Yesterday was the hottest June day for 40 years and social media has been alive with people moaning about how hot the recent weather has been. 

The weather has taken me back to the heat wave of 1976, I was a little girl then living in Watford.  

Hot humid day after day, I remember it looked like the earth was cracking up with deep lines.  Ladybirds seemed in abundance, covering people wearing yellow or bright coloured clothes. 

I wonder if we will ever get a summer like that again in the UK? 

One of those days 

I had one of those days yesterday, many things went wrong, some things my fault and some not.  One of the things that went wrong was when getting something from my car I must have knocked the lights on. Yup,  hours later my battery was dead…I was stuck in Wolverhampton. 

I still carried on with the day as I had things to do,  eventually about 9.45 pm I had to sort the problem out,  a small bunch of homeless people were on the edge of the car park. One man foolishly said, “hello ” I grabbed him smiled and to his horror asked him to help me jump start my car, his friend was more keen and egged them both on, despite the fact that the second man seemed so  drunk  he couldn’t stand up straight . 

So it started,  the three of us,  trying to push my car around the car park trying to jump start my car, none of us knew how though. ..I thought you just push the car and then turn it on. ..it turns out that isn’t how it’s done.  The homeless men were becoming tired after 20 mins of this. .but a random stranger on his way to catch a bus saw this strange carry on and came to our rescue. 

“You need to put the car in second gear” , he declared in an amused fashion.   So with the three of them now pushing. .. and the car in second gear, it started straight away.  After thanking everyone and giving the homeless men a few quid I left smiling a how lovely people are 

Driving Test 

I just passed a learner drivers stalling at a roundabout. ..I sympathise. 

Nearly 30 years ago I passed my test and despite all my qualifications and challenges I have had in my life, it was one of the most difficult I have ever had to do.

My first test set the scene for my nerves regarding driving tests. Back then, my family expected me to pass everything with flying colours, so at the end of my first test when I arrived home, flowers and champagne was ready for me…”I failed! ” I announced shamefully. 

I never ever wanted to drive again!

 A few years later as a sales rep travelling around on public transport, my manager declared I would have to learn  to drive to optimise my abilities. .he booked me on a week crash course in driving.

The test arrived too quickly, I became nervous and I am rarely nervous. “We are now going to do a reverse around the corner “my instructor announced.  “Stop”, he then said. Even more surprising was his next demands. ..1)open the window,2) take of my jacket and 3)undo the top buttons of my blouse!

“I thought you were going to pass out ” He kindly explained,  he spoke to me, to reduce my nerves  for the rest of the test and most importantly passed my driving test.  What a nice man.

30 days to change your life! 

A year ago today I launched my first ever book. ..yup get me 😉

It had the catchy title of,” 30 days to change your life. ” OK, it’s not going to set the world on fire and if I was a teacher I would probably give it a grade of, “could do better” or “lacks personality ”

But I still did it…the second book, third book, fourth book. …I will be better 👍

If there is a little bit of you that wants to check out my ,”could do better book” it’s still available on Kindle for an amazing 99p and here’s the link 

Reviews. ..

I was at the cinema yesterday with my son,  oh what to watch?  

The first available movie time wise amd doable because of commitments was the new diary of a whimpy kid.  I knew it had been badly slated my reviewers, so with extreme apprehension we bought tickets 

The reviewers were wrong, it was very funny and incredibly enjoyable, admittedly it was one of my favourite genres of movies. ..Road trips 

Note to self for future. ..reviewers it’s only one persons opinion 


Looking back on my memories via Facebook, I have just been reminded how much I love Lichfield  

It is a perfect small city in the Midlands, crammed with history and personality. 

On a warm summers day, sitting in a lovely tea room garden opposite the Cathedral is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and also the free proms in Beacon park, early September is always on my must do list.  

Positive News 

Most Mornings I read the news on an app on my phone. This morning there was a lovely positive news story. 

Yesterday, in London there was a dreadful tower block fire, one of the worst fires the UK has experienced in decades   it was a residential tower block and there was awful footage of people at windows etc.

The positive news was that the death toll may have been much greater if it wasn’t for Ramadan, local Muslims were breaking the fast to eat around the time of the first signs of the fire and came rushing out to let’s as many people as possible become aware of it my door knocking. ..

On a totally separate note, I made my first GIF

A mindful moment in summer 

It’s summer and one of the hats I wear is a mindfulness teacher, so this is a mindful
 moment in my life right now. 

I am currently in trittiford park with Buddha my dog.  I can feel a mild  (not warm) breeze passing through my hair and touching my skin and the sun on my face. I can smell musky grass behind me and a slightly sweet and familiar smell of the leaves of trees close by.  I can hear, many birds tweeting, duck, geese, people talking in the distance and cars on the roads  near by. What can I see,  well that’s a long,  long list so a photo will give you a taste 

Santiago Chile 

A reminder popped up on Facebook memories of a holiday I took about 18 months ago to Santiago in Chile. 

I had just started my business full time and needed to have my holiday in what I imagined would be my quiet period. .December. 

So I did what all people do nowadays to find out where would be a hot country to visit in December. ..searched on Google; ) 

Chile was one of the first searches that popped up and appealed to me.  I then informed my somewhat surprised partner that we were having a two week holiday in Santiago in December. ..and not long after off we went. 

Two weeks in a major city seems long,  but not in Santiago, it’s an amazing country to visit.  Full of interesting, diverse things to see and do. Buskers fill the streets and tube Stations, lush green parks are in abundance , street markets and cafes add atmosphere and all around the city you can see the snow capped Andes .

Silver Lining 

My 22 year son had a bad week . First his girlfriend ended the relationship,  totally out of the blue. No fault on his part, she declared it was just she needed time to sort her own head out.

Next his beautiful new car was vandalised, the windows smashed and his precious items inside stolen Inc sat nav,  sun glasses, prescription glasses. .. Yes that’s right prescription glasses, bank cards, money etc 

The point of this blog isn’t one of sorrow though. ..at the end of the week he told me how surpringly upbeat he was and it was because of all the support he had from people, family and friends had rallied around him and showed him how much they cared