Rothby.. Traditional Music Festival

My daughter and I are spending a couple of nights in Rothby on route to a concert

Wow, what a delight. To our delight we landed in the middle of a traditional music festival and the village is alive with music everywhere. On every lawn, in every pub, and on every corner music is being played

We have just had lunch in a pub garden with people playing guitar’s and the audience joining in by singing. Further down at the bottom of the garden a folk band where performing, next door to this is another pub with 5 violinists an accordion and recorder amongst other intruments

That’s just 2 pubs, the village green is buzzing, our hotel is full of men in kilts and pipe player’s.. music is everywhere

All of this and it’s only 6.30pm


Summer Sunshine Festival

I sat and listened. .

..ho ho ha ha ha came from one room, as the laughter yoga instructor took her class

..devotional chanting came from another room

..all around me, people were having their futures told to them via cards, crystal and personal objects

..the mindful guitar player set the scene for the day with her beautiful tones

..people were relaxing and healed from massage and reiki

..the smell of home made incense, wax melts and soaps filled the air

And electric and happy atmosphere

Yes, definitely this holistic festival I organised is a successful. I stroked my dog who sat next to me

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, Transylvania style

Many years ago in the early 70s when I was about 5 yrs old, one of my Christmas presents was an LP Album entitled “Top of the Tots ”

I loved that album and the house filled with the cheerful songs like “chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ” and the “pushbike song ” not forgetting wonderful lyrics like, “Dick -a -Dum Dum” . One of my all time favourites of the early seventies was by Marmade, the unforgettable, “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da “.

Well, many decades later, I did almost forgot it until this short trip to Sibiu, Transylvania

Low and behold my partner and I were enjoying out evening meal, accompanied by a three piece set of musicians, when they started to play “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da”

Well, I never expected that ☺

Lightening, thunder and floods

Wow, what a lot of weather we have just had in the West Midlands

Last night I ran a spoken word event in Wolverhampton

Prior to the event when the weather started I received message after message from performers who couldn’t attend. Buses were cancelled, cars stuck, roads closed. ..

Then the lightening caused all the electricity in the pub to die. was getting serious now, the pub was in darkness as the storm got even closer

But, still nothing would stop our event going ahead

Each time a sodden performer or guest arrived we gave them a round of applause for making the event

And yes, it happened with greatly reduced numbers but I can honestly say possibly the nicest event ever ☺

Not perfect is the new perfect

I am currently at a wonderful poetry and music night in Digbeth, run by our future generation, young adults. I am delighted to tell you, I know a very special little known truth…. I know one hundred percent that our future is great.

They embrace non perfection, it’s OK not to wear make up if you are female; it’s ok if you are a few pounds overweight and wear socks with holes; it’s ok if you just wear your clothes that don’t match, it’s ok to sit on the floor if the tables and chairs are full

But most of all the young people of today are creative, welcoming, embrace all life, write amazing songs and sing beautiful songs

Now, I can die in peace. ..hold on not for another 40..50. ..ok 70 years

Environmental Music and Words

Where am I now? I bet you couldn’t guess

Some clues, I am sitting on wooden pallets, I have just had some vegan junk food. And yes, I mean food that should have been thrown away curtsey of the junk food project.

More clues, I have bought some alcohol for a donation, I am inside an inner city garden project in Digbeth. I am surrounded by many familiar faces, people are painting pictures on the wall and there is a makeshift stage with music and spoken word

Told you that you would never guess, it’s called the Digbeth Garden party and it’s free and once a month..

So if you like to see toilets with flowers in them, baths overflowing with plants, left over food and music come join me next month

People Watching

Hands up, I confess people watching is one of my favourite things to do

I love all people every strange and wonderful person on the planet

Last night I went to a music event that my partner was playing at in a village pub

I was in my element, watching the interactions between the closely knit village locals

To name a few of the characters I happened to observe, there was the aging “jack the lad “character who danced to every song. Loud and outgoing, flambouantly dressed in a lilac waist jacket , he acted as if he knew everyone in the pub. Whether they wanted to know him or not

His son was the next character, buckled up to the neck in his jacket, trying hard to replicate his dad but with awkward self consciousness, his head looking down at his feet as they shuffled in an attempt at dance moves

The young female bar staff, confident and happy in her job. Looking naturally good without trying, tending to all the characters in her local pub whilst occasionally singing and throwing in a dance move or two herself as she served drinks and collected glasses

The older single ladies on their weekly night out at the local pub, wearing clothes that were a size too small to try to emphasis their female assets. Clutching their designer handbags and teetering around in high healed strappy sandals, trying hard to convince themselves and others that they were enjoying the night and there wasn’t an ulterior motive to them being there

And where was I, sitting crossed leg on a chair in the corner watching life /people around me, as always

The Old Mo

I have been to this pub before, The Old Moseley Arms in Balsall Heath. It’s a great little pub, hidden on a back St.

It’s known for its live music with regular local singer song writers and bands performing

But now what I know it for is its food ..last night I had one of its curry dishes. Wonderful and the large samosas for just a £1 with dips will make me a regular customer

If you are ever in the area. .check out the pub, I really recommend it

Losing Time

I have lost hours and hours of time again. Whenever I do this time instantly vanishes

“Well, stop it” , I can hear you say

But the problem is, I just love doing it. It’s a joy and means the world to me

“What on earth can you mean “, you reply

It’s looking through my past, the years that have gone. The holidays, the happiness, my children when they were young, yes I dug my photos out, and joyous time flew by

Music in Wolverhampton

I run spoken word and music events and have done for many years

I am always blown away by the amount of local talent. One lady last night told us she had written six thousand poems, yes that’s right six thousand!

Occasionally I hear someone perform that makes me think.

Last night was one of those moments. This man contacted me last minute for a slot. I had never met him before. I managed to squeeze him on as the last performer. A single man with his guitar, I loved his original songs, one reminded me of the 19 70s song,”Streets of London ”

I hope to hear lots more from him