RIP Scooby Doo

6 years ago Scooby Doo died 

No I don’t mean the cartoon dog, I mean the family dog that was named after the cartoon dog.  My young daughter who was two at the time wanted a dog, so we got a family dog…Scooby Doo. 

She was a lovely dog, so scared of water, she walked around puddles, she wad happiest when she was carrying  everything around in her mouth and also she was incredibly maternal.  On one occasion, she had a puppy who was born dead, we buried the pup in the garden.  Not long after,  Scooby had dug the puppy up and was trying to lick the pup alive. 

Scooby also gave birth to Buddha, the wonderful dog we still have. ..and so I guess
 a little bit of Scooby is still alive and happy 

A mindful moment in summer 

It’s summer and one of the hats I wear is a mindfulness teacher, so this is a mindful
 moment in my life right now. 

I am currently in trittiford park with Buddha my dog.  I can feel a mild  (not warm) breeze passing through my hair and touching my skin and the sun on my face. I can smell musky grass behind me and a slightly sweet and familiar smell of the leaves of trees close by.  I can hear, many birds tweeting, duck, geese, people talking in the distance and cars on the roads  near by. What can I see,  well that’s a long,  long list so a photo will give you a taste 


Dogs make a home.  Yesterday was a busy day, work, sorting out things before a week away. 

Part of that included dropping my dog Buddha off at my kids home. 

As soon as I left her, the car became quiet.  I arrived home and there was now wagging tail to greet me…she had only been gone an hour ….yet the home seemed lifeless. 

It’s incredible the impact one little four legged dog can have


It feels like summer is here, long warm days.  Temperature in the mid twenties. 

In the UK, we don’t have many days like this, so on days like this when walking my dog, 50 years worth of  warm summer days memories come flooding back.

The summer of 76 when I was 10 years  old. .it was our heatwave, day after day of hot sun. 

When my children were little fun summer holidays, exploring unknown places 

Summer memories are precious 

Smelly Dog. .Free to a Good Home 

Enough is enough, my darling dog has transformed into a fox poo rolling smelly canine. 

On every recent walk to the park, she seeks out fox poo and rolls in it. Wooooah, what a hideous smell that makes.  

She is beginning to know the routine, on entering home a shower.  To regain a pleasant smelling dog, until the next walk.  

Why all of a sudden is my dog drawn to fox poo. Google had the answer. .

…They don’t like the smell of being clean!


Moseley Bog Dog!!

It was a lovely sunny day today and so I took my daughter and dog to the wonderful Moseley bog.  

No long after we started wandering along the wooden path a larger golden retriever joined us. .The next thing I heard was my daughter yelping, the dog had a tight hold of her and was mounting her. I found it very funny until the dog turned it attention to me! And what a powerful dog it was.

Rather alarmed we removed the dog from us and carried on hoping that the dog would go back to its owner.  Worse was to come,  the beautiful golden retriever jumped into the black murky depth of the  bog. The dog was covered in black thick mud and then came rushing full pelt towards.  Oh yes. ..he mounted first Elle and then me, held us tightly in his black Moseley bog ridden paws and covered us in black mud! !!

 I was rather miffed at the owner when we eventually  managed to find him. ..and in turn the owner looked mortified as two mud covered females handed him back his now black dog 

April Fool

I have just been called to the bathroom. “Our dog is becoming that clever, she is going the toilet in the bath!” David exclaimed, “don’t get cross at her, I think she’s trying to  copying us as the bath is next to the toilet. ” I look in the bath and there is a poo in it. 

Now, I am short sighted and I hadn’t put my contact lenses in yet. ..”wow” I exclaim,” she’s never done that before ”

He then picks up the pool,  brown wet paper carefully formed to look like poo, “April Fool! ”

Key Hunt

It was a beautiful day today.  I wandered into the park, took photos of spring flowers and pebbles etc 

I wandered down on the large. ..remember this word large pebble and stone bank by the side of the lake.  I sat enjoying the sunshine, watching the ducks. 

Time to walk the rest of the way around the park, I  put my hand in my jacket pocket, driftwood, pebbles. ..something was missing. MY KEYS, car key,  house keys (2 houses ) and friends house keys 

Logic told me they would be somewhere in this large park or amongst the millions of pebbles on this large embankment. So I searched and searched,  wandered back to the car numerous times and searched and searched 

An hour later the pebbles and rocks were still in my vision with my eyes closed.  I decided to phone a key cutting service, whilst still searching and searching. 

 Guess what?  By the edge of the lake is found them 😆


I walked my dog around trittiford park and the sun came out. ..beautifully warm.  Sitting and basking in the first few days of February in the UK is not common but a rare delight.  This year hadn’t been cold but it has been gloomy weather wise so it made this moment extra special