And Stop

Busy,  busy, busy.  Must do this. ..and that. .this too

Now stop,  do nothing. all. 

This is today,  loads to do,  constantly busy.  My mind trigged my, “stop ” button . I obeyed and just sat, listened and watched the rain falling outside the patio doors.  Maybe for 5 mins, maybe 60 mins.  I never noticed 


Eerie Red Sky

30 years ago today a storm hit the UK, many lives were lost and much damage was done.

I have little memory of it, 30 years ago I had just got married, left home and was pregnant with my first child. .no wonder really that a storm seamed to feature so little in my memory. 

Today, 30 years on another storm is on the horizon.  This one has a name, ” Hurricane Ophellia ”  

I have just come back from walking the dog and I have to admit it’s rather eerie outside, there is a strange red glow in the sky, a very mild almost muggy feel to our October weather and the sound of a strong wind approaching. 

With weather like this I had better stay in 
then……That’s not me

. ..but I might get to work faster today if the winds behind me 

In a Land Far Far Away

“Where’s that? “I hear you ask 

Let me describe where I am right now. .i am on a balcony listening to crickets chirping loudly,  flying around me there are wasps and mosquitos, ant’s are climbing up the door behind me..despite all this or is beautiful.  The sun is setting, coconuts hanging from the tree are almost in arms reach,  I look around and all I can see are tall trees and lush and huge tropical plants.  In the far distance are fields on the mountain sides of the Western Ghats where they are huge stunning tea plantations 

A first

This year has been full of firsts and today was another one..I ran my first holistic and wellbeing fair.  And it went well. .whoop whoop 

I run it a bit different to other types of fairs and had a room for food and buskers, then the main room with stalls offering services and products and finally in the large room half hourly free activities to join in with,  things like belly dancing, laughter Yoga etc

I liked running it that’s much I am going to do it again in January šŸ˜‰

Too busy to just be

I teach mindfulness amongst the many things I do. 

How to enjoy the moment, live in the present etc.  The last 7 days have been very busy with me working morning, noon and until late in the evening on many days.

It struck me on my last mindfulness group on Saturday how unmindful I had been over the last week.  We open the group my each sharing a “mindful moment” we had experienced over the last 7 days, a moment where we had been fully present and not rushing around on autopilot. 

I struggled to think of one and I am the teacher of the group!  I also teach self compassion, so I could forgive myself. ..but none the less. So a little reminder to myself. ..allow myself to be in the moment.

A photo I took today as I was walking the dog. ..

Bare Foot and Happy

I spent Thursday to Monday mostly without shoes on. No i wasn’t housebound or ill.
I was camping at the conscious tribal gathering in a field in Wales. And no, it wasn’t sunny, the weather was mixed with large amounts of rain.
I enjoy being bare footed, it’s my natural way of being, on grass my shoes come off, at home they are off the moment i enter, i even run my workshops on a daily basis without shoes on.
But at last i have a place where others join me. ..

I am a Red Cosmic DragonĀ 

Well who would have thought that! 

I have learnt many things today at conscious camp.  I started the day on a journey to find my animal guides, I travelled through a tree and into the centre of the earth. .. where I found my crocodile and lion on a river bank waiting for me.

I then had a bath with gongs, and tried but failed to read mine and other people’s auras.

All was redeemed at the end of the day
 when I found out according to mayan calenders I am a red cosmic dragon 

Crying With LaughterĀ 

When I laugh, sometimes I can’t stop. I literally cry with laughter. Last night was one of those occasions. 

I run weekly mindfulness workshops, these may not appear to be places where one cries with laughter often but in my sessions this does seem to happen quite frequently.  

It’s a lovely group who have bonded over the last couple of years and one of last night’s activities was to draw stick person of yourself and then pass it around the group so other members can add to it qualities / things about you that have been missed.  

Saying that the resulting image of oneself that was returned to the person who originally drew it was 

funny is an understatement, hilarious is still being reserved,  tears were running down my face from laughter for possibly the next twenty minutes. 

30 days to change your life!Ā 

A year ago today I launched my first ever book. ..yup get me šŸ˜‰

It had the catchy title of,” 30 days to change your life. ” OK, it’s not going to set the world on fire and if I was a teacher I would probably give it a grade of, “could do better” or “lacks personality ”

But I still did it…the second book, third book, fourth book. …I will be better šŸ‘

If there is a little bit of you that wants to check out my ,”could do better book” it’s still available on Kindle for an amazing 99p and here’s the link