Vegan Pie & Mash , Wine and Music 

I am currently in a pub in the outskirts of Birmingham city centre after a long ,full and fun day of work….and yes, it’s Sunday listening to live music which I have organised for a friends week long show 

This is not a modern, hip or trendy pub.  It’s a grass roots real ale type of pub. I am delight that they have a menu with vegan food. .

Maybe the tide is turning and little by little the UK is becoming vegan friendly 


Degrees of Separation 

Our last night in Kochi was shared with a Scottish musician, who we have seen play folk music at at cafe a few days earlier 

We arranged to meet in a hotel where we could chat over a few beers in Happy Hour. 

This in itself is  almost a miracle in Kochi, alcohol is very hard to buy with their strict alcohol laws. ..and a “Happy Hour ” .. Yes I would class this as a minor  miracle😉

As the conversion progressed between the three of us, the things in common gathered and gathered.  There is a saying that everyone in the world is connected by a  only a few degrees of separation.  

Evidence is beginning to add weight to this with people I meet in my life. .This folk singer who I have never met before and lives hundreds of miles from me amd yet has 3 Facebook friend in common with me and 2 with my partner. 

Although Scottish,  he classes himself as Welsh, my partners family are from North Wales my family’s from South Wales. 

Add to this a few extra bonus points his mum is from the Welsh part of Patogonia, my partner has always dreamt of travelling there and to meet someone with connections to the country was a real plus for him and add to that they were both huge fans of the “Beatles ” meant we didn’t struggle at all with conversation on this last delightful night in Kochi 

Wherever I Leave My Hat. ..

And so ends our last day in Kochi, both my partner and I feel the holiday has ended too quickly. 

We were here for just over two weeks and in that short period managed to make ourselves feel totally at home. My partner acquired a barber , a tailor and gigs. 

We found a plethora of cafes, and restaurants we loved and even bumped into newly acquired friends in them.

We could wander down the road and meet people we knew on an  almost  daily basis 

We even acquired a dog called Shiva, I think we will stay. ..😉

A Scotsman, A Guitar and Bats 

What on earth could those three things have in common? 

Well, if you were here with me right now it would be would be obvious. 

I  currently in Kochi at a wonderful arts cafe garden listening to a man from Sterling, Scotland singing, “Story of Love. ” 

He is playing on his guitar a young lady from Kochi who he met earlier today is singing on stage with him…oh yes “bats ” Where do they come into this?  

Well , we are in a cafe garden with many trees and many bats and they are flying occasionally around the singer, stage, audience and for added effect making marvellous shadows on the wall backing the stage too. 

Beautiful and also rather surreal listening to Scottish folk songs including, “you take the high Road.” ….. on a very warm evening in  South India 

A concert for 1 ooops 2

Last night we went to an Indian classical music concert, it was well advertised and we knew that the venue was popular 

Here’s the thing,  we were the only audience. .it a large room there were just the two of us. 

The concert went ahead regardless and the three members of the band, two singers and a tabla drummer were wonderful and gave us a concert deserving of a full auditorium 

What a song and dance. …

And yes I mean literally. 

Tonight Kochi was alive with song and dance. 

We decided to go to see a traditional theatre “Baka Vadham” the killing of Baka.  

But before we arrived the streets were full of a marching band playing what I can only describe as New Orleans style gypsy jazz with a huge procession of traditionally dressed indian people and a priest followed.. .the congregation of Santa Cruz Cathedral  Basisilca

We then had 90 mins of am amazing song and dance over the simple story of a demon being killed by a God.  The two main actors had fascinating bright painted faces and danced in eleberate moves whilst music and song accompanied them

We walked out to fireworks lighting the sky and firecrackers as the religious festival climaxed. 

Even our meal was a song and dance as a blues guitarist and singer entertained the restaurant . And in true Indian style traffic noise accompanied everything 

A first

This year has been full of firsts and today was another one..I ran my first holistic and wellbeing fair.  And it went well. .whoop whoop 

I run it a bit different to other types of fairs and had a room for food and buskers, then the main room with stalls offering services and products and finally in the large room half hourly free activities to join in with,  things like belly dancing, laughter Yoga etc

I liked running it that’s much I am going to do it again in January 😉

An audience of one. .. a dog

Friday night was my spoken word event at the Ort, a small bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath.  

It’s not just spoken word,  it’s dance, music, comedy. ..and everything else people wish to do.

Each month I take my dog, this month whist a comedian was on, she became very demanding of my attention which caused the audience much amusement and to pay full attention to her. ..not the comedian on stage. 

Comedians are heckled occasionally, not many by dogs. he did what every comedian in this situation would do…replied to the heckler face on .

So he sat down and delivered his set to my dog!

World Record Attempt 

Birmingham is a wonderful city for arts and culture. …and that’s how I ended up taking part in a world record attempt. ..For what?  One may ask. …

….Well scroll down 

A few years ago there was a brilliant event in Birmingham called arts fest.  The whole city centre would become alive with arty culture stuff. 

I went every year with my children without fail.  So it happened a few years ago on this very day was a bangra world record attempt. The most people doing a sequence of bangra moves in one place. 

Yes, it had to be done. .and so we did

Fairytale Wedding and it’s downside 

Yesterday I went to an amazing fairytale wedding . 

A couple of my friends were getting married and they went for the fairytale theme ..big style 

Enen the walking down the isle was a procession that started with a Swan princess, then page boys dressed in dickensien clothes, followed by a chief 
mermaid. ….you get the picture 

Now, the downside. . The food it was everything that a fairytale would provide.  Candyfloss , sweet stands, ice cream (numerous flavours ) ,gin cocktails, glasses upon glasses of processo, and then the cakes.  Huge cream cakes of every description with mountains of clotted cream.  Add that to curry(as much as you could eat) and the standard wedding sandwiches etc led to a  very ill partner all night long!