Bare Foot and Happy

I spent Thursday to Monday mostly without shoes on. No i wasn’t housebound or ill.
I was camping at the conscious tribal gathering in a field in Wales. And no, it wasn’t sunny, the weather was mixed with large amounts of rain.
I enjoy being bare footed, it’s my natural way of being, on grass my shoes come off, at home they are off the moment i enter, i even run my workshops on a daily basis without shoes on.
But at last i have a place where others join me. ..

A moment that will last a life time 

Whilst around the camp fire a couple of nights ago and young boy of about 7 had a moment that he will remember forever. 

The evening was drawning to a close,  we had all danced, chanted and sang. As people where getting ready to leave for their tents, a man spoke out and said did we mind if his young son could sing just one song.  

The young lad then took centre stage and quietly began to sing the opening lines from yellow submarine.  His face was one of wonder and joy when everyone            around
 the fire joined in to the chorus, “we all live in a. ..” 

I am a Red Cosmic Dragon 

Well who would have thought that! 

I have learnt many things today at conscious camp.  I started the day on a journey to find my animal guides, I travelled through a tree and into the centre of the earth. .. where I found my crocodile and lion on a river bank waiting for me.

I then had a bath with gongs, and tried but failed to read mine and other people’s auras.

All was redeemed at the end of the day
 when I found out according to mayan calenders I am a red cosmic dragon 

Primeval Chanting 

There is something very primeval about sitting around a camp fire at night with a group of people most of which one hardly knows and chanting. 

Other reaches something deap inside you that touches our primeval self.  That’s how I spent last night, sitting,  chanting and singing around the camp fire. 

 As an added my extra fire dancers gave us a wonderful performance too. 

My daughter led the children in a dance around the fire, last year most adults joined in too, including me. 

Drums, chanting, dancing and fire …..

Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption 

I am at the conscious global gathering in Wales, a wonderful vegan festival that celebrates all things vegan. ..oh and all things, “truth juice “ish too. Ufos, CE5, lucid dreams and lots more.  Basically you need to have an open mind , enjoy vegan food and like camping to come here. 

Well, I have just listened to one of my favourite live bands ever Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption , they promote veganism and hemp products for health. Check out the snip bit of them I am attaching 

I am a tree watching a sqirrel 

Well almost ! 

A little inside into my morning. .I have started to do a 30 min Yoga routine each morning via YouTube as many people now do.

It’s the summer and the weather is lovely so I take my ipad outside and do the routine there. 

The routine includes the tree pose, standing on one leg. ..i believe a squirrel is spying on me because as soon as I attempt this pose it runs across the fence in front of me in a mocking fashion 😄

Wonderful Eccentrics

I  love love eccentric people and my world is delightfully full of them.

I am currently sitting at the Ort, it’s a community cafe where I have been going for 4-5 years and I have been running spoken word and music events there ever since I found the wonderful little cafe. ( The vegan group I attend introduced me to it.)

Tonight it’s my partners event, a music  night..
..looking around there are colourfully dressed people from a plethora of countries  (Balsall Heath is where the world meets ) standing,  sitting and dancing.  My wonderful eccentric friends or yet to be friends dance whenever they want, and live their lives in harmony with the world but unrestricted by everyday conventions

Wild Garlic and Strawberries

I run mindfulness groups and yesterday we took the group to the lovely Moseley Park. 

I bought along with me some food for mindful eating, fresh wild garlic and strawberries.  One of the group accidently ate both at the same time. …Guess what it worked.  The two flavours seemed to compliment each other perfectly.  Try them yourselves. ..we may be on to a new healthy food craze have 

The Word in One City

One of the things that I love about Birmingham is the diversity of its people.  This leads to an amazing range of art, music and food. 

There is always an event happening in Birmingham displaying this wonderfulness. 

Last night I went to an event celebrating Portugal carnation revolution.  I had never heard of this before, it was celebrated with beautiful sung Portuguese poetry, music , singer singer writers and traditional food. 

It was a lovely evening where I lost in the moment