Thinking about the past. .can get you in trouble 

But maybe not in the way you think! 

Every Wednesday for nearly two years I run a workshop in Knowle.  The car virtually drives itself there and back, it knows the route so well.

Tonight on the way home I got lost!  Ok, maybe not for long but for a while I was unsure where I was 

Why,  you may ask? Well, I was thinking about the past, not hugely deap thoughts but pondering over my life so far. .an overview you could say.  Whilst doing that, I missed my turn and just kept driving until I suddenly came back to the now and thought, “Where on earth am I?”


How to keep me quiet 

People who know me see only one side of me, happy, chatty and a social person. 

Yes I am always happy but I am actually a rather quiet being and one sure fire way to keep me quiet is to give me something to colour in, a documentary to listen to preferably about an ancient society or a science related subjects and just as a bonus a glass of oak aged red wine.  All of which I process right now 😉