1970s Sundays

Today is Sunday, I remember when I thought Sunday was the most boring day of the week, I was about 7 yrs old

My typical Sunday when I was 7… Sunday breakfast a fry up , it was a big deal back then with bacon , eggs, tomatoes, fried bread, daddy’s sauce etc. Oh how things have changed i have been a vegetarian for the last 20 years and an on and off vegan for 4 years

We also shared the Sunday Paper, we carefully divided it up and read a few pages each then swapped them..oh things have changed. I still like reading the paper on a Sunday morning via an app on my phone!

Here’s the shocker, later in the day I had my once weekly bath..back in the 70s that’s how often we had a bath, I don’t think we were the only family to do that. .. well, I hope not! …

In the afternoon, the entertainment was a film on the TV, a nice family friendly musical .

There were no shops open, nothing to do in the winter months when I couldn’t go out and play… .oh how things have changed, everything is open now, there is loads to do. It’s pretty much a normal day

So, fast forward 44 years. What am I doing today? Well, reading my paper on an app, having vegan mock bacon for breakfast and then going to work. ..ūüėĮ


Alone in an ex KGB prison

Yesterday my partner and I visited the Ex -KGB building in Vilnius. It’s now a popular museum

I have got to be honest, if I was travelling along it wouldn’t have been on my to do list

My partner and I decided to separate to explore the museum as we believed he would take much longer, which turned out not to be the case.

I zoomed around the top two floors and then began the descent into the basement

As soon as I started to descend the stone stairs an ominous feeling took over me, it felt like bad stuff had happened here, which obviously there had been, but you could really “feel it”

This level was full of cells where prisoners were kept and sometimes tortured and killed.

The only two visitors on this lower level left leaving me all alone. I felt alone, as I entered cell after cell the thought entered my mind, “what if one of the cell doors closed and trapped me inside? ”

The basement of the KGB is very atmospheric, one cell that I entered smelt like death. I smelt the same smell in a bunker when I visited the concentration camp in Poland. .

..and then I entered the room that was used for executions. ……

How to make scary even scarier

Last night as the witching hour approached I was in a tiny cramped little space

The Light was dim, I was next to people who I had never met before

The floor felt like it was dropping from under me

Admittedly, I was watching a scary movie on my ipad with my earphones in , but yes the floor dropped again and again. The strange man next to me moved

A baby crawled passed me on the floor,” that’s odd “, I pondered

Yes, watching a scary movie on a Ryan air flight at night definitely makes it scarier


This week is a funny old week.  The week between Christmas and the New Year. 

It feels like a week full of Sundays , half of me wants to go to the gym, but the stronger half tells me,  “Its still the Christmas Holidays , watch TV and eat “. So I give in. 

I logic it out, well I am between my Christmas holiday and My short new year trip to Ross-on-Wye,  so it must still be a holiday. 

Now, where’s the remote and chocolates 

A new classic 

I watched “Jumjgu welcome to the jungle ” yesterday and loved every minute of it. 

I enjoyed the original movie many years ago and watched it many times, so as soon as I knew a sequel was coming out i was naturally looking forward to seeing  it.

That gave the film a high bar to live up to. It didn’t fail, I went with my daughter, she chuckled all the way through it.  

Marks out of 10 , a very enjoyable 9 

Scary stuff 

What is it about us humans that like to be totally scared?

I am no different,  I  love horrors, haunted houses, paranormal events, horror stories etc 

When I was a little girl my favourite programme ever was “Rent a ghost “…ok,  I know that program wasn’t scary, but I didn’t sleep for days after watching a doctor who episode about huge slimey slug like creatures invading London.

Time hasn’t changed me at all. My current scary fix is the new, “American Horror Raoake ” Wow, is this little series scary! 

Friend for the day

It’s a dogs life

Yesterday whilst wandering down the back streets of Kochi a dog joined us.  He seemed a little thirsty, it was a hot sticky day and we were carrying water, so I found a large leaf that could be used as a bowl and gave him water 

Well that was it,  it appeared we were now proud owners of an obedient dog that followed us everywhere.  He sat outside shops and waited for us then toddled along beside us every step we made 

When we went into the Maritime Museum  I thought,  we will surely loose him now as there were security on the door.  We entered the museum and  less than 5 minutes later, he had entered too and was along side us again inside the museum grounds!  

And quite a little poser he was too,  when a group of men started to take photos of a military plane, he joined them and became a bigger centre of attention than the plane, 

with each group member having an individual photo taken with “Shiva ” , yes by this stage we had given him a name 
So the rest of the day progressed with Shiva along side us, until the evening came. .and suddenly. ..he left us

Well, that was scary 

I went to see a scary movie yesterday with my daughter, “Annibelle: Creation ” and it was jolly scary 

Yes, it was a horror but only a 15 rating, it was a haunted house story with a possesed doll.

The film manages to grab you from the off,  take you into a world of dark rooms and creaking doors with many many many good “jumps “and “aaaaagh” moments.  

We left feeling rather like we needed a little trauma counselling.  Not bad for a movie about a doll.