Not For SharingĀ 

I have never been great at sharing. 

I blame my parents, growing up as an only child everything was just for me.  They even supplied me with my own chair,  knife ,  folk and cup, so I didn’t even have to share cutlery , furniture and glassware. 

Luckily I am getting loads better at sharing, having 4 children has certainly helped but but today brought back old feelings of,” its mine.”….

 ..I walked into the gym and found all the exercise bikes being used. .at 8am!  In the 8 months since signing up to the gym ,that has never happened.  8am is MY time šŸ˜‰ so I thought,  be grown up about this and go in the pool first, it’s always quiet ish in the morning, horror of all horrors, it was rammed and there was even someone teaching someone someone else to swim in the fast lane due to lack of space !

Enough is enough. .now is action time to find someone to build me my own swimming pool and gym, just for me ! šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰


Paris in Kings Heat

This afternoon I went for a relaxing coffee in the popular cafe chain, “Coffee no 1”

This Sunday afternoon was different than every other time I had visited the chain, they had music playing and not just any music but it sounded like Parisian style music with a guitar and acdordian 

It was so pleasant we stopped for two drinks. .why go to Paris when Paris is Here in  Kings Heath 

Spoken Word @ At the OrtĀ 

Young, old  and not forgetting my dog packed the bohemian little cafe in Moseley Rod, Birmingham last night. 

I have been running spoken word and music events at this venue for years and years but last night was something special. 

Everyone in the world felt like they were therr. ..ok that’s a touch of a exaggeration, but you get the message 

The crowd wasn’t just huge they were supportive to all of the acts. .and the acts well they were top quality all 23 of them. That’s no exaggeration, my events are busy ones.  

If you are ever in Balsall Heath on the second Friday of the month. ..please drop in for a fab night šŸ˜Ž

Id v’s Ego

Yesterday. ..
“A free day, great can get loads done”
“You’ve been busy for the last 7 days, relax have it off”
“Move yourself, think of all the work you have to catch up on ”
“You are running an event tonight, relax, put netflix on”
“Oh, ok, umm. ..that series looks good ”
7 hours later
“What a brilliant series, wow watched it in one go. Off to my spoken word event now!

Ego won

A Faux BeagleĀ 

For a while now my partner has been assuring me our dog is a beagle. 

I saw her being born to my previous dog and know there is no beagle in her mother at all.

But something popped up in my social media with a puppy beagle in it, and the dog looked remarkably like our dog, so I do as you do nowadays a Googled it.


Does she look like a beagle…tick 

Is she intelligent. .double tick 

Hates being left alone. .treble tick 

Chews things up. ..tick 

Is huge fun…..tick

Healthy and sturdy. …tick 

Chases things. ..tick  (ask the local squirrels for confirmation )

Master escapeologists. ….treble tick

Can outwit the owner. ..tick tick tick tick

Yup, unsure how she got here, but we have a beagle through and through 

A Portrait of Death

With a captivating title like that, this was one exhibition I wasn’t going to miss out on

I like anything medical,  so being held in Londons Welcombe Museum was an added bonus that’s where myself and my son headed 5 years ago today

I seem to have an interest in gruesome stuff, horror movies, stories and all things death related , although I must throw in here I am a very happy person!

One of the hats I wear is as a mindfulness teacher, so some people are unaware or shocked when they see me on occasions wearing another hat as i perform  “true life ” spoken word horror tales, bigging up every last grisley detail of the tale I am unfolding to shocked faces in the audience 

Life is just that, unpredictable, people are too … .that’s what I love about every last one of them

An evening of screaming, stamping and dancingĀ 

“How did you spend your evening? ”

Well, umm not as most people do.  I spent it in a cold warehouse, dancing, screaming at times at the top of my voice, running around and dancing like a 5 year old. .with a bunch of people I have never met before. …oh and with my partner and daughter. 

“Why were you doing such strange stuff? “You may reply 

It was my new concept mindful dancing launch. ..obviously šŸ˜‰

My 100th BirthdayĀ 

In 49 years time it will be my 100th birthday and I have already decided how I will be celebrating. 

No, not a nice family photo with all my children, grandchildren etc.

No , not a tea party with friends, balloons and cake 

No,  not quietly reflecting on all my happy memories. 

I am going to do a parachute jump.  I guess it will have to be tandem at that age, not like the freefall one I did years ago.  But I can live with that šŸ˜‰

Another Barking Plan

Today I had a meeting with a  venue I use for events. .they need some more events running to help them stay afloat 

This is lethal for me, it sends my mind into overdrive for new and exciting possibilities. 

So let me see,  what crazy plans have came out of today and been booked to take place? Oh yes, a cafe for dogs.  And I am not kidding.  A monthly pop up dog cafe, I will call it either “Digbeth Dog Cafe ” or “The Mutt Hut ” (my partners idea of a name for the event ),  themed murder mystery evenings, a VV Festival  (vegans and veggies ) , monthly comedy nights, Spring Equinox festival and a world music extravaganza …I have been a busy planner today 

Moseley Bog

What a wonderful place Moseley Bog is. Yesterday I facilitated a mindful walk at the bog, the event was popular as always and as normal  I had some people born and bred within a few miles from the bog and had never visited it in their lifes before

You what!  Never visited this ancient historical little area of Birmingham and it must be said,  Birmingham hasn’t got many of ancient historical areas at all

So a note for all that read this blog. . Visit Moseley Bog, the inspiration for Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit