Money. .old time

I took a trip with my son to blists hill victorian village in Ironbridge

It’s a great place to visit, a real step back in time a hugely interactive. To the degree of changing your money into pre decimal currency

Hands up, I found it almost impossible to get my head around. .travelling around the world and using their currency seemed a piece of cake compared to victorian money!


Baby’s day out

Yesterday my daughter took my granddaughter to “Humpty Dumpty Adventure Land ” its a local soft play area

“How sweet”, I can hear you saying. It’s the late Mays school holiday, so what a nice thing to do

She could play with other children, have fun in the ball pit, climb the climbing frames, go down the slides and have a little lunch there. ….

…one problem. She’s 7 weeks old!

Wheelbarrow Staring

Today 8 of us sat in a circle and stared at a wheelbarrow

It was a beautiful warm day, and this event took place at my daughters home , in her garden

We all took our places on purpose, arranged the chairs so we could all get a look at this wheelbarrow

“Why where you staring at a wheelbarrow ” I can hear you murmur as you scratch your heads

Well, the reason was my ingenious daughter invited us around to have a bbq and she turned an old wheelbarrow into the bbq. …how very clever of her

Lightening, thunder and floods

Wow, what a lot of weather we have just had in the West Midlands

Last night I ran a spoken word event in Wolverhampton

Prior to the event when the weather started I received message after message from performers who couldn’t attend. Buses were cancelled, cars stuck, roads closed. ..

Then the lightening caused all the electricity in the pub to die. was getting serious now, the pub was in darkness as the storm got even closer

But, still nothing would stop our event going ahead

Each time a sodden performer or guest arrived we gave them a round of applause for making the event

And yes, it happened with greatly reduced numbers but I can honestly say possibly the nicest event ever ☺

Not perfect is the new perfect

I am currently at a wonderful poetry and music night in Digbeth, run by our future generation, young adults. I am delighted to tell you, I know a very special little known truth…. I know one hundred percent that our future is great.

They embrace non perfection, it’s OK not to wear make up if you are female; it’s ok if you are a few pounds overweight and wear socks with holes; it’s ok if you just wear your clothes that don’t match, it’s ok to sit on the floor if the tables and chairs are full

But most of all the young people of today are creative, welcoming, embrace all life, write amazing songs and sing beautiful songs

Now, I can die in peace. ..hold on not for another 40..50. ..ok 70 years

An adult sleep over

“What did you do last night? “I can hear you ask

My answer is, “I went to a friends and had a sleep over”

Yes, at 51 yrs old I am still having sleep overs, why should they just be for young people.

I took part in all the sleep over stuff, we ate food that was bad for us cake, chocolates etc, drank too much prosecco (being older we are allowed to have this at our sleep overs! ) we played games, listened to music, laughed, stayed up too late

I then went to sleep on the living room floor on a blanket

No matter what your age, grab a friend and have a sleep over 😉

Two tidal waves

I have experienced two tidal waves so far in my life

The first was when I was 5 years old on the beach at the Isle of Wight, I have a strong memory of a large wave coming over my head and i also remember the sea covered with random sandles, buckets, spades sunglasses etc that it had taken out with it as it receded . My final memory of this event was my mum running down to the sea with her stockings hanging so low they were reaching her ankle, crying out my name in a panic

My second experience of a tidal wave was this morning on the way to a local shop, the rain had been falling heavily all morning and caused huge puddles. A van drove too close to the curb , causing what felt like a tidal wave of rain water to engulf me as I looked on soaking wet and in shock

Red sky at night. .no delight

An old wives tale had just been busted

I thought a red sky at night was a fairly reliable prediction of the weather , almost a certainty you could say.

Red skys always meant beautiful sunny sky’s in the morning, or was that just my imagination? I am now wondering.

Last night produced a stunning red, orange, yellow sunset, worthy of an award

This morning, it’s dark, grey and overcast. “What’s happened? ” I questioned myself, I have no answer .

But here’s a prediction of oncoming weather. . I have a “weather headache ” and that is reliable, it means there has been a drop of pressure in the air and rain is likely. So if you need a weather forecast, just ask my head 😉

Don’t wish to be young again

It’s 8.30am, the roads around all the local school are rammed, doors opening and what seems like hoards of children I’m smartly dressed uniforms pouring out

The younger school children happily running in front of the hurrying parents

The senior school children have their heads hung low, the pressure of this age as they are rapidly approaching adulthood. Exams, relationships, fitting in with society, who am I? Will I ever find love? Do I look fit /fat /pretty /handsome? What am I going to do with my life? Am I liked? ……. their faces tell it all

I never would like to go back to being that age again, never ever…

Nice Weather

Day after day of warm sunny weather, hardly a cloud in the sky

A huge bright sun in the sky from day break until night-time

Shorts, t-shirt, dresses and sun hats adorning smiling people

Where am I?

Yes, right here in Birmingham. What on earth is happening? We are having an early summer with. ….this is the strange bit…….stable weather!

Well, for the time being 😉