A ghostly photo 

I take a lot of photos and often upload them to social media sites. 

Yesterday was no exception when I visited a friend for their birthday, what was exceptional was when someone pointed out a ramdon photo in between my photos of a sunny day in Bristol a rainy night time photo of an unknown Street. 

I checked the likey suspects what’s app, any photos that had been sent to my in news feeds etc.  There was not a thing,  this photo has appeared randomly in my phones gallery from nowhere. 

This is even more odd. .the photo of the rainy Street changes to a totally different photo when I am trying to upload it on here…no joke!

The ghost photo…


On a Tug

“Where are you right now”, I hear you ask 😉

“Well ar the moment I am on the world’s oldest tug, of course. ” I reply 

Bristol is one of my favourite cities in the UK, so much to see and do and it just ,”feels right”

The Mayflower, the world’s oldest tug, is just one of the many attractions to while away a Sunday afternoon