20 Extra Years of life

I am going to live and extra 20 years on top of my normal life expectancy. .good isn’t it? 

How do I know that?  Many expects have agreed, apparently 😉 Anyone can have these extra years too

There is a downside. .umm , well it’s quite a big downside too. .wait for this. ..

You just don’t eat for two days a week. ..forever.  I have chosen Tuesdays and Thursdays , I will give up food. Look at the money I will save and another plus no hassle of thinking what to eat today 

Well, I will sign off now,  rather hungry but optimistic over all these extra years of life…..and hunger 


Yes, I have sisters. .

A brother too! 

Many people I know are unaware of the fact that I have 2 sisters and a brother because we rarely see each other.  

They are very nice and we always get on well when we do meet. .so what keeps us apart. ..one word really. …


Also distance doesn’t help,  they live around Watford my home town and I live in Birmingham.  Each time we meet,  we talk about how we should make an effort to visit more. .and then part.  A shocker. .is now coming up. ..wait. .Whilst talking to my sister, it transpires I haven’t seen my mum for possibly 3 years.  Umm, no excuse

A phantom voice. .true story 

With Halloween not long gone, I thought I would tell you a true tale. 

Many years ago when my daughters were small they went on a short holiday on a barge with a local youth group. 

The second night, myself and my husband at the time heard my youngest daughter Elle, shouting loudly, “mum, mum, mum” from here bedroom. 

We looked at each other in shock, why is she upstairs, she is supposed to be on the boat.  He went upstairs to check,  no she wasn’t there. 

5 minutes later. .the same again. 

5 minutes later. .the same again… 

By this stage we were concerned,  my daughter was too young to have a phone,  about 7 yrs at the time, and there was no way of contacting the boat. The youth group was very responsible,  we tried to comfort ourselves with that thought. 

The following day, she returned home happy and it fine form with her sister.  I enquired, what she was doing about 10pm the previous night.  After thinking Elle explained,  how a few of them had got off the boat looking for a shop to buy sweets and then she exclaimed how incredibly scared she had become because it was dark and creepy around by the canals at night.

I believe somehow, Elle 
had managed to transfer her fear into many shouts of,”mum, mum, mum. ..” that came from here room. What else could it be?

Splat! Face in a Cake

“What did you do today? ”

Go on ask…

Ok, let me tell you.  I pushed a ladies face into a cake. ..Yes really.  I think I did it too enthusiastically though! 

Today, I took part in a film, only a small background part. .as  part of the slapstick scene a lady fell into a cake

After the shot she asked me to help her film a little extra piece and push her into the cake.  I think I overplayed the piece and a gentle push. ..was more of a hefty shove. .ooops

A must if you haven’t been 

Today I visited one of my favourite small towns, Bridgnorth. 

It’s one of the few places I wouldn’t mind living in. 

There are so many pluses to the town, it’s pretty,  quaint, cobbled roads, a lovely garden surrounded by the castle walls, has nice cafes, loads of pubs, a cliff railway to transport you between higher and lowers Bridgnorth, it’s on the river Severn and …wait for it. ..the charity shops are cheap

Wow, what more could you want from a small town 

So much more. ..

I wanted somewhere new to explore not that far away. Using Google maps I soon choose an area of unexplored territory  (for me that is 😉) An area called Hartlebuy, it fitted all the tick boxes, a castle, out in the country, pubs and a garden centre cafe that looked promising

We never got further than the garden centre! Whitlenge Garden Ctre is more than a garden centre, they have gone to town with their imagination. .fairies, gnomes, a wonderful country garden cafe and then the gardens. .

For a modest entry fee of ÂŁ3.50 each we were taken on a journey into all things spooky.  Yes. .it was Halloween themed,  they did a brilliant job and it kept us entertained for ages and ages. .brilliant fun

Where are you on this cold September night? 

Well, let me set the scene of where I am right now 

Yes, it’s certainly cold. ..I am in a large marquee luckily I have bought my thick red blanket with me.  Even luckier. ..I have remembered to bring red wine and a plastic cup to drink it with. 

Where are  you. .?  Obviously I’m a field in the Slaughters , not just any Slaughter but Upper Slaughter.

What are you doing there? I hear you scream?…

.. Well, I have heard a ghost story,; songs about a lady wearing her comfortable pants in France. ..oh an a man playing a recorder  accompanied by a guitar, djemba and another drum doing old English and French folk songs. 

You guessed it. ..Yes I am at a Herb Festival! 

Crying With Laughter 

When I laugh, sometimes I can’t stop. I literally cry with laughter. Last night was one of those occasions. 

I run weekly mindfulness workshops, these may not appear to be places where one cries with laughter often but in my sessions this does seem to happen quite frequently.  

It’s a lovely group who have bonded over the last couple of years and one of last night’s activities was to draw stick person of yourself and then pass it around the group so other members can add to it qualities / things about you that have been missed.  

Saying that the resulting image of oneself that was returned to the person who originally drew it was 

funny is an understatement, hilarious is still being reserved,  tears were running down my face from laughter for possibly the next twenty minutes. 

Election Chaos 

Teresa May should have listen to the old wise proverb, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. ”

Her party wasn’t doing too bad considering the difficult circumstances, Brexit, terrism etc.  And now she has ended up in a weaker situation forced to be allies with a group called the DUP, which I and many others  have never heard of. Albeit I know little about politics.

I feel a part of the Conservative losses today were down to social media. In today’s society, it can make or break things.  For example it can make a number one hit song. ..and as shown today virtually break a government.  

It’s a strange but fascinating world we now live in…..