It proved me wrong

It’s an investment, takes hours of my time each week. You could go as far as saying its one of my major sources of relaxation and down time

Therefore I like to be certain before I commit.

I have over many years committed to this very thing and got lost in its ups and downs i have been on a rollercoster of emotions with its characters . It’s an important part of my past, even my childhood with the first series

Was I prepared to risk this new version of Star Trek, I watched the first episode with trepidation. It didn’t get off to a good start. Horror fell upon my face when I saw they had changed the theme tune, even more horror when I saw they had also changed the graffics.

But everyone you can relax, a couple of episodes in and I think it’s great. New, fresh but with the same feel as the old Star Trek, well done Netflix


Must Escape . Now

Six of us where placed in a white room. The door was locked. We looked at each other with worried expressions on our faces

“I haven’t a clue what to do next ” i said .We all stared at the walls, computer screens and scientific equipment that lined the room and then back to each other. “We don’t know what to do either ” they said in what sounded like unison

As the time ticked by we looked in cupboards, solved clues, turned keys, prodded and pocked everything. I somehow managed to crawl through into another room that then locked me in away from the others. Ooops that didn’t work I though

An hour passed by incredibly quickly. ..the room began to fill with acrid smoke. .., the door opened and we were led out

We failed to escape from our escape room experience. We left with heads hung low

Cut from a a sweded movie!

What’s a sweded movie? I hear you ask, and I have been asking the question a few years ago. Prior to being in one , only then to have my part, let me add. … a microscopic part cut . My role in the movie …wait for it, “The token female ”

A sweded movie is amateur recreations of movies using limited resources and filled on camcorders or phones

The one I was “in “was a Lord of the Rings sweded movie. Ok, I was only given the part because I turned up on set because my partner was in it, so maybe they felt they had to humour me.

So hence the, “token female ” role. I was stuck on a large rock and sucked a lollipop. How could I have got that so wrong to be cut 😉

Look out Hollywood, I am heading your way where I can be appreciated …


Imagination gone wild

I am writing a book called , “Reflections of a Happy Dead Person “, it was started many years ago. Then like many a novel people start, never completed

This little novel has had new life breathed into it, I am allowing myself to be free and let it take on a new life. Which means pretty much starting from scratch with a totally blank canvas and no agenda

As I am writing I don’t even know what is coming next, it’s as if the book is acquiring it’s own personalities and is writing itself. ..I like this. A story nobody has never heard is being written for me 😉


Reflections of a Happy Dead Person

4 years ago I started a book called “Reflections of a Happy Dead Person.” It was semi autobiographical, obviously the title of me being dead not being true!

The book was wrote from a pretend perspective of an idea about the afterlife and reflecting back over my life

The problem was although a good idea, it was laborious writing it as the story was quite boring. Most people’s lives are quite boring, they have highs and lows but not enough to fill a book . I want to state “boring ” is good, if your life was a never ending roller coater it would make a great book but a challenge to live with

Today I restarted by book but this time it is exciting me because although it has the same title and very roughly the same story everything is fantastical, outrageous and not true at all, much more fun to write


Rather awkward holes

Some women collect bags and some women have hundreds of pairs of shoes. I only have a small amount of each but what I do have an embarrassing amount of is leggings

They are so comfortable and versatile, I have long pairs, short pairs, colourful pairs and three quarters length pairs. I could go on but I think you get the picture.

This morning, I put a pair on added a t-shirt and went to the gym

This pair of leggings had holes. I vaguely remember last summer a moth and I vaguely remember noticing a pair of leggings with lots of holes, I also vaguely remember thinking that I needed to throw them away. I hadn’t!

I sat on the exercise bike and noticed hole after hole, I tried to cover them up by scrunching the leggings so the other members of the gym didn’t see my embarrassment, this just drew attention to me and my holes and it also didn’t work.

Nobody said anything, people are polite or maybe they thought I was starting a new trend or maybe they were embarrassed for me, I will never know.

I left the gym quickly and guess what? I then remembered that I had to pop to a supermarket, “in for a penny in for a pound “, I thought and entered Tescos wearing my hole ridden leggings with pride 😉


Ooops trapped in a room

Today I had a workshop on the law of attraction, nothing unusual about that

I arrived at bit earlier, nothing unusual about that

I went to the training room and closed the door, nothing unusual about that

There was no longer a door handle to let me had fallen off..there was, something unusual about this!

I was trapped in the training room, someone called me to find out where the building was,as he was due to attend my workshop.

I explained the situation to him, he was surprised but also very stressed that he now had to find his trainer in a room in a warehouse in an area he has never been before and release her

10 minutes later, he hadn’t turned up, I began to consider it had scared him off.

Law of attraction in action time. ., I believed he would come and release me. . ….. did he????


A letter to Amazon 

Dear Amazon, 

I use your services v(regularly.  You deliver me my ink, pens, paper, books and many many many things 

I know that you are reliable and offer a fast sometime same day service. .amazing 

Just one small piece of useful advise that will make your service even faster. fact supersonic!  Stop putting small items in huge, boxes and then they would fit through the letter box !!


I know where the baby boomers have gone!  

Yes, this may surprise you but I know for definite where the baby boomers have gone. 

They all have made a new year resolution to get fit by swimming  and they have decided to do it at my local gym each and every morning between 8-9am! Fully equipped with swim hats and goggles

They are a very chatty bunch of folks and greatly enjoy standing in little clusters either in the pool or the changing rooms disussing how well their grandchildren are coming on.  The know this because they have seen it on Facebook, some are ĺucky enough to have been sent live footage via social media 

It’s nice to know the older generation are taking a proactive approach to both fitness and being a grandparent 😉


2018 Resolutions 

I have made a new year resolution pretty much every year since i was a child. 

I remember back when I was a young girl writing my resolution on a piece of paper and putting it behind the clock on the mantle piece. .as if this gesture created a magic formula for guaranteed success. 

Each year it’s been the same resolution. .get fit and loose weight.  Each year within days it was broken

Not this year. ..I am changing my age old routine.  This year’s resolution isn’t get fit and loose weight.’s. ..

…lists.  and this task  I excel at.

So, my 2018 resolution is…. each day I write a short list to follow the following day. For example, tomorrow’s list 

 1) get fit

 2) loose weight. .😉