A Leonard Cohen Day

We are in August, yesterday morning felt like late October.  It was dark, cold and raining. 

But there is also something comforting about these days, I was inside doing work looking out of the patio doors at the bleak weather. The music industry chose to play was Leonard Cohens amazing album, “you want it darker. ” .. seamed apt ūüėĄ


Comedy and Music and Laughter Yoga 

Yes, this is how I am spending my evening. 

 I run laughter Yoga sessions, I don’t do just any laughter Yoga, I do impro laughter Yoga with a cajon in toe.  This evening we went on an adventure in  jungle. .huge fun

Now I am currently at a comedy fundraiser I have organised. .the Midlands local comics are a wonderful bunch of people who always generously give up their time.  ..

Live photo update. .and back to the comedy. ….

Free Love Club

Another live moment…  One of loves of Birmingham is the amount of amazing live music events. 

I am currently upstairs in a venue called the, Cuban Embassy surrounded by family and friends listening to a brilliant singer song writers.  There are rugs on the floor where the majority of the audience is sitting including me. Bubbles are being blown and my daughter is dancing with ribbons, I am lucky enough for this to be my ,”norm” . 

I know 50 percent of the people here and my partner is currently playing the djemba on the stage. .. bohemian  Moseley is rather like this and that’s why I love 

Breakfast Meetings 

Running my own business, one of the delights is the amount of free workshops available in the Midlands. 

This morning it was a two hour workshop on improving your website. ..great.  Yes it started at 7.30 am! 

But none the less, virtually every day of the week there are a plethora of  either helpful workshops and networking meetings.  Wait for this….a lot of them give you free breakfast /lunch too! 

A Diverse Life 

I started the month in Beijing China and ended the month at Birmingham Pride,  two very different cultural experiences.  

China appears to the average tourists controlled, in order,  palaces are vibrant and colourful.  The average Chinese person tends not to wear colourful clothes. The city is full of life though and extremely busy with people living 

Birmingham Pride it’s the people that are wearing vibrant, colourful clothes. You could wear anything and still he accepted. ..people do . The backdrop for this, buildings are unremarkable and bland. The same as Beijing on thus weekend in Birmingham, the city is full of life and extremely busy with people living 

I am so glad that I had the pleasure of visiting both in one month 

Lesson learned no 2, sperm donation! 

Look carefully at what you are you are saying you are going to on Facebook before marking ,”going ” 

I was recently asked to attend gay pride to help give out leaflets for a wonderful new mental health charity I am going to be part of. I can only help on the Sunday, so I thought, “let’s check out what acts will be performing on the Sunday I will be going to . ” I was on Facebook at the time and I know there is a Facebook page for gay pride.  The event popped up,  so I marked myself down as attending. ..wow the numbers looked low for this year. …only 11 people attending. It’s normally thousands of people.  

I showed David the low numbers, “you have said that you are attending a sperm donation session. ” He laughed. ….

Canadian Geese 

Our local park, is one of the noisiest parks in the world. …or it certainly feels like it. 

Itsa small nature reserve that has been taken over by geese.  When they start crying out to each other,….well just wow
At the moment there are a mating couple with 16 goslings wandering around,  the cutest picture.  Both adults proudly protecting their offspring. 

The other day, I saw a goose that seemed a little off colour, no injuries but wobbling when it walked. ..a thought. Where do geese go to die?  

Snip Snip

For many many years, I have cut my own

 fringe. Closed one eye…snip , closed the other eye. .snip.  But the rest of my hair was out of bounds. …until now!  6 months ago, my daughter trimmed my hair way too short.  To my horror I liked this new short hair cut.

That’s the thing with hair…..it grows back . So , whilst sitting in the car, I found in the glove compartment scissors, my hair being in plaits at the time,  I though why not just snip the ends. ….What’s the worse that can happen?  So I did, no one of yet has said…What’s happened to your hair?  I like the not perfect look anyway ūüėČ