Puddles, puddles everywhere

The snow has melted and what a quick melting process it was

One minute Birmingham had a thick coat of snow, a few hours later a sea of puddles

I walked across the road in Digbeth carefully stretching my leg out to reach the kerb, fooled by a thin film of ice pretending to be the kerb and ended up ankle high in a huge puddle!

Wet feet for the rest of the day, I pondered


National Obsession

The UK has a national Obsession, we are mocked about it all over the world and I am guilty of our obsession too

Yes, it’s the weather, and have we got a lot of it at the moment. The newspapers are at a frenzy with front page stories . It’s the headlines on every news related programme. What’s going on in the rest of the world ceases to exist at the moment. Facebook posts are full of either snowy beauty, or people getting cross at how long it has taken them to get home

Our obsession also brings families & friends back in touch with one another with caring messages like ” how much snow have you got” 😉

Here it comes. .or maybe not

Birmingham is on edge. ..waiting for the almighty snow storm they have called the beast from the east .

There has been panic in supermarkets as people stock up food incase of stortages, appointments rearranged until next week, roads gritted like never before and every flutter of snow reported on Facebook

Today, I walked my dog and whilst out I believe the storm came and went. Half way around the park, the wind and snow picked up, for 2 minutes at least we had both wind and snow and then it went.

Maybe it will pop back tomorrow 😉

Metal Zoo

Yes, we have a metal Zoo within walking distance of where we live.

Guess what? It has a new animal, i am not sure what it is though?

It also has an African heritage ctr, a bird walk, a sandy beach, a waterfall, a garden ctr and an amazing African style cafe with huge drums

It’s my …not so secret hiding place in the warm summer months where I can be found sunbathing and reading a book whilst watching the guinea fowl and peacock strut their stuff

This magical little place is called, “Akamba. ” if you are anywhere near the West Midlands, check it out

This feels like winter

At the moment I am using public transport until my car is fixed.

I generally enjoy using buses and trains. .yesterday, I wasn’t so keen

The trains were fine, on time and warm. But the hour of walking that accompanied this , was a good reminder of what winter weather is all about …

I ended up looking like a frozen dead rat , due to walking in freezing sleet with a harsh wind accompanying it.

Not a good look

Rain at night

Right now it’s raining.

It’s the evening and the TV is off

There is no better sound than listening to the rain fall especially when you are inside

I have always loved the rain and yes in the past I have danced in puddles with an umbrella just like Gene Kelley, if you haven’t done it you must. I jumped on and off of the kerb, rolling my umbrella and jumping enthusiastically in puddles

Maybe it’s time to do it again. ..now where is my umbrella

I needed that

Yesterday I was driving to facilitate a mindful walk in Sutton Park

On the way, I noticed how warm it was, in fact so warm I opened the window

Yes, oh yes, oh yes I felt the warmth of the sun on my arm through the opened window, yes real warmth!

I don’t think I had realised how sun starved I had become over the very long, overcast and colder than average winter

Today, it’s back to a grey sky, but at least I had yesterday 😉

More words for snow needed

Snow has arrived again in Birmingham yesterday, it was not expected

Yesterday’s snow was very different than today’s snow. Our vocabulary is severely deficient in words for snow, other countries have this much better catered for.

I asked my partner this morning what the weather was, he said ,”snow “. I looked out and could see it was wet snow and informed him. His reply was all snow was wet!

I should have told him it was, “imalik” obviously, he would then of known what I was referring to….umm maybe if he could understand West Greenlandic .Yesterday’s snow you see was definitely, “akkilokipok” soft snow. I must say very different snow 😉

One persons plea …we really do need need more words for snow here in the UK. ..😉 xxx

Wonderful Drizzle 

Today the weather has been glum. Cloudy and with drizzle and I have loved it 

It’s feels like it’s been ages since we have had this typical  miserable British  weather that we are known the world over for 

It brings back happy childhood memories of being stuck inside the house.  No, I wasnt a child that never went out…what I did love was the activity box I owned aptly called, “things to do on a rainy day ” and the only time I would allow myself to do them was. .That’s right on a rainy day.