One of those days 

I had one of those days yesterday, many things went wrong, some things my fault and some not.  One of the things that went wrong was when getting something from my car I must have knocked the lights on. Yup,  hours later my battery was dead…I was stuck in Wolverhampton. 

I still carried on with the day as I had things to do,  eventually about 9.45 pm I had to sort the problem out,  a small bunch of homeless people were on the edge of the car park. One man foolishly said, “hello ” I grabbed him smiled and to his horror asked him to help me jump start my car, his friend was more keen and egged them both on, despite the fact that the second man seemed so  drunk  he couldn’t stand up straight . 

So it started,  the three of us,  trying to push my car around the car park trying to jump start my car, none of us knew how though. ..I thought you just push the car and then turn it on. turns out that isn’t how it’s done.  The homeless men were becoming tired after 20 mins of this. .but a random stranger on his way to catch a bus saw this strange carry on and came to our rescue. 

“You need to put the car in second gear” , he declared in an amused fashion.   So with the three of them now pushing. .. and the car in second gear, it started straight away.  After thanking everyone and giving the homeless men a few quid I left smiling a how lovely people are 

30 days to change your life! 

A year ago today I launched my first ever book. ..yup get me 😉

It had the catchy title of,” 30 days to change your life. ” OK, it’s not going to set the world on fire and if I was a teacher I would probably give it a grade of, “could do better” or “lacks personality ”

But I still did it…the second book, third book, fourth book. …I will be better 👍

If there is a little bit of you that wants to check out my ,”could do better book” it’s still available on Kindle for an amazing 99p and here’s the link 

Beautiful weather 

The weather in the UK is perfect, high temperatures, blue sky, not a cloud to be seen.  

There is something extra special when we have good weather, because it’s rare compared to our European cousin’s and what feels like the rest of the world .  When the sky is blue , people smile, take to the parks, out comes the bbq, ice cream and shorts. 

We are a country rationed  of pure blue sky and high temperatures and easily become akin to a kind of 
lizard mentality when, on rare occasion the sum does appear. .., right , off to bask  at the sun before it goes….


Looking back on my memories via Facebook, I have just been reminded how much I love Lichfield  

It is a perfect small city in the Midlands, crammed with history and personality. 

On a warm summers day, sitting in a lovely tea room garden opposite the Cathedral is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and also the free proms in Beacon park, early September is always on my must do list.  

Santiago Chile 

A reminder popped up on Facebook memories of a holiday I took about 18 months ago to Santiago in Chile. 

I had just started my business full time and needed to have my holiday in what I imagined would be my quiet period. .December. 

So I did what all people do nowadays to find out where would be a hot country to visit in December. ..searched on Google; ) 

Chile was one of the first searches that popped up and appealed to me.  I then informed my somewhat surprised partner that we were having a two week holiday in Santiago in December. ..and not long after off we went. 

Two weeks in a major city seems long,  but not in Santiago, it’s an amazing country to visit.  Full of interesting, diverse things to see and do. Buskers fill the streets and tube Stations, lush green parks are in abundance , street markets and cafes add atmosphere and all around the city you can see the snow capped Andes .

Wow, such Talent 

Well, it was my spoken word and music event at the quirky little bohemian cafe in Balsall Heath last night and it was a night bursting with talent. 

It’s not just spoken word and music  (maybe I should rename it) there are comedians , a magician and often more. 

I remember way back when variety programmes began to receive high ratings , programmes like, “The good old days.” Yes, I am that old!  We still love variety acts today, I believe ,”Britain’s got talent” is still on . 

What lots of people may not know is there are many venues in Birmingham where talent is overflowing, last night was just one of them

Tiny but Full of Character 

My final day in Malta was spent on the wonderful little island of Gozo. 

A tiny little Island , overflowing with personality.  Gozo is easy to get to from Malta and despite what we were told,  transport around the island was easy.  

We visited Victoria and it’s citadel, at the top of the building looking around the island, surprisingly it’s reminiscent of Israel, the sand colour buildings and sparse vegetarian 

A storm is brewing. .Malta

By this u do mean literally!  

It’s 10am and we are sitting in a cafe, with thunder getting closer and closer. 

I don’t like storms at all. This goes back to my childhood when my mum believed the safe place from storms was under the stairs in the cupboard.  You also couldn’t make telephone calls, have baths, all plugs were pulled out. ..and you must stay away from all windows. 

I have come a long way from.  Then but I still know all danger signs of storms and the dos and don’t of storms are never going to leave me.  

Maybe one day I will see the beauty of a storm and not the danger 

Commonsense left the country. .Malta 

It started at breakfast, my partner and I heard what sounded like bombs and gunfire. . A little unnerved because of the recent terrorist attacks I  London. 

I had an ah hah moment. .It’s the Maltese elections, this was confirmed by the news 

Off we went to a small bay by Valletta, Spinola Bay. .a huge huge huge mistake. 

All common sense left the town.  Yes, it was election day and people were pleased that labour had once again gained power.  Not may I add unusual because they have been in power since 1987  (apart from 94-96, I wonder what happened then) Spinola was now party town. 

I am not a party pooper. . But the continuous beeeeeeeeeeeeepingggggggggg of  mostly car horns at top volume began to annoy me after an hour,then two hours….6 hours 7 hours………. )

It seems the done thing in Malta after elections is to get in a car,  van , skip,  truck or any mode of transport. ..fill it to over flowing proportions of people. If no more people can fit in,  stick them on the roof or windscreen, apparently two grown men fit nicely on a windscreen ! Then get as many noise making devices and ride in a traffic jam of everyone else around Spinola Bay using the horns as loud and continuously as possible!!! All day long 

Oh I forgot to add on this day it seems drinking cans of lager, using mobiles whilst driving is fine,  putting flags on the windscreen is fine, smashing up your car  by thumping it also seems fine, stopping the vehicle wherever you please is fine, causing the biggest traffic jam in the world is fine  (buses. ..what bus,  we were stranded!)

With ears worn out we eventually found a taxi,  one small amazing high point of the day was a load of crabs in a some kind of crater/whole  on
 the beach though. .it’s the little things 

A Fun Place

I saw on TripAdvisor a little spot in Malta called popeye village.  It’s the scene set for the Disney movie popeye from when they made it in 1979 and is now a tourist attraction.

Well it’s a delight, a wonderful Cove of green /blue sea, quaint colourful albeit artificial houses.  You can swim in the sea. ..which of cause I did, take part in a movie, explore all the houses. ….

Yes , I definitely liked the popeye experience  …I didn’t expect that 😉