A mindful moment in summer 

It’s summer and one of the hats I wear is a mindfulness teacher, so this is a mindful
 moment in my life right now. 

I am currently in trittiford park with Buddha my dog.  I can feel a mild  (not warm) breeze passing through my hair and touching my skin and the sun on my face. I can smell musky grass behind me and a slightly sweet and familiar smell of the leaves of trees close by.  I can hear, many birds tweeting, duck, geese, people talking in the distance and cars on the roads  near by. What can I see,  well that’s a long,  long list so a photo will give you a taste 



Occasionally I run a dating club to introduce people to each other in fun ways.  As of yet these sessions have been fun but no long lasting successes.

But in my life I have been responsible for introducing couples together who have gone on to marry and or have children, to date I believe 4 children have been born because of introduction I have suggested and another baby is on the way.