I saw a mouse.. where?

Well,it wasn’t on the stairs and it didn’t have clogs on

It was a very cheeky and pretty mouse though

The cheeky and cute little mouse appeared in the garden as we where having a BBQ, looked at us and started to nibble the dogs bone close to where we were sitting

We spyed the mouse,the mouse spyed us and ran back into the bushes

A few minutes later the scene was repeated, and again and again. Until I threw the mouse a bit of food that we were eating, it picked it up with ease, despite the food being the size of it’s head and it then proudly retreated into the bushes with its prize


Where am I? A conversation with myself

Where am I ?

Actually, I don’t know!

How did I get here?

Thats easy,I took my dog for a walk and started going down paths I hadn’t noticed before. One path led to another and so on

What am i doing now?

Another easy one. I am taking photos of insects and all things small. One of my favourite hobbies in the world

Take a journey

Right now, take a journey with me

Let yourself pretend, just for a moment you are living my life. I will be your senses. ..Let’s begin

I can feel the warm summer sun beating down on my face and arms. A large colourful butterfly has just flew past my arm, just missing me

I am sitting on the grass watching my dog, roll around in total pleasure, scratching her back and head in pleasure

There is a gentle breeze making the leafs on the tree rustle in excitement

A pigeon breaks the silence and in the distance a ice-cream van sings it’s happy song

My sandles are next to me along with my book

That’s the next half hour taken care of

What’s happening in your world?

What did you have for breakfast?

This morning, I wandered downstairs to make Breakfasts

Vegan cheese, seed and fruit bread, houmous (my favourite food ever ) and freshly picked wild garlic that my partner picks most mornings at the moment as he walks out dog

Note to all local vampires in the Hall Green area. ..I have garlic for break, so stay away for the sake of your health ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bad dreams

Both my partner and I woke up this morning distraught

We both had emotionally upsetting dreams, I dreamt that I went to the hospital and I was told that I was 2 weeks pregnant, now being 51 yrs old I really don’t want another baby, so the hospital suggested a small surgical procedures to do the removal.

I agreed, in my dream when people found out that I was pregnant they were pleased, all knowing my strong views about how wrong i feel abortions are, I had gone against my own moral standpoint just because I didn’t want another baby. .in my dream , I backed down and decided I would be able to cope with another baby.

In my partners dream, he was holding a dog and then inquired where our dog was only to be told it had died and he would never be able to see it again, he was very upset and woke up still feeling upset

I am putting our dreams down to the uncertainty of a new “favourite ” indian restaurant, as last night we checked out another possible contender ๐Ÿ˜‰


I went out at 9am yesterday to walk my dog, wow wow wow

The sky was so vivid blue, it hurt my eyes. The blossom was at its best, white and pink hanging low and with pride

I walked by a stream, the water gushing healthily, white and blue butterflies were fluttering around me I saw more butterflies that on the previous week at butterfly Cove in Turkey

I sat down on a log and listened to the wonderful deafening sound of the birds, wood pigeons and wood peckers were amongst the tuneful chorus. I have travelled wide and far but never heard such vibrant and loud bird songs

We don’t have many sunny warm days like this but when we do, well wow

Here it comes. .or maybe not

Birmingham is on edge. ..waiting for the almighty snow storm they have called the beast from the east .

There has been panic in supermarkets as people stock up food incase of stortages, appointments rearranged until next week, roads gritted like never before and every flutter of snow reported on Facebook

Today, I walked my dog and whilst out I believe the storm came and went. Half way around the park, the wind and snow picked up, for 2 minutes at least we had both wind and snow and then it went.

Maybe it will pop back tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spoken Word @ At the Ortย 

Young, old  and not forgetting my dog packed the bohemian little cafe in Moseley Rod, Birmingham last night. 

I have been running spoken word and music events at this venue for years and years but last night was something special. 

Everyone in the world felt like they were therr. ..ok that’s a touch of a exaggeration, but you get the message 

The crowd wasn’t just huge they were supportive to all of the acts. .and the acts well they were top quality all 23 of them. That’s no exaggeration, my events are busy ones.  

If you are ever in Balsall Heath on the second Friday of the month. ..please drop in for a fab night ๐Ÿ˜Ž

A Faux Beagleย 

For a while now my partner has been assuring me our dog is a beagle. 

I saw her being born to my previous dog and know there is no beagle in her mother at all.

But something popped up in my social media with a puppy beagle in it, and the dog looked remarkably like our dog, so I do as you do nowadays a Googled it.


Does she look like a beagle…tick 

Is she intelligent. .double tick 

Hates being left alone. .treble tick 

Chews things up. ..tick 

Is huge fun…..tick

Healthy and sturdy. …tick 

Chases things. ..tick  (ask the local squirrels for confirmation )

Master escapeologists. ….treble tick

Can outwit the owner. ..tick tick tick tick

Yup, unsure how she got here, but we have a beagle through and through