These shoes aren’t made for walking 

This morning I went to the gym.  Not a problem you would think. .but…

…because of the snow /ice and too many cars around where I live I was forced to park at the bottom of the road down a small hill. 

Again not really a problem but here’s the problem getting to the car was the problem. I leave the house to go to the gym in my Nike trainers, I like these shoes, they are comfortable bright turquoise and have a big toe divider. .you know the type. 

I now know they are the worse shoes in the world for ice. .wow. I could hardly stand up either on the pavement or the road. 

That small downhill walk seamed harder than a marathon to complete 


The longest walk ever

This longest walk ever was around a very small distance.  The local park! 

So why was this the longest walk ever?  I hear you ask 

Yes, that’s right it’s the snow.  But not as you think.  I didn’t walk extra slow because I was scared of falling over but because everywhere was so amazingly pretty.  I took photo after photo after photo. …..

Wow. .snow, snow, snow everywhere and feet in carrier bags!

I knew today was expecting snow. .but wow, it’s blown everyone’s socks off just how much snow there has been 

We woke up to a snow covered Birmingham and from there it got worse but also increasingly beautiful. 

All buses were cancelled, aeroplanes again all cancelled, all schools tomorrow are closed already and there was a mass call out for 4×4 cars to help staff get to hospital.  Now, it must be bad for that to happen.  

I had a wonderful 1 hour walk each way to a client i see regularly. I put my walking boots on and as an extra precaution two carrier bags to  protect my feet against any leaks also keeping my feet jolly warm. I don’t know where I learnt this little trick but it works wonders in thick snow 

Barefoot in the snow 

Don’t do it! It hurts 

How on earth  would I know what’s it’s like to walk barefoot in the snow? 

I walk around barefoot at home, in the garden and sometimes outside,  to the neighbours or car for example. Everyone who knows me don’t take long to see its my natural state of being.  When I facilitate my workshops , you’ve guessed it…off comes my shoes etc

So it doesn’t take a broad leap to realise I have walked barefoot in the snow. It was a few years ago, our last major snow fall,  about 2012 I think.  I popped out to retrieve something from the car which was about 100 yards away . All I can say is don’t do it and I won’t be doing it again.  Walking in the deap snow is like a thousand little pins sticking into your soles.  But saying that,  I am glad I did go for a wander barefoot in the snow because otherwise I wouldn’t have known what it was like .

Whoop. .it snow 

What a delightful treat today, I woke up and my world was pretty,  white and full of festive snow. 

We are snow starved in the UK and surprisingly when we have the white stuff everyone moans “isn’t it cold?  ” “I can’t wait for this weather to go?” What a grouo of humbugs they can be .And don’t get me started on the traffic, schools and shops.  Why on earth do things come to a stop in a little bit of snow? 

I love snow, it’s pretty, fun crunchy and makes me want to take photo after photo 

A bit of winter sun

This afternoon I was walking my dog around the waters edge.  The wind was bitter howling around my face and then..

…all of a sudden I came across a sun trap, the wind died totally and I felt the warmth of the winter sun warming my cold face

I love the sun, I am that sad, I will cross to the sunny side of the street on every occasion.  I stand with my face in the warm glow of the sun whenever I can 

I love. need the warmth of the sun as often as I can 

 Yes, I believe this just means i am English. In England we are sun starved and crave it as an addict craves drugs., where’s that sun?

Winter is approaching 

Yesterday I had my first taste of winter. 

I was walking my dog around the local park, the wind suddenly picked up and with it, 
down came a sleet like rain 

With full frontal wind, I must say it wasn’t very pleasant. Wind is my least favourite weather at the best of times, it gives me earache and with sleet attached to it. .well what can I say

The unpleasant weather has reminded me however, how lucky we have been in the UK over the last few years with our incredibly mild winters 

A beautiful day for a …

Today I had a meeting with someone about running a festival together next year. 

I drove a couple of hours to meet her. ..what a wonderful beautiful drive it was 

The weather was perfect, warm autumn sun.  The scenery was stunning as I drove through the quaint cotswolds villages and towns with the thatched roofs adorning stone houses 

The roads long and winding and blissfully traffic light. .the cherry in the cake was the light wind was blowing the autumn leaves down from the trees as we drove south from Birmingham 

Eerie Red Sky

30 years ago today a storm hit the UK, many lives were lost and much damage was done.

I have little memory of it, 30 years ago I had just got married, left home and was pregnant with my first child. .no wonder really that a storm seamed to feature so little in my memory. 

Today, 30 years on another storm is on the horizon.  This one has a name, ” Hurricane Ophellia ”  

I have just come back from walking the dog and I have to admit it’s rather eerie outside, there is a strange red glow in the sky, a very mild almost muggy feel to our October weather and the sound of a strong wind approaching. 

With weather like this I had better stay in 
then……That’s not me

. ..but I might get to work faster today if the winds behind me