That’s a shock! 

I read an article recently about grandparents not liking the names of their grandchildren. 

The article was amusing, all of these old-fashioned but now popular names like Stanley and  Roger are now beginning to fill nursery up

I smiled as I read the article, “I am easy going regarding names” I thought. 

I have just had a call from my daughter,  my first grandchild is being called, “Monica “! I had a vision of cradling my grandchildren and saying aaaarh my little Monica. …….no not Monica. That’s not a baby name!!


India first time round 

4 years ago today, I visited India for the first time.  I spent a week in Delhi and a week doing a trek up the Hymalias. 

Was it a shock arriving in the chaotic colourful city of Delhi ?. .not at all.  I loved it.

The noise, people, animals in the roads, the people living on the streets , the pollution, the constant hum of life. .it was alive 

I was born in Watford High St in 1966 as a baby I went to sleep with alarms going off and people leaving the pubs, we had homeless people, pollution, stray dogs and rats. it really so different? It too was alive 

Thinking about the past. .can get you in trouble 

But maybe not in the way you think! 

Every Wednesday for nearly two years I run a workshop in Knowle.  The car virtually drives itself there and back, it knows the route so well.

Tonight on the way home I got lost!  Ok, maybe not for long but for a while I was unsure where I was 

Why,  you may ask? Well, I was thinking about the past, not hugely deap thoughts but pondering over my life so far. .an overview you could say.  Whilst doing that, I missed my turn and just kept driving until I suddenly came back to the now and thought, “Where on earth am I?”

Do they have to. …

I often travel around the Midlands unfortunately when the children are coming out of school. 

For many many years I was a parent taking my children and sometimes half the neighbourhoods ) ok, maybe not but it felt like it) back and forth to school. 

Recently one question has been bugging me, “Why on earth do they put school crossing people /lollypop people at traffic lights? ”  

The crossing people push the button and then signal for parents with children to cross!  Have all the parents suddenly forgotten how to use traffic lights?  Are they just not to be trusted crossing their little ones to school? 

I am really I promise you not one to moan. ..but come on, what a waste of money 

Silent fireworks 

Many years ago, when I was a child I never liked loud noises. ..Yes, your heard correctly, for those who know me  “I never liked big noises”

So, I never went to public fireworks displays, my family used to buy silent fireworks just for me .

 In the back garden, every 5th November, there was a show of pretty yet totally quiet fireworks 

I don’t think they even exist now?  

Time charges, now I am the first to watch loud, noisy fireworks displays. .I stand in glee at the bangs, crackle, hiss of fireworks displays. I delight at the firecrackers on Chinese new year,  yet I still feel uncomfortable when thunder occurs. ..Maybe one day this too shall pass

Scary stuff 

What is it about us humans that like to be totally scared?

I am no different,  I  love horrors, haunted houses, paranormal events, horror stories etc 

When I was a little girl my favourite programme ever was “Rent a ghost “…ok,  I know that program wasn’t scary, but I didn’t sleep for days after watching a doctor who episode about huge slimey slug like creatures invading London.

Time hasn’t changed me at all. My current scary fix is the new, “American Horror Raoake ” Wow, is this little series scary! 

A different life

I popped to my pregnant 20 year old daughters home yesterday and noticed a photo of us in her bedroom 

The photo was taken 16 ish years ago and one I couldn’t remember being taken .  Although I could see it was me, I didn’t look or feel it was me.

It’s odd how as you age, you are still internally you,  yet your body changes, clothes change, hair changes. .but your essence rarely changes 

I did it!

“What did you do? “I hear you ask 

OK. ..wait for it. ..Yes, that’s right, I changed my name on Facebook! 

I was given the name debra jane aldous , when I was born.  I never really liked it, it didn’t seem to fit me. 

In school, I played around with asking friends to call me cool  (well, I thought so at 5!) Names like DJ or just my middle name Jane, they all lasted about 3 hours 

Fast forward many many many many years, numerous surname changes due to marriages and divorces.  My first name is still the same,  until last year my youngest daughter suddenly said, “mum, you don’t look like a Debbie “, “What do I look like? “I asked,  she thought for a moment, “Autumn ” she replied. 

I loved it and why not.  Over the last year I have played around with the name,  spoke to various people including my mum and she wasnt surprised.  But then again she has always said nothing I do shocks her anymore. ..

So the biggest,  boldest move so far. .a change on Facebook has been made.  

There was once a young girl…

Way, way back in the ancient history of time.  Well, ok the late 60s  a little girl was born.

She didn’t have any brothers or sisters, but she did have a younger cousin who acted like her sister 

Sometimes they got on,  sometimes this younger cousins made the little girl cross and being a little girl she wasn’t always nice to the younger girl but they always made up in the end 

They made plans and pacts to always be there for each other. ..but life happened and pulled them apart.  But thanks to Facebook they never totally lost contact and they both remember the pact they made when they were just two little girls