Lost in another world 

Ok…it may not be quite another world but when I enter,  I loose this world and step into what feels like another world 

My reality shifts, the people I know change. The air becomes heavy with anticipation for what will happen next. 

Real world time stops, the familiar comfort of this other world takes over 

Yes. …I am reading the next Dan Brown book(Origin) …everyone leave me alone. .I need to know what happens next!


30 days to change your life! 

A year ago today I launched my first ever book. ..yup get me 😉

It had the catchy title of,” 30 days to change your life. ” OK, it’s not going to set the world on fire and if I was a teacher I would probably give it a grade of, “could do better” or “lacks personality ”

But I still did it…the second book, third book, fourth book. …I will be better 👍

If there is a little bit of you that wants to check out my ,”could do better book” it’s still available on Kindle for an amazing 99p and here’s the link