A different time

I recently visited my mum to retrieve some of the photos of my childhood

It was a different world back in the late 60s and 70s. Everything seemed so innocent and timid

When you look back through the photo’s of your childhood; it wasn’t the world being innocent, it was you, reflective of your age, seen through your eyes and experience

Back in the 60s and 70s the world was as it always was, intersperesped with wars conflict and injustices

My world in 2018 is still innocent, my eye’s protect me from injustices, conflict and wars. They show me hope and happiness

What do your eyes show you?


Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, Transylvania style

Many years ago in the early 70s when I was about 5 yrs old, one of my Christmas presents was an LP Album entitled “Top of the Tots ”

I loved that album and the house filled with the cheerful songs like “chirpy chirpy cheep cheep ” and the “pushbike song ” not forgetting wonderful lyrics like, “Dick -a -Dum Dum” . One of my all time favourites of the early seventies was by Marmade, the unforgettable, “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da “.

Well, many decades later, I did almost forgot it until this short trip to Sibiu, Transylvania

Low and behold my partner and I were enjoying out evening meal, accompanied by a three piece set of musicians, when they started to play “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da”

Well, I never expected that ☺

In the 90s. .and 70s!

A post popped up on social media, talking about being a child of the 90s. They had the inconvenience of carrying portable CD players and tamagochi to “virtually “keep alive

I grew up in the 70s , my music player was a portable record player where the record used to hang over the side of my pink portable box. The television only had 3 channel, yes just 3! Not only that, programmes never started until midday. I can remember when they first launched a morning TV programme, it was headline news and many people were outraged

My “hi tec ” toys were a doll called Katy Copycat, she could copy your hand writing and Randy Rider

Yes we didnt have so many electonic gismis, but I wouldn’t swap my 70s childhood for the world

Where’s the silly songs gone

When I think back to my childhood in the 19 70s, it was full of fun silly songs that somehow managed to get into the charts

I cannot imagine putting the radio on nowadays and hearing the type of silliness that was around back then. It seems music and youngsters are a lot more serious.

The 1971s Christmas number one was the Benny Hill classic, Ernie (fastest milkman in the West) .

Maybe a little bit of silliness and people not taking themselves too seriously would really help the youngsters today. ..no it would help everyone in the world

Wonderful Drizzle 

Today the weather has been glum. Cloudy and with drizzle and I have loved it 

It’s feels like it’s been ages since we have had this typical  miserable British  weather that we are known the world over for 

It brings back happy childhood memories of being stuck inside the house.  No, I wasnt a child that never went out…what I did love was the activity box I owned aptly called, “things to do on a rainy day ” and the only time I would allow myself to do them was. .That’s right on a rainy day.  

19 70s Christmas 

Whilst I was facilitating a Christmas Mindfulness group at a Dementia Cafe, I had a blast from the past.  They began to talk about old Christmas decorations of the 19 70s 

I remember them well,  the now what seems so strange large paper decorations that used to be pined into the ceilings with drawing pins. 

Paper chains that used to hang all over the living room, concertina opening paper balls & lanterns  that festooned each ceiling.  I also remember how dusty they became. .

It’s hard to describe to people who did not grow up in the 19 70s how jolly odd the living rooms of British homes were in December.  Large and often long paper stuff in the shape of bells, balls, trees and all things Christmassy  hanging from the ceiling by drawing pins 

If someone tall entered our home they had to duck and avoid obstacles course that adorned the ceiling. 

You have got to love the 70s 

Comedy and Music and Laughter Yoga 

Yes, this is how I am spending my evening. 

 I run laughter Yoga sessions, I don’t do just any laughter Yoga, I do impro laughter Yoga with a cajon in toe.  This evening we went on an adventure in  jungle. .huge fun

Now I am currently at a comedy fundraiser I have organised. .the Midlands local comics are a wonderful bunch of people who always generously give up their time.  ..

Live photo update. .and back to the comedy. ….

Too Busy to Watch TV

Many,  many years ago I used to love watching TV.  Yes, I used to watch the soaps.  Coronation St, EastEnders , I am that old I even remember Crossroads.  

I think most people in the UK watched tthem back in the days. When I first started working in sales and I would use light conversation to potential customers by talking about the TV of the time. .occasionally the potential customer would say they were too busy to watch TV.  I was shocked and to be honest, almost didn’t believe them .Too busy to watch TV!

At this time of my life , I was in my late teens, early twenties.  I am now 50 and guess what, it’s happened to me now. Yes, my life is too busy to watch TV.