I saw a mouse.. where?

Well,it wasn’t on the stairs and it didn’t have clogs on

It was a very cheeky and pretty mouse though

The cheeky and cute little mouse appeared in the garden as we where having a BBQ, looked at us and started to nibble the dogs bone close to where we were sitting

We spyed the mouse,the mouse spyed us and ran back into the bushes

A few minutes later the scene was repeated, and again and again. Until I threw the mouse a bit of food that we were eating, it picked it up with ease, despite the food being the size of it’s head and it then proudly retreated into the bushes with its prize


It’s 1850 again!

You use soap to wash hair…no way!

Is a comment I would have made a few years ago

I like doing my bit for the environment and I care about what products I use

There has been a lot in the media recently about plastic waste and all of a sudden the penny dropped with me….. lush do shampoo in the form of soap

What a good idea, I researched it’s reviews and they were glowing, so I took myself to the shop and paid a tenner….yes a tenner for soap shampoo and a tin to keep it in

Result, yes I love it and may never use shampoo in plastic as again. ..time to replace the shower gel next!

A different time

I recently visited my mum to retrieve some of the photos of my childhood

It was a different world back in the late 60s and 70s. Everything seemed so innocent and timid

When you look back through the photo’s of your childhood; it wasn’t the world being innocent, it was you, reflective of your age, seen through your eyes and experience

Back in the 60s and 70s the world was as it always was, intersperesped with wars conflict and injustices

My world in 2018 is still innocent, my eye’s protect me from injustices, conflict and wars. They show me hope and happiness

What do your eyes show you?

The Wrong Watford!

My mum and sisters live in Watford, I live in Birmingham. Today I drove to see them with my daughter and granddaughter

We were happily chatting on the journey that I know like the back of my hand…or so I thought

Where on earth are we!? I proclaimed to my daughter about an hour into the trip. Neither the M6 nor the M1 have only two lanes!

She checked the maps on her phone,the A14 she replied. I don’t think I have ever been on this road before? I pondered out loud

No problem, just put”Watford” , into maps please to get us back on the right track, I asked my daughter

To my delight, the ETA to Watford was only 35mins away. I must of found a short cut by accident, I decided

6 mins to Watford came very quickly and we were in beautiful country roads, this is definitely not the Watford I grew up in.

The penny dropped in my head rapidly, the satnav has taken us to Watford Northamptonshire, home of the famous Watford Gap service station…oooops

Where am I? A conversation with myself

Where am I ?

Actually, I don’t know!

How did I get here?

Thats easy,I took my dog for a walk and started going down paths I hadn’t noticed before. One path led to another and so on

What am i doing now?

Another easy one. I am taking photos of insects and all things small. One of my favourite hobbies in the world

Parallel Universe

On the radio over the last few weeks, morning chat shows have been joking about us living in a parallel universe at the moment

The reason being is we are having a hot summer, yes blue skys and warmth ever single day. I am not even taking coats /cardigans with me , which is unheard of in our normal British summer

Tbe second reason to justify the parallel univse claim is we are winning at the World cup at the moment, this in itself, is incredible. The last time we won the worrld cup, was the year that I was born….yup all the way back in 1966

My own strange parallel Universe claim today is …I am at home watching England wining at football on my own with a lager whilst my partner who loves football is out at a hippy festival

It’s a strange universe simetimes…

Earlswood Craft Ctr

It feels like there is nobody here apart from me

Do people not know about this small but perfectly formed craft centre with its many little independent shops?

Hold on a minute, another few people have found the manor house tea rooms …so I am not quite alone any more

On a wonderfully sunny day, this place should be buzzing with activity and people

Where are they? Maybe the hot continuous sunny weather doesn’t suit the UK after all?

The Lost Boys. .30 yrs on

I have watched this brilliant cult movie twice in my life

Once when it was released back in 1987. My life was yet to unfold

In 1987, I got married for the first time at the age on 20. New to life, child free. Everything ahead of me.

The movie was one of the top movies of the year, fun, the soundtrack, clothes, the hair , all depicts the area and also my life at that time. Yes, I had the “big “hair and shoulder pads

30 years on, I watched the movie in Birmingham Botanical gardens. It was called a “retro cult classic film”. I was a hundred miles from where where I first watched the movie.

The movie was the same, my life so different. Four children, one grandchild, a different city, a vastly different life.

I watched the movie with my son on his 24th birthday.

Even my children are older than I was when I watched the Lost Boys for the first time

Life. ..it keeps on moving.