A different life

I popped to my pregnant 20 year old daughters home yesterday and noticed a photo of us in her bedroom 

The photo was taken 16 ish years ago and one I couldn’t remember being taken .  Although I could see it was me, I didn’t look or feel it was me.

It’s odd how as you age, you are still internally you,  yet your body changes, clothes change, hair changes. .but your essence rarely changes 


A final danceĀ 

So days are more trying than others 

Today, has ..Let’s just say, “been challenging at times. ” It has also been very long

At 9.30 pm I had my final part of the day which was a dance rehearsal for a small piece as part of a mental health awareness show. 

This final dance of the long and troublesome day was a welcome relief.  A star in the dark sky, a strawberry in a pile of sour berries.  You get the picture šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰

I did it!

“What did you do? “I hear you ask 

OK. ..wait for it. ..Yes, that’s right, I changed my name on Facebook! 

I was given the name debra jane aldous , when I was born.  I never really liked it, it didn’t seem to fit me. 

In school, I played around with asking friends to call me cool  (well, I thought so at 5!) Names like DJ or just my middle name Jane, they all lasted about 3 hours 

Fast forward many many many many years, numerous surname changes due to marriages and divorces.  My first name is still the same,  until last year my youngest daughter suddenly said, “mum, you don’t look like a Debbie “, “What do I look like? “I asked,  she thought for a moment, “Autumn ” she replied. 

I loved it and why not.  Over the last year I have played around with the name,  spoke to various people including my mum and she wasnt surprised.  But then again she has always said nothing I do shocks her anymore. ..

So the biggest,  boldest move so far. .a change on Facebook has been made.  

Eerie Red Sky

30 years ago today a storm hit the UK, many lives were lost and much damage was done.

I have little memory of it, 30 years ago I had just got married, left home and was pregnant with my first child. .no wonder really that a storm seamed to feature so little in my memory. 

Today, 30 years on another storm is on the horizon.  This one has a name, ” Hurricane Ophellia ”  

I have just come back from walking the dog and I have to admit it’s rather eerie outside, there is a strange red glow in the sky, a very mild almost muggy feel to our October weather and the sound of a strong wind approaching. 

With weather like this I had better stay in 
then……That’s not me

. ..but I might get to work faster today if the winds behind me 

Vegan Pie & Mash , Wine and MusicĀ 

I am currently in a pub in the outskirts of Birmingham city centre after a long ,full and fun day of work….and yes, it’s Sunday listening to live music which I have organised for a friends week long show 

This is not a modern, hip or trendy pub.  It’s a grass roots real ale type of pub. ..so I am delight that they have a menu with vegan food. .

Maybe the tide is turning and little by little the UK is becoming vegan friendly 

Too Soon

Ok I admit that I have been out of the country for 2 and a half weeks but come on! 

Today is October 14th, still not quite half way through the month 

It started the moment I entered John Lewis, “dedededededefedeeddddd” or on other words  ..Santa Clause is coming to Town. 

To my the whole shop floor had become Christmas, Christmas trees in every shape and colour you can image, wrapped presents underneath.  Decorations, fairy lights, snow, reindeer. .you get the picture 

I am no kill joy. ….but it’s October! 

A first

This year has been full of firsts and today was another one..I ran my first holistic and wellbeing fair.  And it went well. .whoop whoop 

I run it a bit different to other types of fairs and had a room for food and buskers, then the main room with stalls offering services and products and finally in the large room half hourly free activities to join in with,  things like belly dancing, laughter Yoga etc

I liked running it that’s much I am going to do it again in January šŸ˜‰

It’s a Grimm time

Ok,  maybe not quite  ..

My favourite box set is over…Yes totally over. 

I have invested many many hours of my life. ..six seasons of ” Grimm ” to be exact and done the unheard of. …

…I couldn’t get series 6 on any source in this country. ..so, wait for it. .. I had to buy it on Amazon Prime in 
order to stream the last series online. 

It was worth it though, but my favourite binge box set of recent years is now over…I shed a tear šŸ˜¢