Save a worms life today

On my way to the station I saw a worm on the pavement in great danger of someone not noticing that it’s there and consequently stepping on the worm. I carefully picked it up and placed in on the nearby earthy bank

Worm saving has been a regular occurance since I was a child, maybe my life purpose is to save worms from being trodden on 😉

The first time it happened was when I was in a car park killing time waiting for my mum to finish her appt, I saw a stranded worm and tried to pick it up , it fell out of my hands , not deterred I tried again. I then noticed people were watching me. The worms life is more important than nosey people, I reasoned. This was my first worm rescue mission

Hundreds of subsequent worm rescues missions have since followed


Puddles, puddles everywhere

The snow has melted and what a quick melting process it was

One minute Birmingham had a thick coat of snow, a few hours later a sea of puddles

I walked across the road in Digbeth carefully stretching my leg out to reach the kerb, fooled by a thin film of ice pretending to be the kerb and ended up ankle high in a huge puddle!

Wet feet for the rest of the day, I pondered

National Obsession

The UK has a national Obsession, we are mocked about it all over the world and I am guilty of our obsession too

Yes, it’s the weather, and have we got a lot of it at the moment. The newspapers are at a frenzy with front page stories . It’s the headlines on every news related programme. What’s going on in the rest of the world ceases to exist at the moment. Facebook posts are full of either snowy beauty, or people getting cross at how long it has taken them to get home

Our obsession also brings families & friends back in touch with one another with caring messages like ” how much snow have you got” 😉

These boots. ..

A few years ago I took part in a Hymalian trek in India to raise funds for Mind, the mental wellbeing charity.

To my naive horror I had to wear walking boots. I am not a “walking boots ” type of person

I looked high and low for “pretty boots ” guess what? I couldn’t find any

So I choose the next best thing, boots for a boy (my feet are small ) and customised them with glitter and stickers. Many years on , they are still being worn and loved

I have found it ☺

Yes, at long last I have found it.

I have searched high and low over too many years to count.

I thought I had found it on many occasions only to be bitterly disappointed

I have pretended to find it, trying to kid myself I had found it but I couldn’t keep it up.

“What have you found? “I know you are asking

“A vegan cheese that tastes like cheese!” Is my delighted reply

Dancing to a song about hemp milk

Last night I found myself at the Ort cafe, my favourite bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath with one of my favourite hippy bands called mobius loop

The room was cold, not far off freezing. ..but it soon warmed up when they started playing

When their song which talks about the benefits of drinking hemp milk started my daughter dressed as a fairy dragged me up to dance. No she isn’t a child but yes, my 26yrs old daughter still likes dressing as a fairy!

So up I got and started to dance to the song about the pros of hemp.

I left the night with the lyrics of one of their songs ringing in my ears. .”Go vegan, go vegan. ….”

Imagination gone wild

I am writing a book called , “Reflections of a Happy Dead Person “, it was started many years ago. Then like many a novel people start, never completed

This little novel has had new life breathed into it, I am allowing myself to be free and let it take on a new life. Which means pretty much starting from scratch with a totally blank canvas and no agenda

As I am writing I don’t even know what is coming next, it’s as if the book is acquiring it’s own personalities and is writing itself. ..I like this. A story nobody has never heard is being written for me 😉

I passed a park

Today I passed a park I have never passed before.

This isn’t that unusual as I was in an area I haven’t been before

There was a very large gathering of prams and pushchairs, visible from a distance. Attached to these was an equally large number of mothers standing on one leg

Yes, that may be considered unusual. Many years ago, this would have been considered incredibly odd, but nowadays just a tad unusual. Mums doing exercises / yoga in the park with and babies in buggies are almost as common as Nordic Walkers

It comes in threes

I would like to now publicly declare my car is going to be a good, reliable , accident free car for years and years and years!

I know this for certain because over the last few months, it has used it’s “bad luck “up with the law of three 😉

Yes, a car went into the pasenger side door in the snow, yes someone damaged the drivers door by trying to get break into my car and yes, yesterday I had a little accident meaning lots of money needs to be spent making my lovely, flower covered, very old car road worthy again

So whoop whoop to the next few years of trouble free motoring

Rain at night

Right now it’s raining.

It’s the evening and the TV is off

There is no better sound than listening to the rain fall especially when you are inside

I have always loved the rain and yes in the past I have danced in puddles with an umbrella just like Gene Kelley, if you haven’t done it you must. I jumped on and off of the kerb, rolling my umbrella and jumping enthusiastically in puddles

Maybe it’s time to do it again. where is my umbrella