Earlswood Craft Ctr

It feels like there is nobody here apart from me

Do people not know about this small but perfectly formed craft centre with its many little independent shops?

Hold on a minute, another few people have found the manor house tea rooms …so I am not quite alone any more

On a wonderfully sunny day, this place should be buzzing with activity and people

Where are they? Maybe the hot continuous sunny weather doesn’t suit the UK after all?


The Lost Boys. .30 yrs on

I have watched this brilliant cult movie twice in my life

Once when it was released back in 1987. My life was yet to unfold

In 1987, I got married for the first time at the age on 20. New to life, child free. Everything ahead of me.

The movie was one of the top movies of the year, fun, the soundtrack, clothes, the hair , all depicts the area and also my life at that time. Yes, I had the “big “hair and shoulder pads

30 years on, I watched the movie in Birmingham Botanical gardens. It was called a “retro cult classic film”. I was a hundred miles from where where I first watched the movie.

The movie was the same, my life so different. Four children, one grandchild, a different city, a vastly different life.

I watched the movie with my son on his 24th birthday.

Even my children are older than I was when I watched the Lost Boys for the first time

Life. ..it keeps on moving.

A Summers Night

“Where are you now? ”

Thank you for asking 😉

I am sitting on a blanket having a picnic at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham

“Why are you there so late ?”

Yes, it’s nearly 9pm, but they are having cult movie nights and we are aboutto watch the Lost Boys

A very nice way to spend a warm summer night. ..come quick and join me…

Take a journey

Right now, take a journey with me

Let yourself pretend, just for a moment you are living my life. I will be your senses. ..Let’s begin

I can feel the warm summer sun beating down on my face and arms. A large colourful butterfly has just flew past my arm, just missing me

I am sitting on the grass watching my dog, roll around in total pleasure, scratching her back and head in pleasure

There is a gentle breeze making the leafs on the tree rustle in excitement

A pigeon breaks the silence and in the distance a ice-cream van sings it’s happy song

My sandles are next to me along with my book

That’s the next half hour taken care of

What’s happening in your world?

Zombie Walk

Up until a couple of years ago, Birmingham held an amazing fundraising procession.

All the zombies both near and far would gather in the City centre and slowly snake through the city dragging their limbs behind them

It really was a frightfully haunting experience

The amazing effort that everyone made with their costumes never ceased to amaze me and all the money raised went towards Birmingham Child end Hospital

This event is missed. .so a shout out to Birmingham Council. .bring back the zombies

Summer Sunshine Festival

I sat and listened. .

..ho ho ha ha ha came from one room, as the laughter yoga instructor took her class

..devotional chanting came from another room

..all around me, people were having their futures told to them via cards, crystal and personal objects

..the mindful guitar player set the scene for the day with her beautiful tones

..people were relaxing and healed from massage and reiki

..the smell of home made incense, wax melts and soaps filled the air

And electric and happy atmosphere

Yes, definitely this holistic festival I organised is a successful. I stroked my dog who sat next to me


The weathers beautiful, so yesterday I took my yoga mat outside

I stretched and stretched my body,my legs my arms, rocked back and forth, stood on one leg and all the normal moves in do as part of my normal ser yoga routine

This time was different though, the piecing blue sky, a gentle almost whisper of a breeze, the luscious green grass , the bird songs and tiny insects crawling

Every bit of my small yoga routine outside, I want to be embedded in my mind forever

Limping again!

I have a limp at the moment

I sprained my calf last week after a little too much exercise in one go

I am rather used to limps from time to time now

A while ago I had a sprain on my foot from running around in fit flops in March

A while before that I had a sprained ankle from dancing frantically every time “Party Rock Anthem ” was on the TV /radio

One would think age makes us wiser. ..not necessarily true 😉