Eerie Red Sky

30 years ago today a storm hit the UK, many lives were lost and much damage was done.

I have little memory of it, 30 years ago I had just got married, left home and was pregnant with my first child. .no wonder really that a storm seamed to feature so little in my memory. 

Today, 30 years on another storm is on the horizon.  This one has a name, ” Hurricane Ophellia ”  

I have just come back from walking the dog and I have to admit it’s rather eerie outside, there is a strange red glow in the sky, a very mild almost muggy feel to our October weather and the sound of a strong wind approaching. 

With weather like this I had better stay in 
then……That’s not me

. ..but I might get to work faster today if the winds behind me 


Cows in the road and banana skins

Today is my birthday. .no way,  never, too soon.  Yup it’s my birthday yet again but what a wonderful way to spend it.

My partner and I went took a river trip on the amazing back waters of ,Kuttanad (Near Alappuzha / Alleppey) the driver battled through torrential rain to arrive at the destination.  I took cover under my rain poncho on part of the journey ….yes we were in a car but the window needed to be open to clear the windscreen  (it was an old car!)we narrowly avoided cows in the road and many cars and trucks that seemed to be heading straight for us.

Somehow we arrived safely and then took a leisurely boat ride through the back waters. . It’s a glimpse into the lives of local people living on and about the rivers.  A fascinating insight into their daily lives as they wash,  do laundry and clean their plates in the abundant river .

We stopped at a riverside cafe and ate a traditional meal using banana skins as plates and our hands as cutlery , when the rain came again the rivers became even more beautiful 

What a noisy placeĀ 

I am currently sitting on the balcony of my home stay in Kochi. .peaceful and serene you may image. 

Well, right now I can hear crickets. .how sweet, but also, music, people talking, beeping from cars, cars driving by,  a loud hammer banging something,  a helicopter, tuk tuk ……..

And as for the middle of the night, that’s when the real fun and games start,  huge thunder storms, dogs howling, doors flapping sole bizarre noise like a didgeridoo on top of the noises I mentioned above. …you have got to love Kochi šŸ˜‰

A Wet ZebraĀ 

I recently bought a zebra waterproof poncho.  I am going to India in a couple of weeks and it’s still their rainy season.  Do I thought a fun waterproof zebra poncho would be perfect. 

It’s been rather rainy here too, so I thought I would test it in the local park whilst walking the dog.

Off I went,  yes people looked at me.  You don’t often get a lady dressed as a zebra walking a dog in our local park…the rain came down. ..”ha ha I thought,  at least I will be dry!” 

It leaked. ..big time.  The fury  mane on my head, seamed to act like a funnel for rain to run down my back. I became a very wet zebra walking my dog in the local park

Rain at Night

I was woken up last night by the rain.

We have been having quite a lot of rain recently and weeks more to come if the weather forecast is correct. 

But wow, are we lucky in this country compared to other parts of the world.  A nasty little. ..well I mean huge,  the size of France huge hurricane is devastating countries on its journey. 

It has pretty much wiped out the island of Barbuda and according to the news another couple of hurricanes are following its path. 

Rain in Britain. .we are so lucky 

A Leonard Cohen Day

We are in August, yesterday morning felt like late October.  It was dark, cold and raining. 

But there is also something comforting about these days, I was inside doing work looking out of the patio doors at the bleak weather. The music industry chose to play was Leonard Cohens amazing album, “you want it darker. ” .. seamed apt šŸ˜„

Were they UFOs ???

Yesterday there was thunder and lightening in Birmingham.  Not my favourite weather to say the least..

I have never liked lightening, this probably started when as a young child my mum used to encourage us to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for safety in storms! 

I am not crazy about flying either but a few years ago I had both of my least favourite things together, a lightening storm on a flight back from Egypt. 

My husband at the time encouraged me at one stage to look out of the window , when I did I saw about 5 large balls of light bouncing slowly around the night sky in the distance … 

UFOS / lightening balls? ???

Bare Foot and Happy

I spent Thursday to Monday mostly without shoes on. No i wasn’t housebound or ill.
I was camping at the conscious tribal gathering in a field in Wales. And no, it wasn’t sunny, the weather was mixed with large amounts of rain.
I enjoy being bare footed, it’s my natural way of being, on grass my shoes come off, at home they are off the moment i enter, i even run my workshops on a daily basis without shoes on.
But at last i have a place where others join me. ..

Rain, Wind, Gongs and Dog

My afternoon was spent in a tent laying down listening to the rain, with a breeze swiftly blowing through a small opening,  my dog close by taking part in a gong sound bath!

And yes, it was really good.  I am currently at the consciousness tribal global gathering, I am delivering a couple of the workshops but having great fun taking part in the other diverse stuff going on too. 

Rain. ….Making British Festivals Special