A Leonard Cohen Day

We are in August, yesterday morning felt like late October.  It was dark, cold and raining. 

But there is also something comforting about these days, I was inside doing work looking out of the patio doors at the bleak weather. The music industry chose to play was Leonard Cohens amazing album, “you want it darker. ” .. seamed apt 😄

Were they UFOs ???

Yesterday there was thunder and lightening in Birmingham.  Not my favourite weather to say the least..

I have never liked lightening, this probably started when as a young child my mum used to encourage us to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for safety in storms! 

I am not crazy about flying either but a few years ago I had both of my least favourite things together, a lightening storm on a flight back from Egypt. 

My husband at the time encouraged me at one stage to look out of the window , when I did I saw about 5 large balls of light bouncing slowly around the night sky in the distance … 

UFOS / lightening balls? ???

Bare Foot and Happy

I spent Thursday to Monday mostly without shoes on. No i wasn’t housebound or ill.
I was camping at the conscious tribal gathering in a field in Wales. And no, it wasn’t sunny, the weather was mixed with large amounts of rain.
I enjoy being bare footed, it’s my natural way of being, on grass my shoes come off, at home they are off the moment i enter, i even run my workshops on a daily basis without shoes on.
But at last i have a place where others join me. ..

Rain, Wind, Gongs and Dog

My afternoon was spent in a tent laying down listening to the rain, with a breeze swiftly blowing through a small opening,  my dog close by taking part in a gong sound bath!

And yes, it was really good.  I am currently at the consciousness tribal global gathering, I am delivering a couple of the workshops but having great fun taking part in the other diverse stuff going on too. 

Rain. ….Making British Festivals Special 

Zumba in the Rain 

I had the pleasure of attending a lovely garden festival yesterday.  Music, poetry, cakes, etc

….oh and Zumba 

The started warm and sunny but as the afternoon moved on it became quite chilly and then the zumba started.  Should I sit and stay cold or join in to the communal zumba class , “join in and warm up” my thought told me , so I did. 

Then the rain started,  zumba in the rain  at a garden festival …How very British 

I am a tree watching a sqirrel 

Well almost ! 

A little inside into my morning. .I have started to do a 30 min Yoga routine each morning via YouTube as many people now do.

It’s the summer and the weather is lovely so I take my ipad outside and do the routine there. 

The routine includes the tree pose, standing on one leg. ..i believe a squirrel is spying on me because as soon as I attempt this pose it runs across the fence in front of me in a mocking fashion 😄

Run Around 

My partner came home from work yesterday to find me frantically running around the living room.  Yes, I am preparing for a 10k run and it was cold outside! 

Why am I doing this madness I am asking myself?  Because when I was 10 years old, my step dad said to me I would never ever be able to run a marathon.  Ok, running around the living room is a long way off a marathon, but then again it was only a couple of years ago I started practising for my Himalayian  trek my walking up and down stairs over and over again 

Autumn in June 

Today on the 28th June, autumn has returned to the UK. It’s cold, damp, windy and grey.

As I was walking around the park, rustic coloured leaves were lying amongst the grass.  Coats, hats and boots were back on the passers by.

I entered the car and without realising replaced the current chart music chanel I was listening to with classic fm, which I normally play only in the autumn and winter months.

It seems my music taste is dictated by the weather not the season I pondered as I drove 


Yesterday was the hottest June day for 40 years and social media has been alive with people moaning about how hot the recent weather has been. 

The weather has taken me back to the heat wave of 1976, I was a little girl then living in Watford.  

Hot humid day after day, I remember it looked like the earth was cracking up with deep lines.  Ladybirds seemed in abundance, covering people wearing yellow or bright coloured clothes. 

I wonder if we will ever get a summer like that again in the UK?