The longest walk ever

This longest walk ever was around a very small distance.  The local park! 

So why was this the longest walk ever?  I hear you ask 

Yes, that’s right it’s the snow.  But not as you think.  I didn’t walk extra slow because I was scared of falling over but because everywhere was so amazingly pretty.  I took photo after photo after photo. …..


Smiling in the snow 

If you see an incredibly young for her age female wink wink, wandering around with earphones on and a wearing a smile,  possibly even laughing to herself.  It may be me

No I haven’t gone mad, but I am currently listening to a jolly funny audio book whilst walking. It’s called, “The road to little dribbling ” by Bill Bryson , I love his dry sometimes sarcastic humour 

Whilst shopping, walking and with the recent snow on public transport, I have noticed that I have been laughing out loud, or have permanently attached to my face, a grin. A small part of me wonders what I look like to other people 

Wow. .snow, snow, snow everywhere and feet in carrier bags!

I knew today was expecting snow. .but wow, it’s blown everyone’s socks off just how much snow there has been 

We woke up to a snow covered Birmingham and from there it got worse but also increasingly beautiful. 

All buses were cancelled, aeroplanes again all cancelled, all schools tomorrow are closed already and there was a mass call out for 4×4 cars to help staff get to hospital.  Now, it must be bad for that to happen.  

I had a wonderful 1 hour walk each way to a client i see regularly. I put my walking boots on and as an extra precaution two carrier bags to  protect my feet against any leaks also keeping my feet jolly warm. I don’t know where I learnt this little trick but it works wonders in thick snow 

Whoop. .it snow 

What a delightful treat today, I woke up and my world was pretty,  white and full of festive snow. 

We are snow starved in the UK and surprisingly when we have the white stuff everyone moans “isn’t it cold?  ” “I can’t wait for this weather to go?” What a grouo of humbugs they can be .And don’t get me started on the traffic, schools and shops.  Why on earth do things come to a stop in a little bit of snow? 

I love snow, it’s pretty, fun crunchy and makes me want to take photo after photo 

Let it begin..

What could I be possibly talking about? 

We are in early December, so it doesn’t take much guessing to work out that I am referring to Christmas. 

As of the 1st December, I begin to allow myself to play Christmas tunes. .never a day sooner.  Put up Christmas decorations, not that I have this year so far.  This year I would like a more subtle approach.  I am looking for a fallen branch which I will place one or two baubles …it will then become a “suggestion of Christmas “, a yes I have made this concept up and I don’t think many people will be following suit.  But I like the idea. 

So watch out parks, I am hunting branches! 

12 Days of Christmas. .Laughter Yoga Style 

A couple of days ago I ran one of my regular laughter Yoga classes. 

Laughter Yoga is incredibly silly but somehow I am sure i manage to make it even sillier 

It was the last session before Christmas, so obviously I choose a Christmas theme. 

What better way to start the festive month by laughter Yoga so own version of the 12 days of Christmas.  And yes, this is actually possible with a great deal of imagination and a willing group to join you 😆😇😄

A beautiful day for a …

Today I had a meeting with someone about running a festival together next year. 

I drove a couple of hours to meet her. ..what a wonderful beautiful drive it was 

The weather was perfect, warm autumn sun.  The scenery was stunning as I drove through the quaint cotswolds villages and towns with the thatched roofs adorning stone houses 

The roads long and winding and blissfully traffic light. .the cherry in the cake was the light wind was blowing the autumn leaves down from the trees as we drove south from Birmingham