A one off

On year ago today I ran a spoken word and music event in the anthitheatre of Birmingham City Centre Library. 

It was a lovely warm day and the anthitheatre was brilliant.  The sounds projected up into the roads above.  

All the audience loved the event and it was a thrill for the performers to have such great natural acoustics. 

“Why won’t it happen again?” I hear you ask? 

Because they have buried the amphitheatre in cement and soil to save on costs! 

Time of Your Life 

Last night was my monthly spoken word event. It’s always crazy, long and incredibly diverse.  I enjoy the eccentric side of life and my monthly event is  magnet for these wonderful characters. 

 one man who has learning disabilities has been coming along to my event for quite a while, he sometimes interrupts the acts and sings, “time of your life ” randomly.  There is normally a kind sole who encourages him to listen to the acts instead of interrupting. 

Last night at end of the night, I gathered everyone together and we sang, “time of your life ” just for him….

…well we didn’t just sing it,  in my true spoken word style we performed it for him. Singing, drumming and one lady got up and danced with him

A moment that will last a life time 

Whilst around the camp fire a couple of nights ago and young boy of about 7 had a moment that he will remember forever. 

The evening was drawning to a close,  we had all danced, chanted and sang. As people where getting ready to leave for their tents, a man spoke out and said did we mind if his young son could sing just one song.  

The young lad then took centre stage and quietly began to sing the opening lines from yellow submarine.  His face was one of wonder and joy when everyone            around
 the fire joined in to the chorus, “we all live in a. ..” 

Primeval Chanting 

There is something very primeval about sitting around a camp fire at night with a group of people most of which one hardly knows and chanting. 

Other reaches something deap inside you that touches our primeval self.  That’s how I spent last night, sitting,  chanting and singing around the camp fire. 

 As an added my extra fire dancers gave us a wonderful performance too. 

My daughter led the children in a dance around the fire, last year most adults joined in too, including me. 

Drums, chanting, dancing and fire …..

Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption 

I am at the conscious global gathering in Wales, a wonderful vegan festival that celebrates all things vegan. ..oh and all things, “truth juice “ish too. Ufos, CE5, lucid dreams and lots more.  Basically you need to have an open mind , enjoy vegan food and like camping to come here. 

Well, I have just listened to one of my favourite live bands ever Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption , they promote veganism and hemp products for health. Check out the snip bit of them I am attaching 

Zumba in the Rain 

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely garden festival yesterday.  Music, poetry, cakes, etc

….oh and Zumba 

The started warm and sunny but as the afternoon moved on it became quite chilly and then the zumba started.  Should I sit and stay cold or join in to the communal zumba class , “join in and warm up” my thought told me , so I did. 

Then the rain started,  zumba in the rain  at a garden festival …How very British 

Pounding Sugar Cane

Occasionally I have a day where I fit so much in it feels like the day is two , yesterday was one of those days.

It started with an early morning swim and then a couple of dance lessons where I learnt one of the origins of salsa, “Son ” . Next , I learnt I danced the,  “Pilon ” a dance that originated from the motion of watching women pound sugar cane, I also played the music of Pilon in a mini band. ..who would have thought,  I like playing drums! 

The afternoon never became any quieter with a trip to discover the history of Lewis Carroll in Daresbury and then off to Uttoxeter …why?  Because I have always fancied going there.  As it turns out,  as quaint as it was,  the town is mostly shut on Sunday afternoons. 

And what better way to finish the day.. work!  Yes, at 7pm I then had work, but I do enjoy my self employed business,  so it’s not really work in my mind 

A bit of Simon 

Last night I went to the Core theatre in Solihull  to see the Simon and Garfunkel Story. I was lost in the moment for the whole show. 

Yes, it wasn’t perfect and the Garfunkel didn’t have a brilliant voice but this just added to its charm.

I think this break from my normal busy routine was needed,  change is the spice of life…or something like that 😄

Free Love Club

Another live moment…  One of loves of Birmingham is the amount of amazing live music events. 

I am currently upstairs in a venue called the, Cuban Embassy surrounded by family and friends listening to a brilliant singer song writers.  There are rugs on the floor where the majority of the audience is sitting including me. Bubbles are being blown and my daughter is dancing with ribbons, I am lucky enough for this to be my ,”norm” . 

I know 50 percent of the people here and my partner is currently playing the djemba on the stage. .. bohemian  Moseley is rather like this and that’s why I love