Barefoot in the snow 

Don’t do it! It hurts 

How on earth  would I know what’s it’s like to walk barefoot in the snow? 

I walk around barefoot at home, in the garden and sometimes outside,  to the neighbours or car for example. Everyone who knows me don’t take long to see its my natural state of being.  When I facilitate my workshops , you’ve guessed it…off comes my shoes etc

So it doesn’t take a broad leap to realise I have walked barefoot in the snow. It was a few years ago, our last major snow fall,  about 2012 I think.  I popped out to retrieve something from the car which was about 100 yards away . All I can say is don’t do it and I won’t be doing it again.  Walking in the deap snow is like a thousand little pins sticking into your soles.  But saying that,  I am glad I did go for a wander barefoot in the snow because otherwise I wouldn’t have known what it was like .


Whoop. .it snow 

What a delightful treat today, I woke up and my world was pretty,  white and full of festive snow. 

We are snow starved in the UK and surprisingly when we have the white stuff everyone moans “isn’t it cold?  ” “I can’t wait for this weather to go?” What a grouo of humbugs they can be .And don’t get me started on the traffic, schools and shops.  Why on earth do things come to a stop in a little bit of snow? 

I love snow, it’s pretty, fun crunchy and makes me want to take photo after photo 

It’s the small things 

In life it is the small things that make you happy.  This time of year is full of them.

One of my small things, is wrapping up the presents for others whilst listening to Christmas music. 

It’s quite a ceremony and has been all of my adult life. 

Step one. .the preparation.  A sharp knive to cut the paper, pen at the ready, sticky tape prepared into small pieces attached to a sturdy object like a chair, and the presents. 

Step two. .put the Christmas music on. Much thought needs to go into this stage, yesterday I had a controversial choice. Katie Meluar and her album called, “In winter ” 

Step three. .sit on the floor,  yes my wrapping needs to be done on the floor where I am most comfortable. 

Step four…look at all the pretty wrapped presents ☺

Being a Zombie 

What was I doing this day 4 years ago? 

It doesn’t take much to find out nowadays.  I generally take lots of photos and the kind people at Google photos stores them for me. 

After scrolling through thousands of photos I tracked down the photos of the day. …

Of course, I was being a zombie in my onsie.  And looking at the rest of the photos, I turned my kids into zombies and my partners mum too. 

That’s odd 

Well, what’s odd?  I hear you say

Earlier today I was eating a salad. .That’s rather odd, it’s December but not out of character for me, so not odd 

I had a variety of fruit in my salad, a little odd for some.  But I like fruit in my salad so again not odd 

I ate a grape covered with houmous, so might say this is jolly odd.  I actually like houmous covered grapes so not normally  odd but on this occasion it was. 

The taste hit me,  cotton candy. .you what?  I thought about it, then had another grape, yes definitely cotton candy!  I had just brought a new container of grapes, yes they were called “cotton candy ” but I didn’t think they would taste of candy.  Guess what? They do 

Let it begin..

What could I be possibly talking about? 

We are in early December, so it doesn’t take much guessing to work out that I am referring to Christmas. 

As of the 1st December, I begin to allow myself to play Christmas tunes. .never a day sooner.  Put up Christmas decorations, not that I have this year so far.  This year I would like a more subtle approach.  I am looking for a fallen branch which I will place one or two baubles …it will then become a “suggestion of Christmas “, a yes I have made this concept up and I don’t think many people will be following suit.  But I like the idea. 

So watch out parks, I am hunting branches! 

12 Days of Christmas. .Laughter Yoga Style 

A couple of days ago I ran one of my regular laughter Yoga classes. 

Laughter Yoga is incredibly silly but somehow I am sure i manage to make it even sillier 

It was the last session before Christmas, so obviously I choose a Christmas theme. 

What better way to start the festive month by laughter Yoga so own version of the 12 days of Christmas.  And yes, this is actually possible with a great deal of imagination and a willing group to join you 😆😇😄

Worcester Victorian Christmas Market 

One of the delights of Christmas is the abundance of Christmas Markets around the country. 

Today I went to one of my regular ones, Worcester Victorian Christmas Market.  It’s only on for a long weekend but it’s well worth a visit. 

As far as Christmas markets are concerned it ticks all the boxes, atmosphere, a fayre Victorian themed,  lots and lots of stalls, people in themed costumes, a beer festival, Victorian style music playing,  I left with the song Daisy, Daisy still ringing in my ears  .. But also Worcester has loads of charity shops and extra tick

A bit of winter sun

This afternoon I was walking my dog around the waters edge.  The wind was bitter howling around my face and then..

…all of a sudden I came across a sun trap, the wind died totally and I felt the warmth of the winter sun warming my cold face

I love the sun, I am that sad, I will cross to the sunny side of the street on every occasion.  I stand with my face in the warm glow of the sun whenever I can 

I love. need the warmth of the sun as often as I can 

 Yes, I believe this just means i am English. In England we are sun starved and crave it as an addict craves drugs., where’s that sun?