my phone stopped that “need” to keep checking it! Maybe worth a try?


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