Shocking Post

I saw a post on Facebook that shocked me.

I am not easily shocked

It wasn’t about a horror story taking place in someone’s life nor a broken relationship that are sometimes shared on social media

The story didn’t began with the world’s, “I am sorry to inform you. ..”

It wasn’t a post regarding a death, a marriage nor images of cruelty to animals.

Give up? It was someone informing us that if it snows on Monday (1st April ) it will be our 6th month with snow in it this winter!


Eat what you want

Guess what? There is a new diet where you can eat whatever you want

Yes, really. You can eat carbs, cakes and well anything.

Guess what also? Whilst partaking in this new diet, you loose weight and live longer and improve your overall immune system and prevent /stop diabetes and, and. …

OK, there is a catch, whilst on this diet you can only eat between a certain period of time.

The new 2018 diet craze is a “time restrictive feeding ” therefore you only have a few hours each day in which to eat in

Well, I am buying into it…feeding time for me is now between 11am-3pm 😉


Yesterday I waited and waited and waited.

It was the over riding theme of the day.

I was due to pick my daughter and new granddaughter up from hospital, hence everything was on hold for the call she had been signed out, so I waited

It was supposed to be in the morning she could leave but bit by bit all of my afternoon appointments were rearranged as the waiting game took place.

My daughter waited too, waited for her new born daughter to be checked, waited for her medical, waited to be signed off and waited for the paperwork to be printed

We both waited until the day had gone and then eventually in the evening the collection happened and we joined the traffic jams for just a little bit more waiting

Hunting for Ghosts

A few years ago today I went on a ghost hunt. I am rather sceptical about Ghosts but would love to be proved wrong

I saw an ad asking for volunteers to take part in a new sky programme called para x, I jumped at the chance and soon found myself at midnight in the cellar of a “haunted “pub in Digbeth. The Old Crown

There were about 20 of us, many psychics , ghost hunters and believers. I was the only sceptic

We went room to room, people reported all kinds of ghostly goings on, strange lights, breezes, hands touching arms. I felt nothing

I don’t know what happened in the rest of the night. ..I was the first to be voted off!

Music in Wolverhampton

I run spoken word and music events and have done for many years

I am always blown away by the amount of local talent. One lady last night told us she had written six thousand poems, yes that’s right six thousand!

Occasionally I hear someone perform that makes me think.

Last night was one of those moments. This man contacted me last minute for a slot. I had never met him before. I managed to squeeze him on as the last performer. A single man with his guitar, I loved his original songs, one reminded me of the 19 70s song,”Streets of London ”

I hope to hear lots more from him

In a warehouse again

It started slowly. First a lady with a pendulum for telling the future

Then it exploded, tarot card readings, shamans clearing negative energy, mindful dogs, mindful guitar lessons, crystals readings, angel cards, cuddle workshops, glitter tattoos, belly dancing. ………

People came, people left..we all ate vegan wraps

Yes, my second holistic & wellbeing festival was a success. Better start organising the summer one now 😉

Food Containers

I like food that is served in environmentally friendly containers.

Let me be a lot more specific. Last week I went for a Thai meal and I had a wonderful meal of rice that was served in a carved out pineapple.

In India we had traditional food served on a huge banana leaf . In Eastern European countries they sometimes serve soup in a bread

These are all such good ideas. .why use plates 😉

End of the World

I was informed that the world would be ending in two weeks time

Nobody seemed that bothered, people just continued with their day to day life’s. “But why “I asked, I was very bothered.

It’s because the world was going to be replaced by a huge supermarket planet . The universe had decided they didn’t want the planet earth, it had become boring

That’s unfair I pleaded, I haven’t even had a summer holiday yet. I enquired how I could stop this travesty, possibly by giving good feedback on the customer enquiry cards that are being given out was the answer.

I then woke up, what a relief


A large crowd were huddled into a small waiting area, young and old all feeling like sardines.

We were given a black scarf, and then to our surprise instructed to cover our faces with it. We all obeyed

The large metal doors open and we entered the warehouse with our faces still covered

A festival of sights and sounds greeted us, it was this year’s Birmingham operas company production “Wake ”