I know where the baby boomers have gone!  

Yes, this may surprise you but I know for definite where the baby boomers have gone. 

They all have made a new year resolution to get fit by swimming  and they have decided to do it at my local gym each and every morning between 8-9am! Fully equipped with swim hats and goggles

They are a very chatty bunch of folks and greatly enjoy standing in little clusters either in the pool or the changing rooms disussing how well their grandchildren are coming on.  The know this because they have seen it on Facebook, some are ĺucky enough to have been sent live footage via social media 

It’s nice to know the older generation are taking a proactive approach to both fitness and being a grandparent 😉


2018 Resolutions 

I have made a new year resolution pretty much every year since i was a child. 

I remember back when I was a young girl writing my resolution on a piece of paper and putting it behind the clock on the mantle piece. .as if this gesture created a magic formula for guaranteed success. 

Each year it’s been the same resolution. .get fit and loose weight.  Each year within days it was broken

Not this year. ..I am changing my age old routine.  This year’s resolution isn’t get fit and loose weight. ..it’s. ..

…lists.  and this task  I excel at.

So, my 2018 resolution is…. each day I write a short list to follow the following day. For example, tomorrow’s list 

 1) get fit

 2) loose weight. .😉

Food overload so let’s walk..

The hotel we are staying at in Fort William cannot be faulted for the food and the continuous quantity of it being served to us

I never go full board so this is an exception.  Yes, the hotel has a gym and a swimming pool which looks up to the snow capped mountain of Ben Nevis but in itself it isn’t doing much to quench the avalanche of food we are all consuming. 

So today we walked and walked. Around a castle , through alleys, estates, stunning scenery and then the town centre. ..and it was great. Crisp cold air, wonderful scenery and ending up in a dog friendly pub. …I cannot think of a much better way to spend boxing day 

Christmas in Scotland 

I had a good idea. . . So I thought.  Let’s all go to Scotland for Christmas, where I was hoping to find snow for Christmas 

I thought about it long and hard. ..where am I most likely to find snow. .I know the highest place in the UK. ….yes, of course. .. Ben Nevis 

A quick check on the Internet, did it have a hotel,  yes it did. So I booked it for the 3 days over Christmas 

Cars were packed  and off we all toddled, my children, their partners , a couple of friends, 4 cars and our dog. 

Scotland is a long way to drive on Christmas Eve, so I started at 4am!  I did have to pick my eldest up on route via Leigh  (near Bolton ) 

As the scenery became dramatic, so did the weather. ..Yes I found a change of weather to wonderful wet and windy.  Not quite snow. But I still have Christmas day to come. ….

Annual Present Swap

All around the country people are taking part in the annual present swap with relatives and yesterday was our families day.
Off I trundled to my home town of Watford. Just before I pulled up at my family home, I spotted the rare and elusive sight of my brother fleeing the street in his car.  “A narrow escape ” I could hear him thinking 

Festive chats along with food then followed before the climax of the visit…..yes the Christmas present swapping and finally I trundled back to Birmingham for another year  

A Night of Shockers! 

Last night I went out to a ladies night with some friends.  Now, this isn’t my normal type of thing but it was a friends birthday, so I agreed to go 

I have been to these type of events many years ago so I knew what to expect. But there were quite a few shockers pulled last night that will be remembered for a long time 

Shocker one : the second strip act,  a lovely looking man, very acrobatic, looked rather familiar.  Oh no!  One of my sons old school friend!  It gets worse ,  i think he is the friend who used to call me his second mum mum and hug me!! Some barriers  should never be broken. .this is one of them 

Shocker two : the lady with no knickers that suddenly decided to join our quiet little group and hug everyone,  we have acquired an extra friend it seems! 

Shocker three :  the very enthusiastic young ladies in 7 inch heels , dresses that were barely  on them , that wouldn’t leave the naked men alone being gently removed from the venue by a 6 foot drag queen because they wanted to fight with each other! 

Yes, what a night!

Noel in Knowle 

Knowle is a lovely small village that manages to do most things just right. 

It’s just outside Solihull yet can’t be more different.  Knowle has a dignified feel about it, with restaurants, cafes and few nice bars. They manage to pack a lot into the small area. I especially love the old fashioned style lights 

But it surpasses itself at Christmas with the tasteful decorations adorning all the shops, the Christmas tree and the annual choir singing noel in Knowle 

Conversations in my Mind

I often have conversations with myself in my head and discuss all kinds of things. .Do you? 

I have discussed with myself whether I prefer Mozarts Requiem or Bachs St John’s Passion, Mozart won.  Or a recent example was about the new Eminem and Ed Sheeran song. .if I could only have one artist to listen to. .who would it be?  Eminem won

My new dilemma shocked even me with the result. .if I could only have one subscription what would I choose out of the gym or netflix. .the gym won! 

Upsetting Swans

Yes, today I upset our two local swans, not intentionally I can assure you. 

I went to the local park as normal with my dog and most unusually nobody else was in the .  It’s normally a hive of activity with joggers, children and adults feeding the ducks, geese and swans and people just going for a week 

The lake is still frozen in parts and so I watched a couple of resident swans slip and slide as they waddled across the ice into the water 

Within seconds they had then swum to the bank where I was standing.  They looked up hopefully at me it was then I realised that they expected me to produce a bag of food to feed them . With the park being deserted of people I was their only hope 

I hung my head in shame and carried on with my dog 

“Do you play any instruments? “

This time many many years ago when my youngest daughter was about three I tripped over and broke my hand around this time of year. 

So I toddled off to the hospital to be informed by a doctor who looked all of 17!  That it was just bruised. So I shopped, prepared for and celebrated  Christmas and carried on working until my hand turned blue and doubled in size.  A kindly chemist saw my hand and encouraged me to go back to the hospital. 

I knew it was bad news when another much older doctor after examining my hand via an x-ray asked, “Do you play any instruments? ” Yes he really asked that.  He then asked why I had been walking around with a broken hand for 6 weeks!  

After I explained that I had came here 6 weeks ago, he went to investigate. A sheepish face man came back with my notes and apologised on behalf of the 17 yrs old looking doctor, he had spoke to her and apparently, “I didn’t look in enough pain to have a broken hand!” 

So a word of caution, if you go to hospital with a broken bone. ..scream