A new classic 

I watched “Jumjgu welcome to the jungle ” yesterday and loved every minute of it. 

I enjoyed the original movie many years ago and watched it many times, so as soon as I knew a sequel was coming out i was naturally looking forward to seeing  it.

That gave the film a high bar to live up to. It didn’t fail, I went with my daughter, she chuckled all the way through it.  

Marks out of 10 , a very enjoyable 9 


Scary stuff 

What is it about us humans that like to be totally scared?

I am no different,  I  love horrors, haunted houses, paranormal events, horror stories etc 

When I was a little girl my favourite programme ever was “Rent a ghost “…ok,  I know that program wasn’t scary, but I didn’t sleep for days after watching a doctor who episode about huge slimey slug like creatures invading London.

Time hasn’t changed me at all. My current scary fix is the new, “American Horror Raoake ” Wow, is this little series scary! 

World Record Attempt 

Birmingham is a wonderful city for arts and culture. …and that’s how I ended up taking part in a world record attempt. ..For what?  One may ask. …

….Well scroll down 

A few years ago there was a brilliant event in Birmingham called arts fest.  The whole city centre would become alive with arty culture stuff. 

I went every year with my children without fail.  So it happened a few years ago on this very day was a bangra world record attempt. The most people doing a sequence of bangra moves in one place. 

Yes, it had to be done. .and so we did

Well, that was scary 

I went to see a scary movie yesterday with my daughter, “Annibelle: Creation ” and it was jolly scary 

Yes, it was a horror but only a 15 rating, it was a haunted house story with a possesed doll.

The film manages to grab you from the off,  take you into a world of dark rooms and creaking doors with many many many good “jumps “and “aaaaagh” moments.  

We left feeling rather like we needed a little trauma counselling.  Not bad for a movie about a doll.