A tent in a field

About 10 years ago now I went camping with 3 of my children.

Maybe camping is too strong a word for it, we had been through a family drama so I thought let’s get away

I bought a pop up tent and off we went to a local camp site. It turned out to be a field next to a pub in Bridgnorth.

This was my first camping experience at the age of 41, after popping up our tent the three children and I could just and I mean just squeeze into our small round little home and we watched movies all night on a portable movie player

Small, cramped but great fun


Bare Foot and Happy

I spent Thursday to Monday mostly without shoes on. No i wasn’t housebound or ill.
I was camping at the conscious tribal gathering in a field in Wales. And no, it wasn’t sunny, the weather was mixed with large amounts of rain.
I enjoy being bare footed, it’s my natural way of being, on grass my shoes come off, at home they are off the moment i enter, i even run my workshops on a daily basis without shoes on.
But at last i have a place where others join me. ..

A moment that will last a life timeĀ 

Whilst around the camp fire a couple of nights ago and young boy of about 7 had a moment that he will remember forever. 

The evening was drawning to a close,  we had all danced, chanted and sang. As people where getting ready to leave for their tents, a man spoke out and said did we mind if his young son could sing just one song.  

The young lad then took centre stage and quietly began to sing the opening lines from yellow submarine.  His face was one of wonder and joy when everyone            around
 the fire joined in to the chorus, “we all live in a. ..” 

Mobius Loop and the Hemp RedemptionĀ 

I am at the conscious global gathering in Wales, a wonderful vegan festival that celebrates all things vegan. ..oh and all things, “truth juice “ish too. Ufos, CE5, lucid dreams and lots more.  Basically you need to have an open mind , enjoy vegan food and like camping to come here. 

Well, I have just listened to one of my favourite live bands ever Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption , they promote veganism and hemp products for health. Check out the snip bit of them I am attaching