What’s your bliss?

The weather was cold, a freezing wind, wild snow hurling around and this was March 18th 2018

After work I came home to find my bliss

A bath with a lush bath bomb, music on my ipad ‘Allegri’s Miserere” and a glass of wine.

All better now


What is your bliss? 

What is your bliss? 

I had a little bit of my bliss this evening. 

A warm bubble  bath, scented with,  insence stick burning, a glass of quality red wine  (matured in an oak casket, the more years the better) , lights out and listening to Allegri: Miserere 

All I can say is wow

Eve of the Dead @The Ruin

Birmingham now has its own little Budapest Style Pub in Digbeth called “The Ruin ”

It’s got bare walls, basic miss matched furniture and it’s brilliant.  

Although its only been open a couple of weeks it has already also has hosted it’s first Halloween “Eve of the Dead ” Spoken word and music event………oh ok, I organised that for them and it was really good 

Classic acts like phantom of the Opera to the Raven to spooky poems. ..to comedy horror films to……..umm blues music , travis covers, bohemian based poems ….. 

 Ummmm, halloween acts are thin on the ground on 31st October so one has to …ummm
m, pad it out …ummm just a little 😯

Vegan Pie & Mash , Wine and Music 

I am currently in a pub in the outskirts of Birmingham city centre after a long ,full and fun day of work….and yes, it’s Sunday listening to live music which I have organised for a friends week long show 

This is not a modern, hip or trendy pub.  It’s a grass roots real ale type of pub. ..so I am delight that they have a menu with vegan food. .

Maybe the tide is turning and little by little the UK is becoming vegan friendly 

Fairytale Wedding and it’s downside 

Yesterday I went to an amazing fairytale wedding . 

A couple of my friends were getting married and they went for the fairytale theme ..big style 

Enen the walking down the isle was a procession that started with a Swan princess, then page boys dressed in dickensien clothes, followed by a chief 
mermaid. ….you get the picture 

Now, the downside. . The food it was everything that a fairytale would provide.  Candyfloss , sweet stands, ice cream (numerous flavours ) ,gin cocktails, glasses upon glasses of processo, and then the cakes.  Huge cream cakes of every description with mountains of clotted cream.  Add that to curry(as much as you could eat) and the standard wedding sandwiches etc led to a  very ill partner all night long! 

Bog Men and The Cost of a Drink!

Actually they have very little in common apart from the fact they both relate to Dublin. 

The bog men which you can find in the Natural History Museum are alarming fascinating.  You feel that you shouldn’t be looking at them as in its wrong to stare, yet you can’t take your eyes of the detail of their bodies and demise. 

On the other hand the cost of drink, food, and staying in Dublin is jolly expensive.  I would say the most expensive European city I have stayed in recent years.  

A couple of examples, two chocolate eclairs. . €10!  A glass of wine  â‚¬9! And Guinness  â‚¬7a pint.  And as for the cost of a meal…….

Home Alone 

Last night I had a night in alone. This is a rare for me.  Most nights, I work and if I am not working, there are music nights and events myself and my partner attended.  It’s rare the two of us have a night in alone, so you can imagine how rare a night alone is.

So what did I do on my night alone?  

Wine, crisps and a delightful comedy.  That’s all,  and I really enjoyed it☺

How to keep me quiet 

People who know me see only one side of me, happy, chatty and a social person. 

Yes I am always happy but I am actually a rather quiet being and one sure fire way to keep me quiet is to give me something to colour in, a documentary to listen to preferably about an ancient society or a science related subjects and just as a bonus a glass of oak aged red wine.  All of which I process right now 😉