Upsetting Swans

Yes, today I upset our two local swans, not intentionally I can assure you. 

I went to the local park as normal with my dog and most unusually nobody else was in the .  It’s normally a hive of activity with joggers, children and adults feeding the ducks, geese and swans and people just going for a week 

The lake is still frozen in parts and so I watched a couple of resident swans slip and slide as they waddled across the ice into the water 

Within seconds they had then swum to the bank where I was standing.  They looked up hopefully at me it was then I realised that they expected me to produce a bag of food to feed them . With the park being deserted of people I was their only hope 

I hung my head in shame and carried on with my dog 


Being a Zombie 

What was I doing this day 4 years ago? 

It doesn’t take much to find out nowadays.  I generally take lots of photos and the kind people at Google photos stores them for me. 

After scrolling through thousands of photos I tracked down the photos of the day. …

Of course, I was being a zombie in my onsie.  And looking at the rest of the photos, I turned my kids into zombies and my partners mum too. 

A bit of winter sun

This afternoon I was walking my dog around the waters edge.  The wind was bitter howling around my face and then..

…all of a sudden I came across a sun trap, the wind died totally and I felt the warmth of the winter sun warming my cold face

I love the sun, I am that sad, I will cross to the sunny side of the street on every occasion.  I stand with my face in the warm glow of the sun whenever I can 

I love. need the warmth of the sun as often as I can 

 Yes, I believe this just means i am English. In England we are sun starved and crave it as an addict craves drugs., where’s that sun?

Nearly 2 hours of smiling 

Last night I went to a gig at Atrix which is a small theatre in Bromsgrove 

We went to see the urban folk band, I haven’t seen them before or even heard them but I do like folk music 

Towards the end of the gig I noticed that I had a big grin on my face and probably had done all night. 

They were a great band and made me consistently smile, the energy they had,  the fun variety of music they played and I think most of all the fact they seemed to be having so much fun it was contagious 

A Swimming monitor extreme 

All of a sudden one the most important things in my life have become finding the optimum time of day to avoid as many people as possible in the swimming pool at my gym 

Yes, I now know the time to avoid the children’s lessons,( in fact any time other than day time you are in danger of kids swimming and hogging thr pool, )one to one lessons, the serious swimmers on a mission, the annoying water walkers.  This category deserves a special mention,  people walking up and down the swimming pool mostly in pairs for length upon length, never ending walking not swimming. ..Yes walking in the pool!  

I also know that 9am elderly ladies come with their friends and walk length upon length of the pool chatting to each other. ..even worse 

After many months of close monitoring I now swim at 8.30 -9am .At last I have found a time when I can avoid the crowd and wait for it sometimes I have the pool to myself 

They don’t make things like they used to!

Oh good heavens, I must be getting old of I think that. ..but I have good reason to today. 

I have a wonderful, “retro “car.  I am using the word retro because it’s much nicer than “banger “. It’s a 17 year old yaris, which I have upgraded with stick on flowers. really,  this works and my little car looks cute. 

Last night the inside light was accidentally left on all night long.  As you know, this kills a cars battery on many occasions. .not my flower power yaris, still first turn of the key. ..

Rock House

I want to live in a rock house, they are so homely and warm. 

At the weekend, my family and I visited kinver edge, where there are rock houses People lived in these homes right up to the 1960s.  

And wait for this …..because of the clean air and the fact in the winter the homes are warm and in the summer they are cool the people that lived in these homes lived healthily  into their 80s thats 15 or more years above the average of the time. 

So beautiful views,  cute houses, good air. ..who’s joining me in a rock home? 🙂

A beautiful day for a …

Today I had a meeting with someone about running a festival together next year. 

I drove a couple of hours to meet her. ..what a wonderful beautiful drive it was 

The weather was perfect, warm autumn sun.  The scenery was stunning as I drove through the quaint cotswolds villages and towns with the thatched roofs adorning stone houses 

The roads long and winding and blissfully traffic light. .the cherry in the cake was the light wind was blowing the autumn leaves down from the trees as we drove south from Birmingham 

It’s in my blood! 

I am a therapist and spend my days helping people either on a one to one basis or in group workshops 

In a previous life. ..oh ok, not literally, when I was in my 20s I was a sales rep and then went on to have my own sales and marketing company

My mum always used to say, “I could sell snow to an Eskimo ” not politically correct nowadays but she believed I could sell anything. 

Back to the now…..I also sometimes do life coaching, as was the case today, when I helped someone who wanted support to learn how to be successfull at door to door appointment  making for his promotional offer, with on the job training…. .I know this is a lot of people’s nightmare job, but when I was out there knocking doors with him it was a flash back to my youth and I hate to say it…but…I still have the knack 😉😉