Multicultural Birmingham

After difficulty, I found somewhere to park. A couple of horses passed who where being ridden by men in white decorated outfits. I could hear drums getting closer, then more horses and suddenly people were everywhere. It’s a wedding I realised

I walked down the road, an Irish band was marching by, brightly coloured floats started to pass in a leisurely way. A sea of emerald green , people laughing and enjoying the warm sunshine. A Samba band was now passing as part of the procession, I made my way along the Road in Digbeth to my favourite vegan restaurant to meet a couple of my children.

I am glad I live in Birmingham


Dancing to a song about hemp milk

Last night I found myself at the Ort cafe, my favourite bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath with one of my favourite hippy bands called mobius loop

The room was cold, not far off freezing. ..but it soon warmed up when they started playing

When their song which talks about the benefits of drinking hemp milk started my daughter dressed as a fairy dragged me up to dance. No she isn’t a child but yes, my 26yrs old daughter still likes dressing as a fairy!

So up I got and started to dance to the song about the pros of hemp.

I left the night with the lyrics of one of their songs ringing in my ears. .”Go vegan, go vegan. ….”

Metal Zoo

Yes, we have a metal Zoo within walking distance of where we live.

Guess what? It has a new animal, i am not sure what it is though?

It also has an African heritage ctr, a bird walk, a sandy beach, a waterfall, a garden ctr and an amazing African style cafe with huge drums

It’s my …not so secret hiding place in the warm summer months where I can be found sunbathing and reading a book whilst watching the guinea fowl and peacock strut their stuff

This magical little place is called, “Akamba. ” if you are anywhere near the West Midlands, check it out


An Artists Deam

I found one of the coolest places ever in Vilnius this weekend.

It’s an area called Užupis, full of weid and wacky art. No, not in galleries but everywhere, even in the river and hanging accross the river in the form of a washing line

It’s that cool it even declared itself an independent republic on April 1, 1997

If you love unconventional art or weid and wacky stuff ..then this is one of the top places to head for in Europe.


Not For Sharing 

I have never been great at sharing. 

I blame my parents, growing up as an only child everything was just for me.  They even supplied me with my own chair,  knife ,  folk and cup, so I didn’t even have to share cutlery , furniture and glassware. 

Luckily I am getting loads better at sharing, having 4 children has certainly helped but but today brought back old feelings of,” its mine.”….

 ..I walked into the gym and found all the exercise bikes being used. .at 8am!  In the 8 months since signing up to the gym ,that has never happened.  8am is MY time 😉 so I thought,  be grown up about this and go in the pool first, it’s always quiet ish in the morning, horror of all horrors, it was rammed and there was even someone teaching someone someone else to swim in the fast lane due to lack of space !

Enough is enough. .now is action time to find someone to build me my own swimming pool and gym, just for me ! 😉😉


Paris in Kings Heat

This afternoon I went for a relaxing coffee in the popular cafe chain, “Coffee no 1”

This Sunday afternoon was different than every other time I had visited the chain, they had music playing and not just any music but it sounded like Parisian style music with a guitar and acdordian 

It was so pleasant we stopped for two drinks. .why go to Paris when Paris is Here in  Kings Heath 


Spoken Word @ At the Ort 

Young, old  and not forgetting my dog packed the bohemian little cafe in Moseley Rod, Birmingham last night. 

I have been running spoken word and music events at this venue for years and years but last night was something special. 

Everyone in the world felt like they were therr. ..ok that’s a touch of a exaggeration, but you get the message 

The crowd wasn’t just huge they were supportive to all of the acts. .and the acts well they were top quality all 23 of them. That’s no exaggeration, my events are busy ones.  

If you are ever in Balsall Heath on the second Friday of the month. ..please drop in for a fab night 😎


Id v’s Ego

Yesterday. ..
“A free day, great can get loads done”
“You’ve been busy for the last 7 days, relax have it off”
“Move yourself, think of all the work you have to catch up on ”
“You are running an event tonight, relax, put netflix on”
“Oh, ok, umm. ..that series looks good ”
7 hours later
“What a brilliant series, wow watched it in one go. Off to my spoken word event now!

Ego won


Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery 

I have visited this museum many,  many,  many times and it’s great 

Today I visited once more with my son and it’s still a delight.  Fridays often has a lunchtime concert in the main hall and today was one of those days. So we were met with delightful Spanish classical guitar music

There is a lovely Edwardian Cafe where you can relax and people watch 

And a huge bonus today there were two new exhibits I hadn’t seen before one on,”Coming out” and one on ,”The history of curry in the UK ” 


What to do on New Years Eve? 

What to do on New Years eve? This is a question I ask myself every year and every year I struggle to think of an original or fun answer 

This year was no different but at least I had decided to go away with family and friends for a couple of days. .just so I would have a different location to contemplate that age old question,”What to do on New Year Eve? ”

The morning arrived and someone in my group suggested Tintern Abbey for the morning. .Yes, part of the burden was taken off my shoulders. we toddled and an Abbey was explored.  Now only the eve looms. ..”what to do on New Years Eve ?” 

Answer quickly please. .only 2 1/2 hours to go now  …