Wonderful Eccentrics

I  love love eccentric people and my world is delightfully full of them.

I am currently sitting at the Ort, it’s a community cafe where I have been going for 4-5 years and I have been running spoken word and music events there ever since I found the wonderful little cafe. ( The vegan group I attend introduced me to it.)

Tonight it’s my partners event, a music  night..
..looking around there are colourfully dressed people from a plethora of countries  (Balsall Heath is where the world meets ) standing,  sitting and dancing.  My wonderful eccentric friends or yet to be friends dance whenever they want, and live their lives in harmony with the world but unrestricted by everyday conventions

Wild Garlic and Strawberries

I run mindfulness groups and yesterday we took the group to the lovely Moseley Park. 

I bought along with me some food for mindful eating, fresh wild garlic and strawberries.  One of the group accidently ate both at the same time. …Guess what it worked.  The two flavours seemed to compliment each other perfectly.  Try them yourselves. ..we may be on to a new healthy food craze have 

The Word in One City

One of the things that I love about Birmingham is the diversity of its people.  This leads to an amazing range of art, music and food. 

There is always an event happening in Birmingham displaying this wonderfulness. 

Last night I went to an event celebrating Portugal carnation revolution.  I had never heard of this before, it was celebrated with beautiful sung Portuguese poetry, music , singer singer writers and traditional food. 

It was a lovely evening where I lost in the moment 

Young and Old

I deliver mindfulness sessions for the alzheimers society amongst other things.  When I approached the room, I did a double take. ..the was a table with a handful of children on it in their school uniforms.  On closer inspection, the tables further from the door had familiar faces of staff I recognise and many members of the drop in.

Yes, some children from the local school had come along with a staff member to learn about the charity and they would be taking part in the session.  I was a little apprehensive at first, but it was a breath of fresh air having them join the elderly members of the group.  Young and old sharing life experiences and chuckling together 

Smiling Brain App

Today I launched my first ever app for a phone.  I have called it the Smiling Brain App,  it was launched in a small way at the Ort cafe with music, therapists giving talks and taster treatments. ..oh and a bit of impro and dance. 

The app is still in the early test sessions with people trialing it for feedback but it’s getting there. The app is a mental health wellbeing app.

And Martin my app designer and partner in this adventure is now become part of ever growing circle of friends 


I walked my dog around trittiford park and the sun came out. ..beautifully warm.  Sitting and basking in the first few days of February in the UK is not common but a rare delight.  This year hadn’t been cold but it has been gloomy weather wise so it made this moment extra special 

How to keep me quiet 

People who know me see only one side of me, happy, chatty and a social person. 

Yes I am always happy but I am actually a rather quiet being and one sure fire way to keep me quiet is to give me something to colour in, a documentary to listen to preferably about an ancient society or a science related subjects and just as a bonus a glass of oak aged red wine.  All of which I process right now 😉