What a Bridge …

Today we took a taxi to the Kerala Folklore Museum and it was a wonderful little gem but strangely rather like the Pit Modeum  museum in Oxford .

On the way back after a lovely “Subway ” yes, the huge sandwich chain is rather popular over here! We decided to walk a part of the way home, and on route crossed a bridge over the backwaters to Willingdon Island, a man made island by the British many years ago.  

The Bridge its self is actually not that special but according to every single tuk tuk driver who has driven us over it in the last couple of weeks  (and there has been many! ) it too was built by the British also and used to open to let large boats through like Tower Bridge. 

It’s the views from the bridge that make it so special,  the huge dragon flies , dug out canoes with sole fishermen on them and floating mangroves. .


ProtestethĀ  too Much

A thought, things that I hated during my earlier life I now love.  Subconsciously did I protesteth too much about the items in question?

Examples of things I strongly disliked are, celery, beetroot, fit flops, gardening and the gym! I now love all five of these things, there are many more examples 

Why am I blogging about this whilst I am in India?  Well it’s because I have had another protesteth too much moment. ..yesterday I bought a pair of genie pants from the market. ….and you guessed it I love the silly over sized things šŸ˜€

A Scotsman, A Guitar and BatsĀ 

What on earth could those three things have in common? 

Well, if you were here with me right now it would be would be obvious. 

I  currently in Kochi at a wonderful arts cafe garden listening to a man from Sterling, Scotland singing, “Story of Love. ” 

He is playing on his guitar a young lady from Kochi who he met earlier today is singing on stage with him…oh yes “bats ” Where do they come into this?  

Well , we are in a cafe garden with many trees and many bats and they are flying occasionally around the singer, stage, audience and for added effect making marvellous shadows on the wall backing the stage too. 

Beautiful and also rather surreal listening to Scottish folk songs including, “you take the high Road.” ….. on a very warm evening in  South India 

50 Chiefs to Bake a Cake

Today we went to a shopping mall, not just any mall but India’s largest shopping  mall called Lulu 

We knew it would be very westernised and it was but also with a huge Indian feel about it. 

Now , where do the 50 chiefs come into this blog you may be wondering? 

We saw crowds gathering on every floor of the mall looking down,  being curious I went to look too.  Below in the central area was 50 chiefs, over 100 large plastic bins of foodstuffs ( I counted them) and the largest baking tin I have ever seen. Yes, they were making a huge huge huge cake! And it was strangely fascinating 

Friend for the day

It’s a dogs life

Yesterday whilst wandering down the back streets of Kochi a dog joined us.  He seemed a little thirsty, it was a hot sticky day and we were carrying water, so I found a large leaf that could be used as a bowl and gave him water 

Well that was it,  it appeared we were now proud owners of an obedient dog that followed us everywhere.  He sat outside shops and waited for us then toddled along beside us every step we made 

When we went into the Maritime Museum  I thought,  we will surely loose him now as there were security on the door.  We entered the museum and  less than 5 minutes later, he had entered too and was along side us again inside the museum grounds!  

And quite a little poser he was too,  when a group of men started to take photos of a military plane, he joined them and became a bigger centre of attention than the plane, 

with each group member having an individual photo taken with “Shiva ” , yes by this stage we had given him a name 
So the rest of the day progressed with Shiva along side us, until the evening came. .and suddenly. ..he left us

A concert for 1 ooops 2

Last night we went to an Indian classical music concert, it was well advertised and we knew that the venue was popular 

Here’s the thing,  we were the only audience. .it a large room there were just the two of us. 

The concert went ahead regardless and the three members of the band, two singers and a tabla drummer were wonderful and gave us a concert deserving of a full auditorium 

The monkey stole the show

We have just come back from a two day trip to India’s Western Ghats, a mountain range 

It was a wonderful place to visit and amongst our trip we saw elephants, deer, amazing scenery, visited a tea museum, walked in a tea plantation, saw colourful huge butterflies, the largest waterfall in the area, discovered all about local medicine on a guided walk, stayed in a quaint home stay overlooking the mountains….

But then on the way back we went for a coffee in a roadside cafe and met the stars of the trip. .Yes the monkeys.  The cafe had a viewing area for a pretty valley, it wasn’t a monkey viewing area, the were just there being monkeys. ..scratching, fighting,  feeding their young, pulling faces, climbing and generally just being themselves. 

There is something very special about monkeys, sometimes their features and actions are just so….well. …almost human

In a Land Far Far Away

“Where’s that? “I hear you ask 

Let me describe where I am right now. .i am on a balcony listening to crickets chirping loudly,  flying around me there are wasps and mosquitos, ant’s are climbing up the door behind me..despite all this or is beautiful.  The sun is setting, coconuts hanging from the tree are almost in arms reach,  I look around and all I can see are tall trees and lush and huge tropical plants.  In the far distance are fields on the mountain sides of the Western Ghats where they are huge stunning tea plantations 

I like Masala Tea..You What!

I never ever ever thought I would be saying this but I like Masala tea. 

Here in Kochi a cup of tea /coffee served  in the traditional way costs about 20p.  You get served it in a small metal cup and that comes in a small bowl. .you then pour it from one vessel to the other to stir it. Who needs spoons; ) 

Today I had a taste of masala tea. ..being a tea hater for most of my life I didn’t want to try it but with a little persuasion I succumbqed and wow. ..it’s great.  Still being a tea hater. . I am pleased to say it tastes nothing like tea 

4p for a ferry rideĀ 

There’s a little island across from Kochi called Vypeen. .only a few miles away but it seems like another world 

We took a ferry there for the pricely sum on 4p. .Yes 4p. I can’t remember when anything was that cheap let alone a fare for a means of transport. 

But then again we were crammed onto the vessel like sheep amongst the locals , standing room only and off we went 

I am not sure what I expected when I disembarked, a beach at least.  

There was a beach but a more apt  description would be waste land full of lost shoes, drift wood, tyres and people fishing 

We wondered along a deserted main road for a place to get a drink, all we could find was lots of churches and a hotel with a curtain as a front door 

But one thing for sure was Vypeen definitely was quiet