Multicultural Birmingham

After difficulty, I found somewhere to park. A couple of horses passed who where being ridden by men in white decorated outfits. I could hear drums getting closer, then more horses and suddenly people were everywhere. It’s a wedding I realised

I walked down the road, an Irish band was marching by, brightly coloured floats started to pass in a leisurely way. A sea of emerald green , people laughing and enjoying the warm sunshine. A Samba band was now passing as part of the procession, I made my way along the Road in Digbeth to my favourite vegan restaurant to meet a couple of my children.

I am glad I live in Birmingham


Tomorrow’s World

I loved Tomorrow’s World and I believed everything the programme told me

All the sci fi gizmos and gadgets were waiting for me in the future.

I remember when I was told that one day we would all have our own personal telephone number and carry around phone. Back in the 70s this was an impossible thought

And now at last there are flying cars, yes I saw it on the news. The ultimate sci fi fantasy object has arrived

A tent in a field

About 10 years ago now I went camping with 3 of my children.

Maybe camping is too strong a word for it, we had been through a family drama so I thought let’s get away

I bought a pop up tent and off we went to a local camp site. It turned out to be a field next to a pub in Bridgnorth.

This was my first camping experience at the age of 41, after popping up our tent the three children and I could just and I mean just squeeze into our small round little home and we watched movies all night on a portable movie player

Small, cramped but great fun

Wear your best clothes today

I used to live down the road from a very unique man

I would see him working in his garden, picking up litter from the local streets and wearing his best incredible colourful suits walking around Birmingham City Centre

My daughter asked him one day when she was a small child why do you dress like that, he looked down on her and said because it made him happy. The words resonated with her, as she too enjoyed wearing “best ” clothes every day, she still does.

Let every day be your “best ” day

It proved me wrong

It’s an investment, takes hours of my time each week. You could go as far as saying its one of my major sources of relaxation and down time

Therefore I like to be certain before I commit.

I have over many years committed to this very thing and got lost in its ups and downs i have been on a rollercoster of emotions with its characters . It’s an important part of my past, even my childhood with the first series

Was I prepared to risk this new version of Star Trek, I watched the first episode with trepidation. It didn’t get off to a good start. Horror fell upon my face when I saw they had changed the theme tune, even more horror when I saw they had also changed the graffics.

But everyone you can relax, a couple of episodes in and I think it’s great. New, fresh but with the same feel as the old Star Trek, well done Netflix

Puddles, puddles everywhere

The snow has melted and what a quick melting process it was

One minute Birmingham had a thick coat of snow, a few hours later a sea of puddles

I walked across the road in Digbeth carefully stretching my leg out to reach the kerb, fooled by a thin film of ice pretending to be the kerb and ended up ankle high in a huge puddle!

Wet feet for the rest of the day, I pondered

National Obsession

The UK has a national Obsession, we are mocked about it all over the world and I am guilty of our obsession too

Yes, it’s the weather, and have we got a lot of it at the moment. The newspapers are at a frenzy with front page stories . It’s the headlines on every news related programme. What’s going on in the rest of the world ceases to exist at the moment. Facebook posts are full of either snowy beauty, or people getting cross at how long it has taken them to get home

Our obsession also brings families & friends back in touch with one another with caring messages like ” how much snow have you got” 😉

These boots. ..

A few years ago I took part in a Hymalian trek in India to raise funds for Mind, the mental wellbeing charity.

To my naive horror I had to wear walking boots. I am not a “walking boots ” type of person

I looked high and low for “pretty boots ” guess what? I couldn’t find any

So I choose the next best thing, boots for a boy (my feet are small ) and customised them with glitter and stickers. Many years on , they are still being worn and loved

I have found it ☺

Yes, at long last I have found it.

I have searched high and low over too many years to count.

I thought I had found it on many occasions only to be bitterly disappointed

I have pretended to find it, trying to kid myself I had found it but I couldn’t keep it up.

“What have you found? “I know you are asking

“A vegan cheese that tastes like cheese!” Is my delighted reply