And a tear rolled down my cheek

A couple of days ago when I was wandering around the back streets of Sibiu, Transylvania a begger asked me for some money

I nearly always give money, if I am asked for some, so I looked in my purse and gave him a small donation of 10 ron, that’s about £2

It was his reaction that took me back, he was so grateful. He hugged me, showed me his partially paralysed shoulder, kissed both of my cheeks and my hand and then looked me directly in the eyes and said “thank you, God bless you ”

It was one of the most moving experiences I have ever had with someone who I don’t know and literally brought a tear to my eye


Feel loved. .visit Sibiu

Why did I feel loved in Sibiu Transylvania?

Was it the people? No , they were pleasant but not loving

Was it the culture? No , it was fun but not loving

Was it the climate? It was warm, sunny but on occasions raining with thunder, not loving

Was it the hotel? It was a nice hotel but not loving.

“So what made me feel loved ?” You ask asking

It was the delightful houses with roofs that smiled at me. Everywhere you went in Sibiu had homes with smiling eyes. I loved them

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, Transylvania style

Many years ago in the early 70s when I was about 5 yrs old, one of my Christmas presents was an LP Album entitled “Top of the Tots ”

I loved that album and the house filled with the cheerful songs like “chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ” and the “pushbike song ” not forgetting wonderful lyrics like, “Dick -a -Dum Dum” . One of my all time favourites of the early seventies was by Marmade, the unforgettable, “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da “.

Well, many decades later, I did almost forgot it until this short trip to Sibiu, Transylvania

Low and behold my partner and I were enjoying out evening meal, accompanied by a three piece set of musicians, when they started to play “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da”

Well, I never expected that ☺

Siblu Transylvania

We couldn’t have choose a better time to visit Sibiu even if we would have tried

We woke up this morning rather tired because we arrived in the early hours

As soon as we started to wander around, it became apparent there was a festival or two happening. Maybe the portable stages and notice boards full of upcoming acts that gave it away 😉

What a stroke of luck we have attived Just at the beginning of variety of festivals the international theatre festival, a music fringe festival and much more. The city is overflowing full to brimming of artsy type of entertainment, a huge inflatable dome, Islamic in nature for you to explore. A huge flower man shaking hands with people, a Brazilian samba band that took the street by storm

What an added bonus to a few days away

What can you see right now. Luton Airport

People everywhere, this little airport is full to the brim with people

People everwhere my eyes can see, People are standing on mass, sitting on the “rare bread” whuch at tbe moment is ; a seat that is available. People are sitting on the floor, learning on counters, trying to own their tiny bit of land

Tall people, small people, large people, babies

Oversized earphones looking absurd on a business man, who thinks he’s 20 years younger than his age

Nearly as many mobiles on display as people, texting, watching films, listening to music. The mobile phone is the king of communication and entertainment

We arrived too early my people watching will continue

Don’t drop the keys

I was in a hurry, I had a plane to catch

I pulled into the petrol station, my thoughts assured me that I could pop in and pay quickly without dragging my bag with me, instead just taking my debit card and car keys

I suddenly noticed my side pockets of my car had become rubbish bins. “Let me pop this rubbish into the bin before paying,” I thought to myself ,” just don’t drop the keys into the bin by accident”

I hurriedly walked into the petrol station, my keys firmly in my hand where’s my visa debit card to pay with. …yes it was….In the bin!

What can you see?

I can see a large man coverrd in dirt from a days hard labour. He proudly walks with his track bottoms hanging slightly too low and his illuminious yellow top slightly too tight, his face healthy but grubby

I can see a heavily pregnant lady with a small child running next to her. Her arms are stretched to the fullest length as she waddles whilst carrying carrier bags from bargin food shops.

I can see a business man going to pay for the petrol he has used in his black ford focus. His cheap but smart black suit jacket is hanging up on the coat hooks inside his car. His white shirt catches the sun as he strides into the petrol station

What can you see?

The lighter side of life

A group of us all gathered in a room in an old warehouse

We became trains and chugged around the building

We became train robbers and tip toed around carrying our bags of money

We were put in jail and we all cried loudly until we broke free, we then jumped for joy, in unison

We all became Maria including the men and ran around the the huge grass hill tops swirling and singing “the hills are alive with. …”

We disco danced wildly to Saturday night fever

And the evening was rounded off with some good old fashioned murder, where half of us became Michael Myres and half of us ran around in terror

We all then went home, I locked up. Another fun laughter Yoga session , I said quietly to myself

A funny thing happened 8 years ago

Eight years ago, I was in a park early one sunny Sunday morning

In this park with me was my daughter, my son, my partner and a man in a green morph suit

During the morning my partner chased my daughter and killed here, we all stood in a circle and took part in a strange ceremony to conquer up a large glowing ball, whilst waving our hands and chanting

Early morning dog walkers, kept their distance and looked totally alarmed

All was fine though, it was just for a friend who was filming a sci fi short play

I am a Nelipot

I never thought I’d be saying that. Well actually, I didn’t know what it meant until my eldest daughter tagged me in a post on Facebook the other day

Yes, hands up the word does describe me to a tee

“What does it mean?” I can hear you thinking

It means I love to walk barefoot, yes that’s me. My shoes come off as soon as I enter a house, on grass, sand, at work. ….well just about everywhere