Where am I? A conversation with myself

Where am I ?

Actually, I don’t know!

How did I get here?

Thats easy,I took my dog for a walk and started going down paths I hadn’t noticed before. One path led to another and so on

What am i doing now?

Another easy one. I am taking photos of insects and all things small. One of my favourite hobbies in the world


Classic FM Rocks

This morning I had a long peaceful drive through Worcestershire

The sun was shining and all was well with the world. I had classic FM playing peaceful relaxing music, the announcer mentioned he was going to “shake things up ” referring to a call to a listener just before he announced the next track

All of a sudden my radio started to screech a loud rock piece of music by foo fighters, I almost jumped almost out of my seat with the shock of the change of tempo. Wow, that’s controversial of classic FM, I thought before realising when indicating right I accidentally changed channels!


Hands up, I admit it, sometimes I can get lost in a Netflix binge watch. This one took me by surprise

You see, it isn’t my normal type of programme that I enjoy. In fact it’s the opposite, if you would tell me that there was a series focusing on politics, the CIA, and terrorism, I would guarantee you that it’s not a series that I would enjoy

But, here’s the thing, I would have been wrong as I am totally absorbed and enjoying just that series and it’s called, “Homelands “.

Now, where’s my ipad, for my next episode. ….

Losing Time

I have lost hours and hours of time again. Whenever I do this time instantly vanishes

“Well, stop it” , I can hear you say

But the problem is, I just love doing it. It’s a joy and means the world to me

“What on earth can you mean “, you reply

It’s looking through my past, the years that have gone. The holidays, the happiness, my children when they were young, yes I dug my photos out, and joyous time flew by

Ooops trapped in a room

Today I had a workshop on the law of attraction, nothing unusual about that

I arrived at bit earlier, nothing unusual about that

I went to the training room and closed the door, nothing unusual about that

There was no longer a door handle to let me out..it had fallen off..there was, something unusual about this!

I was trapped in the training room, someone called me to find out where the building was,as he was due to attend my workshop.

I explained the situation to him, he was surprised but also very stressed that he now had to find his trainer in a room in a warehouse in an area he has never been before and release her

10 minutes later, he hadn’t turned up, I began to consider it had scared him off.

Law of attraction in action time. ., I believed he would come and release me. . ….. did he????

21 years

This time of year each and every year I do something

I have done now for 21 years, I don’t do it at any other time on year, it’s nothing to do with the weather or life circumstances

I enjoy it and I have often been shocked by it, in the past I have even written Facebook statuses about how shocked I am by it

“What are you doing? ” I hear you cry.

Watching silent witness of course, how rock and roll am I 😉

More Difficult Than I Thought

My recent challenge which I wrote about recently was to avoid using Facebook for 100 days whilst raising money for charity. .not 100 all in one go but over 250 days. No problem at all, I thought with confidence

Today was going to be day one. .I failed!

The first slip came early, within 1 minute of waking as my hand slipped to open the app on my phone by my bed. ..”no ” I mentally reminded myself and checked my emails instead.

10 minutes later, I noticed myself looking at my new friend requests on Facebook, I had failed. My brain and fingers were operating Facebook on autopilot.

I really should know better as I run mindfulness workshops. ..wow I shocked myself that I hadn’t noticed that I had even opened the app

Oh well, it looks like this tiny challenge might be tougher than I thought. .try again with day one tomorrow

Id v’s Ego

Yesterday. ..
“A free day, great can get loads done”
“You’ve been busy for the last 7 days, relax have it off”
“Move yourself, think of all the work you have to catch up on ”
“You are running an event tonight, relax, put netflix on”
“Oh, ok, umm. ..that series looks good ”
7 hours later
“What a brilliant series, wow watched it in one go. Off to my spoken word event now!

Ego won

Wonderful Drizzle 

Today the weather has been glum. Cloudy and with drizzle and I have loved it 

It’s feels like it’s been ages since we have had this typical  miserable British  weather that we are known the world over for 

It brings back happy childhood memories of being stuck inside the house.  No, I wasnt a child that never went out…what I did love was the activity box I owned aptly called, “things to do on a rainy day ” and the only time I would allow myself to do them was. .That’s right on a rainy day.  


This week is a funny old week.  The week between Christmas and the New Year. 

It feels like a week full of Sundays , half of me wants to go to the gym, but the stronger half tells me,  “Its still the Christmas Holidays , watch TV and eat “. So I give in. 

I logic it out, well I am between my Christmas holiday and My short new year trip to Ross-on-Wye,  so it must still be a holiday. 

Now, where’s the remote and chocolates