I did it!

“What did you do? “I hear you ask 

OK. ..wait for it. ..Yes, that’s right, I changed my name on Facebook! 

I was given the name debra jane aldous , when I was born.  I never really liked it, it didn’t seem to fit me. 

In school, I played around with asking friends to call me cool  (well, I thought so at 5!) Names like DJ or just my middle name Jane, they all lasted about 3 hours 

Fast forward many many many many years, numerous surname changes due to marriages and divorces.  My first name is still the same,  until last year my youngest daughter suddenly said, “mum, you don’t look like a Debbie “, “What do I look like? “I asked,  she thought for a moment, “Autumn ” she replied. 

I loved it and why not.  Over the last year I have played around with the name,  spoke to various people including my mum and she wasnt surprised.  But then again she has always said nothing I do shocks her anymore. ..

So the biggest,  boldest move so far. .a change on Facebook has been made.  


Look out. .there’s a dragon 

Last year, I went with my youngest daughter to a night markets in Derby. 

I like Derby and they are good at embracing the  the arts scene in an exciting way. 

Set the scene. …

…Myself and my daughter were having a drink.  It was a cool evening, a large crowd were watching music on the stage. Screams were heard from the far corner of the crowd.  We looked up and it the distance, smoke bellowed up . …then fire. ..then the the dragon 

Marked for life 

Today I drove somewhere for a man to hurt me,  I even paid him for the pleasure of hurting me. 

I left , marked for life.  Us humans are strange people, many hundreds of thousands of people have been doing the same thing and for hundreds of years. 

We liked to be marked,  I have been wanting to marked for life since I was a teenager. ..it just took me many years to decide on what mark. For me it was a curly line  (me) and 4 stars  (my kids)

As humans we tend to call it a tattoo. ..but marked for life is just as apt

Bin Envy

Today I was in the Black Country working,  whilst I was in the car I noticed a man examining a little yellow label on his bin and he carefully lifted the lid and even I could see from my car it hadn’t been emptied.

The label was the new “contamination ” label explaining why it hadn’t been emptied. 

They are lucky. .at least they are having their bins emptied! ! If they lived in Birmingham, in the Midlands as I do ,the bins would all be overflowing as they have been for the last three months because of the strike! 

An audience of one. .. a dog

Friday night was my spoken word event at the Ort, a small bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath.  

It’s not just spoken word,  it’s dance, music, comedy. ..and everything else people wish to do.

Each month I take my dog, this month whist a comedian was on, she became very demanding of my attention which caused the audience much amusement and to pay full attention to her. ..not the comedian on stage. 

Comedians are heckled occasionally, not many by dogs. ..so he did what every comedian in this situation would do…replied to the heckler face on .

So he sat down and delivered his set to my dog!

There was once a young girl…

Way, way back in the ancient history of time.  Well, ok the late 60s  a little girl was born.

She didn’t have any brothers or sisters, but she did have a younger cousin who acted like her sister 

Sometimes they got on,  sometimes this younger cousins made the little girl cross and being a little girl she wasn’t always nice to the younger girl but they always made up in the end 

They made plans and pacts to always be there for each other. ..but life happened and pulled them apart.  But thanks to Facebook they never totally lost contact and they both remember the pact they made when they were just two little girls

An hour and a half on My feet, and I don’t mean walking! 

Well what do I mean you may be wondering? 

I had a friend who is on Facebook do a “shout out for a volunteer ” I was in her area on the given day and said yes.  She is a highly experienced reflexologist and was training a man to do similar. 

I  have never had reflexology before and to have two people working on my feet at the same time giving me reflexology was. …   well …. brilliant ☺ what really surprised though was although they never nothing about my medical history just from just massaging  my feet they deduced I had issues with my lungs, kidneys and knee.  Yes, in the past I have suffered from asmatha and cystis and have recently started to occasionally have a twinge in my knee. ..wow impressed 

50 Things

My first year blogging anniversary is almost here. 

I started on my 50th birthday, and yes that’s means I am almost 51 now. .shock horror  and pause for wow, you look 10 years younger  😉

I set quite a few challenges on my birthday last year, one is now complete and one will go on for the rest of my life. ..a blog a day until death. .at least 60 years away 😉I do love a good challenge! 

The one that has reached completion was to do 50 Things this year that I have never done before, I must admit it’s not the most inspiring list ever and many of them are places I travelled to which I have never visited to before or happened by accident.  But list is now complete. 

It’s just the rest of my life challenge to complete now ……

World Record Attempt 

Birmingham is a wonderful city for arts and culture. …and that’s how I ended up taking part in a world record attempt. ..For what?  One may ask. …

….Well scroll down 

A few years ago there was a brilliant event in Birmingham called arts fest.  The whole city centre would become alive with arty culture stuff. 

I went every year with my children without fail.  So it happened a few years ago on this very day was a bangra world record attempt. The most people doing a sequence of bangra moves in one place. 

Yes, it had to be done. .and so we did