I’m a what? 

Today I leant I am a dendrophile. 

I have never heard of the word before,  I had no idea that I might be been a dendrophile.  It sounds terrible, a illness or condition of some kind 

Nope, it just means i love trees and forests. ..aren’t most people dendrophiles? 


Upsetting Swans

Yes, today I upset our two local swans, not intentionally I can assure you. 

I went to the local park as normal with my dog and most unusually nobody else was in the .  It’s normally a hive of activity with joggers, children and adults feeding the ducks, geese and swans and people just going for a week 

The lake is still frozen in parts and so I watched a couple of resident swans slip and slide as they waddled across the ice into the water 

Within seconds they had then swum to the bank where I was standing.  They looked up hopefully at me it was then I realised that they expected me to produce a bag of food to feed them . With the park being deserted of people I was their only hope 

I hung my head in shame and carried on with my dog 

What makes a restaurant. .great

Last night I went out with some friends for an Indian meal in a restaurant I have never heard of before called  “Jilabi ” 

The restaurant wasn’t in a great location, a bit of a distance from where we lived,  no parking and when we arrived it was jammed. .totally overflowing with people.  I now know why. 

The staff were lovely, we soon were given our table and the night began.  It didn’t take long before conversation started flowing, food arrived promptly.  The food I ordered wasn’t on the menu, not a problem at all. 

So what makes a restaurant great. .

Good food, good service, extra fringe benefits which Jilabi excelled at. ..they gave us free deserts  (watermelon, chocolate cake and ice-cream! ) 2 free liquors each,  free coffee and tea and. .a bottle of mock champagne.  Talk about making us feel special. 

That’s what makes a restaurant great. .the ability to make you feel special and considering the restaurant was full to maximum, I feel this was a remarkably fear.  

These shoes aren’t made for walking 

This morning I went to the gym.  Not a problem you would think. .but…

…because of the snow /ice and too many cars around where I live I was forced to park at the bottom of the road down a small hill. 

Again not really a problem but here’s the problem getting to the car was the problem. I leave the house to go to the gym in my Nike trainers, I like these shoes, they are comfortable bright turquoise and have a big toe divider. .you know the type. 

I now know they are the worse shoes in the world for ice. .wow. I could hardly stand up either on the pavement or the road. 

That small downhill walk seamed harder than a marathon to complete 

A lot of Widowed Army Officers

I must say the American Army is incredibly unlucky.  There is just so many Widowed Army Officers in their forces. And just as an extra note, they all appear to be good looking, young. .well in their 30s and 40s and appear to have no friends!  What a sad state of affairs 

I know this, you see because they keep trying to add me on Facebook! ! At the rate of 3-4 a week 

The longest walk ever

This longest walk ever was around a very small distance.  The local park! 

So why was this the longest walk ever?  I hear you ask 

Yes, that’s right it’s the snow.  But not as you think.  I didn’t walk extra slow because I was scared of falling over but because everywhere was so amazingly pretty.  I took photo after photo after photo. …..

Smiling in the snow 

If you see an incredibly young for her age female wink wink, wandering around with earphones on and a wearing a smile,  possibly even laughing to herself.  It may be me

No I haven’t gone mad, but I am currently listening to a jolly funny audio book whilst walking. It’s called, “The road to little dribbling ” by Bill Bryson , I love his dry sometimes sarcastic humour 

Whilst shopping, walking and with the recent snow on public transport, I have noticed that I have been laughing out loud, or have permanently attached to my face, a grin. A small part of me wonders what I look like to other people 

Wow. .snow, snow, snow everywhere and feet in carrier bags!

I knew today was expecting snow. .but wow, it’s blown everyone’s socks off just how much snow there has been 

We woke up to a snow covered Birmingham and from there it got worse but also increasingly beautiful. 

All buses were cancelled, aeroplanes again all cancelled, all schools tomorrow are closed already and there was a mass call out for 4×4 cars to help staff get to hospital.  Now, it must be bad for that to happen.  

I had a wonderful 1 hour walk each way to a client i see regularly. I put my walking boots on and as an extra precaution two carrier bags to  protect my feet against any leaks also keeping my feet jolly warm. I don’t know where I learnt this little trick but it works wonders in thick snow 

Barefoot in the snow 

Don’t do it! It hurts 

How on earth  would I know what’s it’s like to walk barefoot in the snow? 

I walk around barefoot at home, in the garden and sometimes outside,  to the neighbours or car for example. Everyone who knows me don’t take long to see its my natural state of being.  When I facilitate my workshops , you’ve guessed it…off comes my shoes etc

So it doesn’t take a broad leap to realise I have walked barefoot in the snow. It was a few years ago, our last major snow fall,  about 2012 I think.  I popped out to retrieve something from the car which was about 100 yards away . All I can say is don’t do it and I won’t be doing it again.  Walking in the deap snow is like a thousand little pins sticking into your soles.  But saying that,  I am glad I did go for a wander barefoot in the snow because otherwise I wouldn’t have known what it was like .

Whoop. .it snow 

What a delightful treat today, I woke up and my world was pretty,  white and full of festive snow. 

We are snow starved in the UK and surprisingly when we have the white stuff everyone moans “isn’t it cold?  ” “I can’t wait for this weather to go?” What a grouo of humbugs they can be .And don’t get me started on the traffic, schools and shops.  Why on earth do things come to a stop in a little bit of snow? 

I love snow, it’s pretty, fun crunchy and makes me want to take photo after photo